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Functional Pokéball - Nintendo Switch Game Cartridge Case

by samk3ys Jun 5, 2018
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this design is too much tight. My printer is well tunned i usualy use 0.2mm tolerance but for this design it seems it not have any tolerance.
Card slots are also too tight

Have you tried some of the other versions of the "bottom inner shell", one that says "loose" or "looser". Personally I like the snug hold on my cartridges, but those versions that may be what you're looking for.

Anyone else having trouble opening button_latch_white.stl?? I can't open in solidworks or slic3r. For some reason the remix of this file doesn't work either...

In Prusaslicer I also have problems opening the file, in Cura, however, no problems

Sorry it's been a while, but were you ever able to open it? I seem to be able to download and open it from another computer. If you're still having trouble I could re-upload or send it to you.

Love this Pokeball but been having a problem with the hinge hole of the bottom_inner_shell. It seems to break off easily on Monoprice Select Mini 3D printer.

Sorry for the slow reply, I've been busy. I've noticed my outer hinges hinges aren't great, but I don't have much time to rework it currently. What I did with mine to repair / make it stronger is use filament as the hinge and melt its ends with an old soldering iron for a more solid hinge. Hope that helps, but it probably isn't your printer to blame, just a kinda weak hinge cuz I wanted it to be small.

In the middle of printing this; realized the tight fit too late. I'll try to re-work it with a dremmel before I consider re-printing it. Anyway.

Where can you get torsion springs? You didn't mention where you got yours, and while I found a good source of general compression/extension springs that would be perfect for the button, I'm not really finding any good source for torsion springs to use in the hinge.

No place to get specifically that type of spring that isn't a bulk specialty store for businesses, or anything I could order inexpensively in bulk and cannibalize for it like clothespins or something.

If you do end up reprinting you could try one of the models with "loose" in the name. There's a 9 cart version and you can see in another comment thread I've recently made an 11 cart version too. They should leave more wiggle room.

As for the torsion spring, you may have some luck scavenging one from an old toy, container, or something else. I couldn't find one so I used a pen spring instead. I cut it in half (or maybe less) and bent the ends out like a torsion spring with some pliers. Gotta be careful with it since the ends may be sharp. It's also kinda tricky to put into the hinge because you want some tension (or torsion I suppose) on it, but don't want it flying out. I'd suggest putting the filament halfway through the hinge, holding the spring in place, and then pushing the filament the rest of the way. I actually hot glued the ends of the spring down to add some torsion and prevent getting poked. My spring isn't great, but it works ok.

If you find an actual torsion spring that fits or have other ideas they may work better. Good luck!

P.S. I used a pen spring for the push button too.

i cant seem to figure out how to keep the latches in the button, mind helping me?

I put a dab of super glue in each hole before pushing the latches in. Then hold until it dries enough. Make sure you remove any support material where it's supposed to latch in the inner lower shell as well.

I got a case of regular compression/extension springs for use in projects; I'll try to fashion a proper spring out of one of those. Just put on some cut-resistant gloves and have at it with pliers. As for ideas, I have one.

If you can find a way, design it to take these:

Would require a larger space and hinge, and either to have the ends straightened out, or create a space in the very back of the bottom-insert to hide it, allowing the spring to be used as-is. The latter option would take more re-designing and probably some testing, though. I also like that idea more; using some unused space that doesn't hurt the integrity of the design to sneak a spring into.

Point is: they're inexpensive in bulk, and would be easily cannibalized for their spring, and the cost is worth it for the spring alone if you can find a use for them all, making them practical for projects like this.

That's a good idea, but would require more time than I have right now. Might be hard to fit such a large spring in without scaling the whole ball up. May look into when I have more time. Thanks for the input!

I was kinda imagining re-designing the hinge, and just have the arms of the spring come out from a compartment that is carved into the back of the bottom-insert. May bend enough into place that you can just push it in there, have the spring itself hidden, and the ends stick out from a couple small notches in the back.

That may work without as much effort, and only with the filled version meant to take carts, but you are right, there is probably no way to really make this work without spending some time on designing and testing.

Doesn't have to be just those, though; I just found the first inexpensive clothes pin I could that would be easy to disassemble for its' spring. You could search around on Amazon for other small inexpensive items that may have a better fit.

.. and while I don't know if such a design exists for hinges, extension/compression springs are way easier to come by if you could conceive of a way to make those work. Though I admit, I wouldn't know how for this particular purpose. Might involve some overkill mechanics. I guess I'm just trying to recommend to keep in mind what is easy to come by in the future. I've gotten real excited about the idea of adding the spring to this, and kinda frustrated that it's not gonna be as easy as cannibalizing one. Your Pokeball is kinda the first big multi-part print I'll be constructing, so adding another thing to figure out is not making it any easier.


Ok, I've looked a bit at springs from clothespins. My immediate thoughts are they're designed to clamp together (the ball should spring open), are pretty big (but may be able to fit in the hinge with a complete redesign), and are much more difficult to bend (than like a pen spring). It may be easier for me to design something that would use one or your extension springs / pen spring. I'll look into that more soon hopefully.

Also remember that the spring is a nice touch, but not completely necessary. You can always add one later. If you want to try with the current design try to find / make something that looks like the link at the bottom(those seem expensive and are from china tho), but maybe a bit bigger (it's hard to judge the size from the picture).


Yeah, I think we've reached the end of this discussion. Well, I got that box of springs I linked last, anticipating that I'd maybe want to try bobbleheads and spring-related projects; I'll just try to re-shape one of the long thin ones like how you did it using pliers and wire cutters to get it to size, and call that good. Way cheaper, and I probably could get over 4 tries at making what I need out of one spring. Some of them are pretty long.

I just really liked the idea of having everything snap and pop satisfyingly with spring tension, and I'm someone who gets hung up to the point where I stall completely if some small detail doesn't work out. Mental thing; just sorta.. NEED to feel like I know what I'm doing before I begin. I think I have an idea of how to proceed, and felt compelled to put the idea out of thinking about how easily obtainable hardware parts like that are when planning it in a project.

Could you maybe redo the 11 slot bottom? It's way too tight for my cartridges and I already upscaled it a little but they still won't fit, everything else assembled flawlessly but the 11 slot bottom doesn't work at all for me.
Really love the design and idea tho

I'll try to add a looser edit for the 11 soon. Good to hear the rest assembled well.
I actually haven't printed one of the 11 holders yet, but each slot should be the same dimension as the 9 cartridge version ("bottom inner shell black - 9 carts"). I designed them to be a little tight to hold onto the games snugly, but there's variation from cartridge to cartridge and printers aren't super accurate. Another thing with the 11 is when it's full it may be difficult to remove a certain cartridge, or at least it looks that way from the designs.

Update: I made a quick edit to give the 11 version bigger slots. It should be in the files as "bottom inner shell (black) - 11 loose carts". Let me know if it needs more work.

Well I printed it and it works better, but it's still very tight. So if you maybe widen the slots by the same amount again it should hit that sweet spot of being sat tight but easy to remove by hand.

Ok, done. Try printing the bottom version called "11 looser carts" and tell me how it goes.

Ok thanks. It's on the printer now so in about 7 hours I should have an update.

Well that took a bit longer than expected but I have good news: it works perfectly now. The cards slide in and out really easily but they don't move around or fall out. Thanks for the amazing work and quick responses.

Sounds great, glad it made the project better

I also had the problem of the cartridges not fitting properly. Maybe just remove the "non-looser" designs :)

Thanks for the quick response and edit of the file, I will print it as soon as possible and respond as to wether that solved it or not.
Thanks again.

désolé de répondre en fancais mais je sais pas en anglais

j'ai réalisé le bas et les jeux ne rentre pas du tous
je l'ai refait à 102 % et la sa force encore trop
je tente de poncer les fentes mais c'est pas gagné

Comments deleted.

J'utilise google translate, désolé si c'est difficile à lire.

Est-ce que le problème que les jeux ne correspondent pas dans les fentes?
Je suggère d'utiliser "bottom_inner_shellblack-_ 9_loose_carts.stl" car il devrait avoir une plus grande marge pour le montage des cartouches.
Les deux autres versions de bottom_inner_shell (9 et 11 cartouches) ont des fentes beaucoup plus serrées.

In English, I think the problem was that the games weren't fitting in the slots.
I suggested using "bottom_inner_shellblack-_9_loose_carts.stl" as it should have a larger margin for fitting cartridges.
The other two bottom_inner_shell versions (9 & 11 cartridges) have much snugger slots.

Can you add the stand for the poke ball in the thing files so I can print that too?

I included a link to it at the bottom of that wall of text description I wrote. I scaled his original model down quite a bit before printing. Here it is again https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:656385 by xlitec13.

Ball Stand

This is absolutely amazing. I can't wait to print this up!

Thanks, glad you like it!