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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Two Winged Flexi Dragon

by TheBeyonder May 26, 2018
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I printed with and with out supports and with and with out brim or raft was best. my print time was 4.5 hours using delta printer AnyCubic D. PLA white. I put support setting at .1 one side came loose with a razor blade easy the other still stuck. the one with no support came with one wing inside stringy but in all it's stilling on display in front of out flat screen 55" black Sony looking cool.

Just wanted to say that I was able to successfully print this with the recommended settings. The wings were a bit difficult to separate, but I was able to do so with a small screwdriver.


how do you put this design into 3d prinnteros it is not working

Couldn't you just print without support?
My favourite method for objects like this is to put a @pause into the GCODE just some layers above the gap between the wings, then manually put something on top of the lower wing (like heat resistant tape, Kapton or such, with or without extra cardboard to get the height) so the next layer with the upper wing has a good base to print on.
That would leave you with NO cutting of support material and a very smooth surface on both wings.

Comments deleted.

First and foremost, thank you for this design. I printed it last night, and it printed beautifully. The supports on the wings came off leaving two wonderfully flexi pieces. It looks however like the neck and tail don't flex much at all. Is it possible to rework those sections.to flex a little more like the wings do?

Regardless of whether you rework it or not, I do appreciate the hard work it took to create this beast. I love that the wings split so easily and flex so well.

this thing is great. i avoided it for a while, thinking it was multiple pieces. my son ended up wanting it though, that's when i got to see it was all one print. i haven't printed it yet, but it looks awesome.

neck and tale is not flexi at all, looks like edges of some parts are in the way of movement,
this design need more Work, the wings bend nicely out to a good angle.

Nice dragon, great idea, and prints well. Unfortunately the wings just fall off when trying to remove support. Wouldn't have last 30 seconds when given to the kids. Looks like about 1 line width (0.4 in my case) holding the wings on. Darn, I had high hopes on this one.

This model needs a lot of work. The wing joints are extremely weak (both of mine broke during even a careful separation), and the body joints provide almost no movement. REALLY good concept though, I hope you keep working on it because it could be the perfect kids toy!

Please post the model with supports already there.

Mine was printing great until it got to the left/top wing and started to curl. Any thoughts on how to avoid that, besides not using ABS?

Make sure you have the right temperatures set for your brand of ABS media and your print bed. Check your brands website if your not sure. If it seems ok try a different brand and color as some are more apt to curl than others. You can also try to put a brim (8mm or so) for the first layer which may keep minor slips down and keep the higher layers from curling. Also with ABS try to print slower and a bit cooler which may also help.

I did the brim, and it all was printing perfectly for the first ~3 hours until it got to the 2nd wing. No way to brim that... :)

For those speaking of a snap in wing model I am looking into few things to be able to print it more smoothly and flat. If you have a reference for a snap in method please share it and I will see if it can be done. As for printing it the way I have in the model I have printed at least a dozen or so with no real problems because once you get the supports right it is easy to pop them as I have shown in the picture. I am working on a larger slightly easier to print model that's not just a simple scale up.

Can you look into making a version where you just snap the wings in? Like have both wings print separately?

Snap in wings would be awesome, then this could be printed flat without the need for supports

Thanks for posting these settings. I will say that these would change with different printers and design models. If you used the stated "Enable interface support" with this model it can fuse the wings together because the wings are so close together you have to build the supports on the model so keep that in mind. Also print speeds and other factors such as what materials you use also factor in. I have some PLA that jams up if you don't use at least 210°C and some that work fine at 180°C. With that said though it does give a good explanation of the settings...thanks again.