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Gaslands - Weapons

by sablebadger Jun 3, 2018
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Amazing files this some very cool stuff!

thanks! I have a bunch of Gaslands stuff available, so be sure to check out the rest.

So good! 1 question, though. How do I print the futuristic machine gun on my FDM printer?


Turn on supports in your slicer it needs a tiny bit under the barrel. Easy to remove

Cheers! Having a lot of fun with these.

You're correct about the Thumper! It's definitely supposed to be a speaker array. I can't thank you enough for the entire pack.

awesome, glad you like them.

These are great thanks. Easily as good as others that charge $ for the files

Nice work! There's just one thing that slightly annoys me. Because there are two different sizes, and no way to distinguish (the file names just end in 1 or 2. instead of small or large) I printed a tiny laser cannon that was way too small, and a large thumper that was way too big. It isn't much of a problem, as I can just print it again, but it would be nice if the size was specified. But except for that, these are seriously amazing. Thanks for the awesome weapons!

Thank you so much! A couple of questions. Do these need supports? The only one that I've thought may would be the 125 mm cannon.

Also, do we need to print with a skirt, raft, or brim?

Thanks again!

Yes a couple of them do need supports. Usually under the barrel. As for rafts I don't need them on my printer but if your not getting good need adhesion you might. Try a test first?

Gorgeous collection, Creator! any chance of a zipped bundle for ease of download? :-D

Thanks! I'm pretty pleased with how they came out. For the Zip file you can click "Download All Files" in the upper right corner and it will download a zip file for you.

i love that each piece can be printed individually, which is good for me since my m3d micro a) has a small print volume and b) i can't get the dang gantry and side rails level, so anything that uses a large part of the print bed gets...ugly. things that are small and just use the center square inch or so of the print bed are fine. :-)

...that button's been there the whole time, hasn't it?


Ah well. I look forward to printing off a heap of these when i get home. Gonna build up a stockpile of parts and addons while i get my workbench set up for disassembly, paint stripping and priming of 100+ vehicles.

Yep. :) it's all good.

Lovely stuff! Printing a bunch of MGs and Miniguns this evening. One request: any chance of a MG without the belt feed tray? I'm cutting that off to glue on zip tie pieces for auto-feeds you see...thanks.

sure, that's easy enough. Just uploaded them to this project, under the name "no clip"

Thank you sir! Perfect.

love the hood mounted guns! thanks for these!

thanks for your generous contribution to our hobby! will attempt printing these,

No problem. Let me know if I need to make any tweaks to any of the models.

A few small comments:
-the rockets are not evenly spaced and their fins cross
-small boom ram - I printed at 0.08 and the M is a little messy - maybe make the font bigger

I will print more of them and provide feedback (if you are open to it)

There is a new model up for the rockets, evened out the spacing, and made the fins chunkier. I will take a look at the boom ram, mine printed ok, but it would look better with chunkier letters I bet. Feedback is appreciated while it is still a work in progress! Thanks!

I hate to nitpick such outstanding work!

No problem, these are finicky little models to create. To make something that will print well at small size, and be able to represent the thing you want. Really tough. I went through quite a few iterations before I posted already, so the feedback is helpful.

BTW - Uploaded new BOOM ram models. Got ride of little round detail and increased the size of the text.

Nicely customised Mini, even without the weapons ;-)