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RC plane fuselage - Eclipson model Z

by Eclipson May 26, 2018
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Hi, this is going to be my first RC Plane, some parts might be difficult to find in Mexico (I live here), so I was wondering if a sunnysky X2212 Kv980 wil work? since I can get it for a cheap price. is it a big difference between KV980 and KV1250?
or is there any other Motor that would work?


You can use this motor, the only difference is the revolution per volt, your motor (980KV) will rotate less than the proposed (1250) the only difference is that you will have less thrust with the proposed prop, but is not a problem, it will be more than enough.

You can use the motor that you want as far as you respect the requirement we describe at our page:

KV- 1000 to 1500
MAX POWER - 100 to 300 watts
VOLTAGE - 11,1V (3S)
HOLES - As shown in the drawing

Just printed the Fus1_intake part, it weights 23 grams, am I ok with te cura settings?

Print this entire model to evaluate the purchase of the complete model. I loved it, and I'm quite impressed.. :)

My only problem is that have holes due stringing.,, and seems that the piece becomes weaker.

I have no problem printing again, but I want to know if it is necessary or is it a common and acceptable problem? haha.

Well .. What can I change? I am using a 2mm retraction with 50mm/s speed (25 for the walls actually) and PLA with 215 °C

NOTE: Why is the temperature fundamental at 215 ??? My filament recommends 180-210.

Lower the temperature to 210 (Recommended by the filament manufacturer), and modify the retraction distance several times to test. Nothing improved until I found the option "Retraction on layer change" that is disabled by default. .. and this seems to solve my problem.

If I can make a recommendation, it would be nice to make small cuts of the models where there may be a problem like this, and suggest printing them to evaluate the printer settings. :wink:

Increase the value of the parameter "extra prime amount after travel" in Cura, if you are using other software there must be an equivalent paremeter.
More temperature better layers addition.

Ohh .. This option is also interesting..

Well .. Just buy the model .. Thank you very much!. :)

I will try again, but with the last change it seems to work.. In any case I can try the profiles that you provided.. ;)

Thanks again.

Did you do a model airplane project that I have to use a tape to join the commands ??? What is this project ??? The day that redesign the joint of the commands I think of buying the 3 models !!

Tape join is one option, alternatively you can use nylon hinges.

how many meters of filament are need to print all parts of this plane?
I assume +/- 45m for fuselage

How much is the wing?

What size printer bed do you need?


you can find this info and more at: https://www.eclipson-airplanes.com/model-z

how did you print the wings?


If you want o print the complete airplane you have to purchase it here https://www.eclipson-airplanes.com/model-z

I'm new to 3D printing and I'm curious, how long does it take to print the entire airplane?


Around 50h, but will vary depending on the speed you use of course.

Hi where do I find the files for the wings for this plane please?


The wing is not available for free, only the fuselage, you can buy the full airplane here: https://www.eclipson-airplanes.com/model-z

Oh okay that's cool.


Hello Eclipson team! Please confirm that printing with one perimeter (by your design) is what I get in Cura (see my screenshot). So the wall should be 0.8 mm thick? If I print with 0.4 mm nozzle Cura gives me inner and outer wall. Is it correct or I missed some settings in slicer and walls have to be printed only 0.4 mm thick?

Confirmed. You are doing it rigth, at this area 2 walls are together and the final result is 0,8 thick.


In the parts list it's said that there are ALL the parts needed to fly the plain, but I don't see a receiver and I think in order to fly a plane it is needed ? :/
I'm noob btw.



You can find all the information here: https://www.eclipson-airplanes.com/model-z

Hi Eclipson. I'm about to print Model Z with PETG, as you can see in the picture attached. Unfortunately I have massive problems to print the part "Fuselage 4". The workpiece always detaches from the base plate after approx. 10-12cm of printing. I tried brim, raft and all kinds of tricks, about 10 misprints so far. I'm running out of ideas on how I could try it.... This only as a short interim :-)
Best regards, Peter

Sorry Peter I didn´t see your comment earlier, I recommend you to use hot bed (60º to 80º ,the hotter the better),use spray adhesive, it is also important to properly level the bed before start printing, with this tricks you should be able to print without warping

Is ist possible, that in the complete ZIP the files for FORK are identical? I've printed both, but can't discover any differences :-)

Hi Peter. The difference is the hole diameter.

No problem. In the meantime I managed to print Fus4 (with another PETG). Work is in progress

Yours is looking good.
I had issues with Fus5 as it prints on the tabs. in S3D I added a process for the 3-6mm heights where i printed at 1.05 multiplier from my regular 0.96 that helped solidify the Tabs so they wouldn't break and fall out. I had no issues myself on Fus4 though.
One question, have you read all the other pages where people have tried to print this out of PETG? Be careful as there will be a massive amount of flex in the fuselage and wings. A few users mentioned it made the ailerons impossible to control.
Seeing as you are this far I would still give it a go. Please share your results.
I did print all the landing gear and motor mount with PETG as the flex there would be helpful and the temp was needed for the motor.

Happy to hear that you solved your problem with the tabs, now we have updated our drawing and explain that the real thickness of the wall should be 0,5mm to avoid this problems.

About PETG we have published an article recently, we are still investigating and we will update this information in the future, but we are convinced that is a good option right now.

Great design - already bought it :-)
2 suggestions:
Do you think it might be possible to include small retracts like this one https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2913901 ? Don't know if there is enough space in the wings, but this might be a great addon...
Or the other way, include skids for landing - in operation with a folding prop, it might be possible to handlaunch and glide landing...
I think it would look much better without landing gears :-)

Mini retract unit for RC planes

Many thanks drayson.
It is really difficult to install retractable landing gear on this model due to the lack of space inside the wing. We already studied that option at the beginning of the design phase.
We have considered the option to use this model without landing gear, the belly of the fuselage is reinforced and we provide "horn covers" (part number 74,75) which are of course covering the servos and also acting like skids as you propose. Of course folding propeller is necessary but thanks to the slim fuselage inspired on sailplanes designs folding propeller works nicely.

ok, thanks, I´ll give it a try...
nevertheless, would it be possible that you provide a flat NLG_bushing so that without landing gear, the hole is closed?

Yes is possible, I think that this modification might be useful for other people too. We will do it as soon as possible and let you know when is ready ;)

My son found this here on Thingiverse and have since purchased the entire design from your page. So far looks super well designed.
I am not using the same printer as you (for using the G-code) and am using Simplify3d for slicing. For the most part I do not have any problems other than on FUS5 there appears to be a Non-manifold edge at a height of 118.2mm (about). It is creating a problem and S3D will not print about one MM at that height because of it leaving a gap. I have not found a work-around as of yet inside S3D.
EDIT: It was suggested to me to use "3D Build" to repair the STL, this has worked.
For now I have cut the body of your G-code and inserted that into my own. Doing a test right now.
One issue I had with that is your code sets the fan speed on nearly every layer. As I have a super powerful fan I cannot run over 50% on this print so I had to remove every M106 command as well.
EDIT: Merging the Gcode files did work as well.

NOTE: The bottom 5mm of FUS5 does not seem very well merged. The tabs on this one piece seem weak or not fused well to the body of the part. Looking at the gcode there is a large gap between the ring holding the tabs on and the shell of the body.

You are welcome. Thanks, we are always trying to do things as good as we can.

Solved, you can test the new STL file that I have uploaded here for FUS5. It works properly for cura and simplify.

I have attached a screen shot of the bottom of the same FUS5. There was no problem slicing this portion. My filament width is set to auto (which is 0.48 in S3D). You can see there is a gap between the outer wall of the part and the inner wall that lines up with the inside of the Tab. My tabs then broke off with the skirt due to the thin bonding here. I had tried every type of thin-wall option with gap fill in S3D to get the space between the 2 outer walls and that inside Tab wall to fill with no success.

Yes I am aware about this small gap, from a design point of view it is the only solution to create tabs at the bottom and thin wall parts at the same time.
But this gap should be filled if you increase the wall thickness a bit, try to increase manually the wall up to 0,55 for instance, other alternative is use Cura which is free and it works, the last alternative that I could give you is just to glue this tab.

OK, thanks for checking for me! I'll try the 0.55, with S3D I can create a process for that small portion where I am having the problem and go back to 0.48 after that.
My error on what I called the New Error, My advanced settings minimum printing width was set to thin and it was stretching out the fine fin tips. I will edit my other comment.
Overall I am really impressed with the design! This is printing really well and pretty strong.
Thanks for your help!

Thanks for looking into this.
I downloaded the new file (Time stamped 3:00 today). There is no longer a gap in the end of the fin.
Edit: the following does not happen when my advanced settings use 50% Minimum printing thickness in the advanced tab (but there is something funky going on with the tail curves. I was only able to save the image as a PNG file (called New_error). - Again, this no longer happens, I have left this text in case someone else gets this in error so they can correct it)
Yesterday I had used 3DBuilder (Microsoft) to correct the STL and it was working with S3D. I have attached that file for you to check.

Really strange.. I don´t have this "new error" and I am using also simplify..


Thanks for getting this model, I hope you enjoy building and flying it.;)

About your issue. I haven´t got this "non-manifold" edge with Cura, Everything was ok. I will check it with Simplify and I will let you know, although I see that you have already solved this problem.

About the bottom tab of FUS5 (with WingC you will probably have the same problem) I recommend you to increase a bit the flow, this way the wall thickness will be greater and will ensure the fixation. Using Cura with 100% of flow you already get more than 0,4 mm of wall thickness (you get around 0,48) and you won´t get that problem.

I almosty finish the assambly of the plane, all the electronics are ready to be installed too. I would like to know if you have some templates for the skinning you apply to the models?

Hello. What do you mean by template for the skinning?

Hello and thank you for you time to answer, I was thinking about the decals, but I already saw that they are included in the whole package once is purchased.

Perhaps, black is not the best choice of color to print the plane with PLA. The Canopy of my Model Y (in black) was deformed already after the first usage in sunlight ;-)

You are right. Hot environment and PLA is not a good combination. But the problem is PLA rather than the color. We are testing PETG and so far the results are good. We will realease the results of our research soon and probably recommend this material as an alternative to PLA.

does any one buy this plane? can you share the stl files of the full plane? thanks!

I'm in the process of printing this plane and it is SO WORTH the money for the files... just get the money and buy it.

Question, I've printed a couple of fuse parts and it seems that the wall thickness is 2 perimeters. The Y model was clearly 1 perimeter. Am I doing something wrong or is it 2 perimeter walls? And btw, the prints came out beautiful

You will set only one perimeter for the fuselage parts (category A or B). In some places where we need more strength 2 perimeters will be together and the final result is like a wall of 2 perimeters, it is a bit complex to explain (and to design) but don´t worry you are not doing anything wrong. In case of doubt have a look our drawing.

Could you design a place on the nose to mount an FPV Camera?

We are already working on this. The modification will be uploaded here for free. You can follow us to be informed.

Cool design. If I had had more time to fly my rc planes I already have I would surely buy this too.

Maybe add the dimensions of the print bed needed for printing all parts (incl. wings)

But I must concur with some of the critic stated here. It is not very transparent that this is a paid model. You can infer that from the "fuselage" inthe title, but that could mean that the wings are made of foam or another "classic" way.

I think thingiverse should mark stuff like this with a commercial flag like with the WIP flag.

Thanks for sharing a part of your work though.


Sorry. I wanted to say minimum dimension necessary of course.

Many thanks!
The max dimension are 150x150x180 (x,y,z) this information can be found in our website.

I came, I saw, I buy :D

Thanks! I hope you enjoy and have some fun with this model!. It was a challenger to design this airplane but I am happy to see that people like our design.

I just finished and flew the Shark.Aero model found on this site, which was amazing, but purchased your Z model right away. OUTSTANDING design, guys. Congrats. I'm looking forward to building this one next.

Many thanks Nate for your comments! this kind of things encourage us to continue working...

Your planes look great, but I really dislike the trend to use Thingiverse as an advertising platform with only a token of the files present.

Objects here should be fully downloadable here. I hope the site soon bans this behavior.


I understand your opinion, We are doing this because other users are already doing this since time ago and was accepted by thingiverse. You can see an example here https://www.thingiverse.com/stephencz/designs.
We are sharing the complete fuselage, it is explained in the tittle and in the description.
Many people print the fuselage just for fun, others use it like test part to make sure that they are satisfied with the results before buying the model.
In addition to this we are giving for free many RC accessories like landing gears, horn cover, spinner... so that many people can use this things for conventional RC airplanes. We are planning to design and share for free more accessories,

I hope they ban whiners who don't appreciate the ability to test print some objects before buying the full set.
Seriously, people don't have to give their work for free; you get a paycheck for your work, don't you? And aren't you in a better place to decide to buy something with that hard earned money when you get to try it first?

Of course they don't have to give away their designs for free. But that is what Thingiverse is about, so then don't post it here. I have given away over a dozen designs here. As the pay-per-use model of 3D designs grows, imagine what Thingiverse will become as everyone tries to use it as free advertising, and you find that half the objects you find are not really complete without paying money... it should at the least be categorized as such on the site somehow. But then of course Thingiverse would want a cut of the action and why shouldn't they.

Now if Thingiverse wants to ban users who post truly free designs, and only allow commercial providers and leechers as you suggest, then then I suspect the site would die fairly quickly...

If they want to post sample parts I imagine that thet could easily host that on their site.

"Of course they don't have to give away their designs for free. But that is what Thingiverse is about, so then don't post it here."
Incorrect. Show me in the TOS or About page that designs must be free. If you read the TOS, there's already accomodations for user-to-user payments and other commerce.

Your complaint was "object here should be fully downloadable." Well, they are; every object on here is fully downloadable and even CC licensed. This site is partially about discovery and this is perfectly consistent with the purpose of allowing your creation to be discovered. It's not against any of the TOS to use the site to host test files for models that require purchase.

I, for one, am happy that they posted them here because then I get to KNOW about them... otherwise I wouldn't. I was happy to pay for the model but especially after seeing the quality of the parts before purchase too. Wonderful thing about Thingiverse. I hope they don't change that.

Nothing in the description informing you before you download it that it's a dishonest bait-and-switch.

You can see right away from the title and the files list that this wasn't the full plane.

Bought the plans for both of your models, will be printing the z. The Y is awaiting a maiden flight.

Many thanks! I really hope that you enjoy building and flying these models!

You make sure that I stay busy :-) Thanks for Model Z, another great looking and so clever constructed airplane. Model Y is still in the printing process. As an experienced model pilot, I find that all the details in the Eclipson constructions are conclusive. I love the little stabilizing details in the construction. NACA 2412 is also a great choice. I will also buy, print and test Model Z with 100% certainty.

Many thanks Peter, I hope you enjoy building and flying model Y!
By the way, the quality of these model Y parts are incredible! good job ;)

Would you like me to put a link on my club's web page? See flynwolverines dot com and click the links page. Then tell me the address you would like the link to go to. You can send me email from the main page of the site.

I will send you a private message

What a beautiful plane, deserving of such a well organized, well illustrated site, really nice work!
I was disappointed to see there were no wings and other things, so I went to your link and found the whole package is only $16, that is a good deal!. So I will check into the support hardware, and probably come back and buy it. I am getting a bit ahead of myself with a Stearman, Trainer, and Flying wing to fly this season, but I will get there eventually. I even have a Piper Pawnee and a Spitfire to print. This one would have been at the head of the list...
Thanks for such a beautiful creation!

Many thanks. I am really happy to hear that you like our design. We are a team of engineers with a lot of experience working for Airbus, designing real airplanes. It has been a long process, stress calculations, aerodynamic analysis, testing, redesign more testing... but finally this airplane is ready for everybody for an affordable price, we decided to share here the whole fuselage including the canopy and spinner so that people can test and analyze the model and only if they think that is a good and worthy product end up buying the model for a really low price, keep in mind that only the motor and ESC will cost you more than the whole design.