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Low-Poly Eevee

by FLOWALISTIK May 26, 2018
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Can this be print without infill? just the walls.
Off course a support would be needed in the eyes section

Tried with 0% infill, check on the makes section, looking good

I wasnt able to print it yet, the legs are breaking like half way up. Thought it might be an adhesion problem but even with a raft it breaks.
I have to stay close to the next print to figure out what's happening.

Did you figure out a solution? I kept having the same problem on my Ender 3.

What are your current print speeds?
I made overall adjustments to my print settings, improving overall adhesion on the first layer across all prints and lowered the print speed. The last 4 eevee prints finished without an issue.

I have 25mm/s on the first layer, then it goes up to 50 on infill, 34 outer wall, 67 inner wall. I'll keep tweaking my settings... The print recovered once it got past the front legs and my kids didn't even notice they were missing, lol.

2nd time it's happened to me in a row, and both always just the right leg.. hahaa

How long does this take to print?

Depending on speed, infill etc... with 10% infill, my mk3 prints this model in about 90 minutes.

THANK YOU! These Pokemon characters are amazing! My 8YO son and 9YO daughter are recent Poke-addicts and they (erm... we) love your work! Right now they are earning "candies" to feed their Pokemon (your Evee and Pikachu) for good behavior at home to evolve them for more Pokemon to add to their collection!!! LOL.#parentingwin

Hey great work on all your models, especially the dual extrusion ones. I was wondering if it would be possible that you design a lowpoly (w/dual) togepi? That would be so cute and go greatly with all the other 2nd gen pokemon you have. If not or not open to requests could you tell me what program you use to design these in? Thanks, and love your work!

Would you be able to make a Chikorita? Would love one!

He already has =)

Single extruder model: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:370051
Dual extrusion: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1977009

Low-Poly Chikorita
Low-Poly Chikorita - Dual Extrusion version

Oh cool! Thanks! I'm new to this website, any reason why there isn't a direct link to print this model and get it shipped? I don't have a printer..

I can't speak for the designer, but I'm guessing it's not a service he offers. You could always speak to someone in your local makerspace, if you have one, or a 3D print shop to see if they can print the model for you

Could you explain to me how you get that background for your models?

I'd love to see someone do a remix with a loop for hanging on a schoolbag. I know it's just a join operation with a torus, but I'm not sure how to do so such that it prints well (still very new to 3d printing).

Something like this? Quickly knocked it up, not 100% sure how it will print

Yes, very much like that! The question is just whether that will print ok and how strong that loop will be. I've got some gold Hatchbox PLA that I'm willing to burn on a test print. I'll let you know how it comes out.

The print came out pretty good (it was also a good test for the Hatchbox, which didn't jam but also printed a little stringy). However, the loop was a bit too fine and snapped when I was cleaning off the strings. I have made a crude fix in Meshmixer with a larger loop that's more mid-back on Eevee, and will be posting the results. Thanks!

I'm not great in Meshmixer but I managed to fumble my way into this design. It has a very thick loop. I wouldn't use it as a zipper pull, but it will take some intentional force to break ((fingers crossed)).

Keep up the low poly stuff, its really cool!

Great model! easy to set up and prints nice!

Thank you, this is perfect! :-)

Definitely printing it tonight or tomorrow, will post results :)

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If you print only the head, it can look like a ripped off pikachu head.
Super cute!

(On a more serious note, i like it, it looks very cool)

That's funny. When designing it, I kept telling myself "this looks too much like Pikachu!". In fact, if you check the artworks, both Pokemon have very similar heads, and if you design them in a low-poly style, they look almost the same. I may have spent 25-30% of the total time trying to fix this. I guess some things cannot be changed. :P


Love it! Would love to see your take on all the eeveelutions!