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Max's 50 round 9mm Caliber Ammo Box

by MizzrBear Jun 5, 2018
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How's the best way to print these? Flat on the bed or do I need some support? Also, can this work with 357?

No supports needed what so ever. Check my 5th picture, (orange models) that's the right orientation. I haven't made a 357 yet... But I'll work on it :)

And Check my print settings on the first page. 2-3 perimeter walls, 4-5 top and bottom layers, 10-15% infill.

Awesome. Thanks. I'm going to try 357 in the 38 and see what happens. They're 29.3 vs 33mm. If not, it can probably be scaled on the z axis a little

Wow. 18 hours to print but it does look great. Is there a way to make it slide easier? Once it's closed it's a real pain to open again. Is that how it's supposed to be?

Ok well I just checked and if this was .5mm taller it'd work great for 357

Hey, just found an asshole in my country that is selling your designs on Slovenian internet pages, hope you can do something about it.

Hey ZBlade, thank you so much for letting me know... I've fought 5 people in the last couple of months that were selling my designs on Etsy. This is the first time I've had someone from Slovenia do that :P - Thanks again for the heads up! - Yay fun! Yet another cease and desist letter to write :P

Hi There, really love the design, could you help me understand what i would need to do to make this box suitable for 9mm blank ammo i.e. size reduction?, many thanks for your time and help, keep up the good work.

Hello, thank you for your comment. I really can't answer that question because I don't know how your blanks differ from a standard 9mm round. There's many different types of blanks and their dimensions vary. I'd guess that they're maybe 2-5mm shorter? - I don't think you can resize the Z-axis enough (and you'd have to do the lid too) to accommodate for that variation without compromising functionality.
if it'd be me... I'd measure one of your 9mm rounds, then measure the length of your blanks, figure out how much shorter the blanks are. Then print yourself small hexagons as tall as that difference and glue them to the bottom of the case.

If you give me your variance, I can just raise the floors of the sockets and send you a 'personalized' version to fit your blanks :)

First, thank you for the contribution man!
Could you share the files of the program you've modeled from? Solidworks, AutoCAD, etc...

Hello Pedroc, thank you for the comment. Sorry, I prefer to not give away my source files.
I use Autocad fusion 360 (free tool) to model. You can learn how to do basic stuff in just a couple of minutes. Overall, it took me maybe a week to learn most of the basics on the program, and then there's always tutorials / videos about more advanced routines. You should give it a try :) - It's very satisfying and fulfilling to drag something from your mind down to a tangible item :D

Alright my friend, I'm gonna try it out... Thank you for your time :D

can you make one for 5.56 nato either 30 or 50 rounds? both would be nice. I love both your .22 and 9mm

hello Crupp, thank you for your comment.

I've had a TON of people message me to make a 5.56 NATO case. I just have had trouble deciding on the size of the case (and orientation). It looks like most people would prefer a 20rd box. However, I don't like the idea of having a 20rd case organized in 4x5 rounds put vertically on a case, you'd end up with an awkwardly tall case. I've thought about making it 'magazine like' where there'd be just two rows of offset rounds. But that'd be also long and awkwardly skinny. So I've been trying to come up with a way of using the same base design, but store the rounds in a ~30 degree angle, to keep the profile low.
Biggest problem for me, is that I prefer to have the actual physical rounds when I'm modeling a case. Every single time I've modeled based on dimensions alone, something goes wrong. I've also tried to 3D print rounds to use as fit-models, does not work very well either... I don't go to the range much, but what I need to do is go there, and ask if I can have samples of the rounds I don't have :) - Just subscribe and I'm sure I'll end up coming up with something for 5.56 mm :D

Could you make a 380 auto case or upload the file so I can remix yours?

the 380 ACP is in my To-Do list :) whenever I have a weekend of time to dedicate to all the different things, I'll make sure to upload it!
My biggest problem is that I have tried multiple times to model based on round schematics and I'm not able to verify the fit, then people are disappointed if it does not work. So whenever I go to my local range, I try to get a sample of those rounds so I can test properly.

Thanks, if it helps I can send some snap caps your way.

This ammo box is just fantastic. My colleagues are jalous !
I am interested in a 9mm version with space in the box (near the ammo) for the cannon of my Sig Sauer but fail to edit the mesh with Fusion 360. Do you have any solution for that ?
Kind regards.

Hello Jerome,

Thanks for the feedback! - I'm not 100% sure how I could help you with that. When you say 'cannon' you mean the barrel? you'd like a place in the box where you could slide in your 9mm barrel? If so, that'd be a tight fit, because there's really not much space anywhere other than on the lip, but I am pretty sure your barrel is wider than the lip, so it'd be sticking out. If you can sketch what you are trying to do, it would help me understand better and I may be able to help you.

Thanks for your answer.
Yes, I mean the barrel (I'm french ;) )
In fact, I need to enlarge the box, so I could insert the barrel in it, and close the cover with ammo and barrel in the box.
When we don't work, we have to stock ammo and barrel in a specific place. With a box like that it could be really perfect.
I'll try to make a sketch this evening ;) .
Thanks again.

Kind regards.

Fantastic box! i have several printed now and use them constantly. If you zoom in on the pic in the right lane you will see a purple one lol.

Could you do a 44 magnum version holding 20 rounds? or 50? or both?.

Thank you for the comments! I am glad they worked out for you! And thanks for sharing the pictures! :)

I've had so many requests to design different types of boxes for all the different calibers, and sadly, most of the times that I've designed one 'on paper' it ends up being 'not great', I prefer to have an actual round to work with. So next time I'm at the range, I'll grab a couple of rounds of other calibers to design using actual bullets.

Thanks again for sharing! :D

Hi, I love your box design, but I wan't to modify something on it, but I can't without the sources files. Can you give me the source files please ?
I want to print this without holes on the lid to add a logo on it and with a smaller thickness on the front (where is writed 9mm).

hey, great design, found it through you fancy looking .22 100rd box (which I found because i searched for VP9 ;P)

just two thoughts:

  • make groups of 15 bullets
  • little spacing between the lines, to allow using the ETS CAM speedloader :)


Can you make for .40 and .45? Thanks for the great designs!

Can you make the .22lr and 9mm in rows of 6 and a row of 5-10. This is special for matches.where you use 6 bulles per round.
Would realy be appreciated

Comments deleted.

Can you make one not made by a German?

;) hi max!

LOL! Take the German engineering, fool! :D

Can you make one were the front lip is a bit smaller? as it stands now its about 3-4mm too big for my printer.

Ah, I see what you mean. make it 'shorter', sure, I think I can make that happen :) - Check back on Saturday/Sunday :)

Thank you. If it helps my bed is 115x115x115

Well, I'll be darned... I made it... It wasn't easy, but I made it 114.45mm long :)

Please print one (at your own risk!) and see if it works, I don't think I can keep the design and make it even smaller =/
I adjusted the dimensions of both the box and the lid.

Thank you so much. It loads beautifully in cura, ill post pictures once I print it.

I hope it fits. I hope your filament does not shrink much =/ - you might be able to 'cheat' and just make it a 1% or so wider :)

I'd love one of these for .38 Special. It's the only thing I'm hand loading right now and could use some spiffy cases for it.

Well, that should be easy! The .38 special is almost the same diameter as a 9mm, only about 40% longer. I should be able to tweak the height. I'll do it if you promise to print it and take pics of it :D - I don't have any .38 special rounds.

Will do! I thought about just extending it myself in the slicer but it would still say '9mm' on the side and it would drive me insane. ;)

EDIT: There's 3d printable .38 special dummy rounds on here if you need something to help gauge.

Here you go! Print at your own risk! :) and I'd suggest you follow the instructions on this print, regarding scaling,depending on your filament, it's bound to shrink a little bit. I'd recommend you print these in 102% scale.

Let me know if it works out :)

I'm new to google drive so I'm not sure if I'm doing it right but the folder is showing empty for me? I also tried moving to my own drive then downloading it... and it's an empty zip file.

Sorry! try again, looks like I had not set the files for public access. Should work now!

Oh man I'm going to have to swap out to a bigger nozzle before I try this. Cura is telling me 12 hours with a 0.4, hahahahaha.

Hmmm that's crazy. I print these on my Prusa i3 MK2s in a bit over two hours. I see you have a CR-10, that thing can also crank out up to 120mm/s. Have you tried speeding your prints up?
Also, keep in mind that you don't really need more than 10% infill, you can probably get away with 5%

These things don't do too well at max speed, lol.

Comments deleted.

I absolutely love this! I'd also love for a box that fits 100 rounds, as I buy my range ammo in bulk! ;) I might take a stab at remixing it to be a bit wider and longer, I personally would love it to slot right into my field case.

Hello! And thank you for the comment. I can surely try making it 100 Rds. Though that'll make for a pretty heavy box :) - Please share your print if it worked out for you!

Can you make a 45 ACP version?

Hey @Buddsblades, since the .45 ACP round is so similar to the 9mm, I went ahead and scaled it (and changed the writing on the box) to match a .45 ACP round. HOWEVER, I do NOT have any of them available, and I did the math to do the scaling (including an extra 3%, so you do NOT need to scale this up to compensate for shrinking). If you can do me the favor to print this and test it, and get back to me, I'll go ahead and publish it, in the meantime, here you go :)

I printed it, and unfortunately it doesn't fit by about 1.5 millimeters in height for round nosed bullets. The standard total length of a 45. ACP cartridge is 32.4 mm and mine are even just 32 mm high. I suggest to design the case with one millimeter clearance, so 33.4 millimeters inner height. The diameter is very good as it is at 100% scaling. And not so important but still worth mentioning is that the high wall of the box could be a lot thinner. 5 mm would be more than enough I think. And the slits in the sides of the lid look very nice but they increase print time greatly are they cause problems with the support structure. Cura wants to support them too if the text and slide groove shall be supported, but in my case it came out badly. If I turn supports of, the text and the slide mechanism will turn out bad. So if you could decrease the angle by 5 to 10 degrees, that would be really nice, as the threshold angle could be adjusted so that the slits will not get supports but the sliding grooves and text will. I'd really appreciate it if you could make a new version.

Hey !

Sorry, I somehow totally missed back then when you wrote your comment.

I didn't think about the clearance =/ - Sorry for that!
I've had tons of people asking me to make different versions of these boxes but I always have the same 'issues' that designing just 'on paper' sometimes just does not work. Being just a tiny bit off in a measurement makes the fit not work or less than ideal.
Next time I'm at the gun store, I'll see if I can buy a couple of rounds of different calibers so I can model them properly.
If you follow me here, it'll alert you next time I come up with a design.

Sure thing. I'll try the 7.62 and the 45 ACP comes next.

Amazing work! Printed your .22 for my boyfriends son but it shrunk Abit so it was abit snug but definitely worth the first attempt to make a second one. The boyfriend will love this 9mm for his own collection amazing designs!

Keep it up!

Hey! Thanks for that! Appreciate it! And yes, I realize that I designed this (and the .22) as a tight fit. I did write in the description of the .22 to scale it to compensate for shrinking materials. I knew that was going to happen here too, that's why I put a big fat red warning on this one :D

Please do share your "I made one" 's. It's always awesome to see what other people ended up with (and the color choices!).

So... any chance of a 7.62x39 case? I like your designs better than my own :)

Hey again! Sure, I can work on that next. However, I'll borrow a round from one of my buddies. What'd be the grouping one would want for 7.62 rounds? and how many in a box?

I was wondering if you ever had a chance to work on the 7.62 case?

I am so sorry... I just now noticed that you replied. I will leave that to your discretion. That is part of what has kept me from even trying... I get hung up on little details too easily :)

I really need 7.62*39 this type of boxes, i think better 40-50 ammo in 1 box. Cant wait your design ! )