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Pocket-Tactics: Elves of the Shining Host against the Dwarves of the Mountain Holds (First Edition)

by dutchmogul Aug 29, 2012
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I started to print this incredible set, however had many issues with the PLA on the Rep 2. HOWEVER, now with the new firmware update and software the models look incredible! The detail is perfect, and the overhangs present zero issues. I will post pictures once the full set is complete. Stunning work, the stuff you create is top in its class

Hey, that really means a lot to me! Thank you. I'm SO jealous of your Rep 2. Printing these in PLA on my Rep 1 provides the most ideal results, though only one print in five tends to get through to completion. I've actually done a second version of the first set which I'll be posting up later today. I'm probably going to re-design this one in that style as well, though I won't take this version down. Of the three PT sets I did in this style, this was the one of which I was most proud.

Awesome stuff, I cant wait to print Version 2 of Pocket Tactics now. I have now tested printing up to 9 pieces at a time of this set with rafts and it worked like a charm. I took a picture of the set and put it up as a thing I made, the detail stuns everyone I show. Now to play a game :)

This is some great work, thank you for your efforts. I am currently printing a set but it is not easy. I have a Prusa Mendel which I thought was doing well but the pictures of your prints puts mine to shame. I wasted a day and about 20 prints trying to get something even close, currently using .1 LH, 205deg, no retraction with PLA, 3.5mm nozzle. Still a lot of the detail is lost, and staffs/poles etc. are thin and misshapen. The larger parts are easier. But hopefully I'll have a workable set soon.

Would it be giving away too many secrets if you gave us some tips on painting? Whomever is doing this is very good. I'm been trying to figure out how he/she manages to get that washed effect which really shows up the details.

Again, thanks for this, I look forward to playing.

Hey, thank you very much. Yeah, these guys can be difficult to print. I do all of my printing on a Makerbot Replicator, so I can't say what it would be like on another brand of printer or how much that would differ. I print one model at a time (when I'm printing in ABS) and a whole set takes close to 8 hours. For me, layer height has been key in achieving the level of detail. I print at a .10 layer height. I've also had more success printing the models at 100% infiill, plus I like the heft it gives them (minor though it may be).

As for the paint job, yeah, I did that. I'm a traditional model painter, so I use model paints (Citadel, Vallejo, P3, etc). I start with a dark color (even spray paint can do the trick) and then dry brush a lighter color over it. I've been playing around with solid-color sets too, and I like the w
ay those look.

Keep me posted if you get them printed and throw a game down, I'd love to hear about it. And post pics!!

Interestingly, on my setup, I've had better luck printing 2 or more figures at the same time. This gives the current layer time to cool down while the other is being worked on. Anyway, I have nearly finished my first set so I posted a pic. I still have a couple more parts to paint, and I just have a base color so far, but I have to go buy more paint.

Now to figure out the rules :)

Haha, that's the hard part, right? ;-) Email me if you have any questions.

Have you made your own dice ?

As someone who hasn't played a game like this in many, many moons, I feel like classic dice take away from your aesthetic. Is there something about the weight of a standard die?

Excellent question. You know, I initially devised a system that had dice with the 3 symbols of the stats on them, though I ended up abandoning those for a few reasons: 1, its way more cost effective to buy standard 6-sided dice in bulk if this ever goes to mass production. 2, I had trouble printing them and (like you said) finding an even weight. 3, the standard d6 system I came up with tested better with my group and I suspect that it makes it more accessible to casual gamers who aren't as steeped in nerdery as am I ;-) All that being said, I will make another gamen soon that has special dice.

I've often pondered this very problem. What if you print a 100% infill, won't that fix the problem? How badly does the weight problem mess things up?

To answer these questions I'd like to build an auto dice roller with a webcam attached and program it to roll printed dice 1000 times and count up the results. There are several dice options that may not be so bad. Like /thing:11061

unorthodox die -V2.3-
by robokid

I'm pretty sure I saw an automated dice roller on HackADay once. So I searched for it, I found this one: http://hackaday.com/2009/05/26/dice-o-matic/http://hackaday.com/2009/05/26...

But I think there is another (simpler, slower) design out there.

That's a great idea, man. Think about the implications that could have for 3D-printed games of the future? Crazy awesome.