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Street Wheels for Longboard

by zenjota Jun 4, 2018
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Awesome design dude!

Well, I guess I need to get my printer working with flexible materials, maybe I should also buy a spool of the stuff? :D

Sure! There's a lot of fun and new possibilities with flexible filaments :) A little challenging though xD but that is fun too ^ ^

I whipped up a little stress test last night to help represent a tire.
Did a test print earlier today with rigid.ink TPU at 95A which worked flawlessly first try. Moved up to Ngen flex which just doesn't wanna stick to my printbite surface and I now just started a print with ninjatek cheetah which is also a 95A TPU similar to the rigid.ink so I have high hopes.

With 4 perimeters and 20% honeycomb infill at 0.5mm layers using a 0.8mm nozzle these test prints are coming out real sweet and sturdy, very close to the feeling of the wheels that came on my longboard.

Anyone know how to incorporate https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2549991 into the hub design portion of this file? I would love to attempt a build with the sprocket built in.

48 Tooth Abec 11 Flywheel 97mm Wheel pulley

Hi sjdaniels, I assume you want to use this wheel with a pulley on an electric skateboard, don't you?
I'm using them with a complete designed dual motor system, but I'm still testing those parts. I will upload them when I'll be sure they work.
In the meantime, the rim has 3 holes to put 3 M4 self-locking nuts at the side facing outwards. I'm using them to hold a 37 tooth pulley for a HTD 5M, 15mm width belt. Hope that helps you. Regards!

Yes indeed and thank you so much. I look forward to seeing your results. My own plan was to print the hub in black ABS with 90-100% fill and ITPU in a translucent red for the wheels. I also want to print my own motor mounts and all parts but the belt. Eventually the plan is to even print and wind my own motor design and removable battery packs. I'm sure you know it's becoming so easy and convenient to buy these parts online, but where's the challenge in that? Once again, thank you for the information and response.

"I'm sure you know it's becoming so easy and convenient to buy these parts online, but where's the challenge in that?" Hahaha yes indeed xD Black with translucent red looks an interesting combination! Be careful with ABS, big parts are hard to print in this material due to its contraction. But please show us your print if you success! :D

I just got into long boarding and i love the idea of 3DPrinted wheels, I've been looking at different materials for the tires and im between NinjaFlex or CheetahFlex. Typical cruising wheels have a shore hardness between 75A and 100A, these filaments have a shore hardens of 85A and 95A respectively. Do you know the shore hardness of the TPU you used? How will did the tires work for your? Which of the two filaments would you recommend?

Hi DavRom97! Thanks for your comment ;)

I wish I knew the shore hardness of this flex filament I am using T-T. All this thing of 3DPrinted wheels started because a friend of mine was using the famous orangatang wheels with a shore hardness of 80A and after some time he was complaining about the vibrations of the deck (using a diy electric longboard) so I thought we should use something more flexible, and that's how these wheels were born xD we are still testing them, but they look promising.

After the first coil of flex filament I tried another TPU filament from other store and...it doesn't work. It was just too squishy. I had to buy another coil of the very first filament. Actually I don't think it is TPU. It has just the right hardness for me. So I'm afraid you will have to try some filaments to find yours ^_^'

Here I leave you a little help. This one is the first, current flex filament I am using:

Hope this help you. Let me know if you success with a known shore hardness filament and tell me your thoughts :D

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