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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

CR10 cooling head

by Steadirob May 29, 2018
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In the SKP file there are the different parts: the hot end, the carrier plate and the cooling cap. Align the hot end on the plate, you maybe have to re-measure the actual place , as i seem to have lost it in this file. Most likely you can do it by moving it from the position it is now in exact distances of 200mm on the green axis and 100mm on the red axis. Also the cooling cap must be moved left for 100mm.

This is a trick of mine: always move a part away on an axis in exact multiples of 100mm.......

Hey man.

just a quick one

in the skp file, how do i allign the hotend and the cooler?

do you have a model that is assembled or how did you go about the design.

want to do a little remix, but im having some trouble with the allignment.

What's the best orientation to print the new version

I printed mine as it is shown, so some supports under and in it. I use S3D so I made sure there were no supports in the outlet of the part-cooling fan, only on the horizontal parts. You could also put it on its back, that will give a clean frontal and side/top/bottom surface as well.

Could you perhaps add the original file? Would like to make a remix with cooling duct closer to nozzel

OK, I will upload the Sketchup file for this. Yes, you are right that the outlet of the cooling fan can be closer to the nozzle, it was in my mind but so many other things to do... Another improvement could be a fan duct on the heatsink-fan, directing the expelled air to the extruder motor.....( also for cooling)

Perfect my sketchup skills are way better that my fusion skills

thanks for this , i printed and installed in my cr10s fit nicely , i didnt print anything yet with it installed, but i notice weird sound when testing it on leveling the bed, i think is vibration of the cap on the cooling fan area, the 2 parts , that rest on the z

Hi, I have occasionally a vibrating sound as well, but I think it comes from the bearing in the hot-end fan and/or nozzle fan. These fans have a bit of axial play (up/down, held in place by their permanent magnet). When the X-stepper moves at a certain speed, which looks smooth to the eye but is often in fact very small steps, this fan can vibrate at a certain speed. Because the 2 fans are now mounted on the side, the fan rotor is able to move also in very smal amounts left and right at certain stepper frequencies.
During a print you might notice this mostly when the print head moves from left to right.
Does that make sense?

Oh well, you win some, you loose some... :-)

Actually, I noticed similar sound when I tried one of the fang designs.

I have tried this now on several prints and I have found no issue of overheating of the heat-brake. Because that is what the left fan is supposed to cool. The heating block is NOT in the airflow, as it was with the original design, so it keeps the temperature well, and fast.
I have now printed PETG and ABS around 250 degrees and have no issues of clogging the Bowden tube, something I had several times before, even with PLA at lower temps, with the original design and a fang-design.
Also, when printing ABS it is important to have no cooling on the printed object, something that will happen when you push air through the head.
The air suction seems to be more diffuse while still doing the job and the exhaust is away from the printed object.

And I like that I can see the nozzle clearly!

Awesome I will definitely be printing in ABS! Thanks for an amazing design!!

Even if the cooling fan is sucking out does it work just as affectively?