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Compressed Air Engine

by TomStanton Jun 1, 2018
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Will it work with a 0.4mm nozzle?

I'd love to see this run on a standard CO2 cartridge !!!

I have a question as to where the exhaust exits. From what i see it exits from the back of the crankcase but i could be seeing something wrong. Thank you your builds are really cool and im looking forward to future builds.

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could you upload a a sldprt or equivalent file type? i would like to change the external look of the engine to make it look like a dirt bike engine but i struggle with stl's in solidsworks.

The o-ring dosent fit in the slot it just folds even tough its the same oring as you have

Please help


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Awesome, work, Tom, will be printing once I have got the bits.

could you add the bottle cap stl or a link to it?

If you dont have an airsoft bb you can clip of the head of a nail and use it instead. In my opinion it works a little bit better.

Should hang something on the wall, looks like a Lab haha. im printing this engine up now, whats the benefit to the square Cyl?

I don't remember Tom saying why, but if nothing else, it is a LOT easier to hand fit a square 3D printed piston and bore than it is if they are round. They are much more accurately printed in the first place.

he explains in the video, it allows him to move the connecting rod to one side of the engine instead of the middle. giving him more space for one of the bearings

Thanks for this ingeniously simple construction.

Hi all, here's the three cylinder version. It runs very smooth.


Compressed Air Engine Three Cylinder

Hi Tom, I've remixed your engine (the simplest way): this is a twin cylinder (flat one). You did an awesome design ! You can watch it working here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2963862

Compressed Air Engine Twin Cylinder

I think the next thing to do would be to create a throttle attached in the middle of the tubing so you could adjust speed by applying more or less air. Then this idea could really be a success. Also, maybe create a better way to tune the pushrod, find the best efficiency of air to rotation. I think this is really cool, never heard of it before today!

For proper use of this engine in a car you will need to add a bolt on flywheel to the side of the pinion gear comming off the moter. Without this the car will not run properly, a cintripital clutch would also help the car operate by allowing the car to idle.

But if you really want some fun print 5 of these engines and put them in a radial design around the spur gear with the timings offset by 72 degrees. Thus would give for a great sound but also a lot of torque and should help keep the engine (s) running at max efficiency

i still don't get it how you get the push rod for the air intake to open with minimal air leaking through. Does the presure on the push rod benefit because it helps the rotation?

Hey Tom!
I printed your engine and it was a SUCCESS! I'd like to make another, but all in one printing. Could you add in a file with ALL of the parts in one? Thanks and Good Luck!

Hey did u 3D Print the BottleCap because on my Bottle Caps the Walls are way do thin do get the Pneumatic Thing in a air tight fit

hi tom i ave remixed your file and added gears to it . hope you can make it better

the stanton engine

Nice and easy print does not need much sanding
It’s only placed together until the rest of the parts come and in Australia that can take some time

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Is it just my slicer program (Cura 3.3.1) or do the stl files have a low quality and end up with chunks missing and gaps where there should be material? On the inside of the cylinder, for example, it shows that some of the inner wall of the cylinder itself and the exhaust ports is missing. Many of the files show this issue after slicing. Anyone know why?

Have you got the print nozzle diameter set to 0.2mm and print width set to 0.25mm?

No, I hadn't, I don't have a .2mm nozzle yet and was going to see what it printed like with a .4mm. Is the print width supposed to be less than the nozzle diameter? Keep up the great models though! really looking forward to printing this engine.

(UPDATE) I tried changing the nozzle size and print width with no luck, it still showed the gaps no matter what orientation I rotated it. However, I decided to try using a custom printer profile, not the one that preloaded settings for my printer, and using all the same settings the parts now appear to be slicing fine, so the cura profile for my printer is doing something bad for these files.

There is missing part in your files, can you put it in to there. Thanks a lot!

Apologies, I've now uploaded the file. Thanks for notifying me!

How do I edit these files on Autodesk Inventor?

Tom, Fantastic stuff. Really enjoyed the video. Fascinating.

But ... you are gona have to clean the Bird Poo off the window on the left LOL.

Keep up the good work.

Thank you for designig this. You did a great job. The engine does work pretty well in your video.
Unfortunately it seems like the propeller connection is missing. Could you please upload it so we can print it.

Apologies, I've now uploaded the file. Thanks for notifying me!

Hi Tom,
I love your videos, and thank you for this build!

You have done a great job with the air engine series and i would love for you to continue. As well as it was very nice of you to release your design. I have a question on the exhaust system though, where is the exhaust output. From what i see it is the two slots on opposite sides of the channel for the push rod so does it just release the air back into the crankcase and out the back? Thank you for reading this and i wish you the best of luck on the rest of your projects.

Thank you Tom, it is very generous of you to release your design. I love the air engine series, keep up to good work!

Really enjoyed the compressed air series. Can't wait to try this.
Thank you!

Tom - so excellent of you to release this! I've been following your channel for a while and I've loved this project. You've really taken 3D printing to another level; keep it up!