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The Ultimate Spool Holder Dry Box

by ritchrock May 25, 2018
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I've made two of these, using the merged bearing holders, and they work great. I am also using the reusable dehumidifier boxes. The only thing i wish i had were different sized clips to clip on the rod to keep the rollers in place for the filament rolls. I change my filament often and it seems that would make it much easier. Unfortunately, I don't yet have the ability to create that. If someone could add that to this dry box, I think that would be even better. Thanks

ritchrock - This works great! The rod holder snaps in against the walls like it was built in a factory. Impressive.

My only suggestion is to increase the height of the rod holder 1" which would allow the desiccant packets to be thrown in the bottom. Much easier to manage than the top mounted package. 200mm reels have well over 1 1/2" clearance.

Again, really sweet design and thank you!

Here's a one-piece design for the bearing piece, in case anyone needs it... It fits the 608 bearings a bit more snugly too, which I prefer. Keeping the spool from slipping off of the bearing and getting caught in the gap created from the two-piece design

Can you tell me how you position these to be printed? I've tried numerous times to print these and it fails on the first or second layer every time. I even tried using supports and same the same thing happens. All of my other prints have been fine.

Looking for a precision tip with the steel rod length... I'd like it to be as snug as possible and eliminate any play inside the box... Is 12.5" going to give me the best fit or should I increase it by 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, etc?
I've got everything printed, just hesitant to cut the rods until I'm sure... By the way, I ended up using a 3D pen with the same filament to bond the 2 x 608 side pieces together

I cut to the length I posted and there is no play. Hope it works out for you that way also! You could always file down or add a spacer if needed, but again, there is no play in mine.

Excellent... Thanks for getting back so soon and great tip ritchrock! I'm going to hold off on the filament tap for right now, but once I get your design assembled, I'll be sure and post a Make

FYI I designed a dessicant box that will sit around the outer edges of your design. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3323912

Sterilite Dry Box Dessicant Container

1 down (red/orange/yellow) and 4 more to go. Everything was easy until I got to the taps. Had a hell of a time making the holes. I started left to right. You can see the insane amount of silicon on the second one. Then I came up with a great idea!! I found an old socket set that was basically trash. I held it by a long pair of pliers and then blow torched it. Melted right through the case with a perfect hole in the exact right size. You can see the 2 on the right look much better. I put silicon on the inside and screwed it down tight. I also used some tubing for the filament to slide through since PLA rubbing on PLA will wear a groove out very quickly. So many new parts to print out for the next box!!

I used a step drill bit to cut 22mm holes - worked perfectly.

I fused them together in tinkercad. Only needs a little bit of support. I created an object 7mm wide to make sure it will fit perfectly. I have an order of the bearings coming on Tuesday so I will print 1 and make sure it fits perfectly.

My big challenge is finding 12.5" rods. I don't have a lot of tools and the idea of hacksawing through that many rods does not sound fun. Would a wooden dowel work?

Comments deleted.

Never mind, I figured it out in Tinkercad :-)


The rods were really easy to cut with a hacksaw - you may be surprised. Honestly, only slightly more difficult than a wooden dowel. Perhaps your home-improvement store could even cut them for you? Just make sure you have the correct blade!

I ordered the rods on line and they came in exactly what I needed. I have 1 box fully built out and the 1 piece construction of the TUSH part worked perfectly. No gluing! Also my 4 standard roll sizes fit great. I wish there was about 1" more on the box so I could spread them out a bit so the rolls are centered on the bearings but other than that absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for the build!

Yes, that's the problem - the box is just too small for 4 standard size rolls. Luckily, lots of the rolls I would want to keep 'dry' are not on the larger rolls. Anyway, glad you got it all made! Happy printing.

Nice solution. But just a design thought. If the screwcap on the tube connector was deep enough to fit on the outside and allow a small piece of filament to poke through you would only ever need to access the box to add replacement spool or desiccant. The cap could also have a thin loop like a petrol tank cap so it hangs when off.

Follow the link to the caps - there is a remix with the thin loop you speak of and it's even 3D printed with flex material!

Instead of dessicant packs, you can use this renewable dehumidifying device:


I wonder if a 5 spool holder version of this can be done - if you have any ideas on the needed sizes for the rods and the box. The new Prusa MMU 2.0 can handle 5 different filaments at one time. :)

I'm now using that exact Eva-Dry you linked! Problem is it takes up the space of an entire spool, so you are only left with room for about 3 spools. If you want more spools, I don't see why you couldn't use with the larger box like this one from Target. Just take the measurements from the box itself.

How much width does one spool take up (including half the distance between it and the next spool)?

It depends on the spool. I have spools of all different sizes. Maybe measure your most used spools?

There you go, getting all logical and stuff on me! lol
I should have thought of that myself, thanks!

Get bulk desiccant and use something like this that fits inside the spool, takes up no space at all then! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2036127

Dry box (Silica Desiccant Box)

instead of gluing why not print as one piece?

Good idea - I based the design on the original TUSH, but there is no reason why you couldn't do this.

to bad i already printed um lol...i took the time to brace them together and glue...while im watching it dry i thought this.

other then that i love this design....thanks for your time and effort! also quick reply thanks!

Thanks! I've been using my box for months now and it works great. The desiccant tray didn't really stay put, so I just use packets in the box.

I have a question. I just printed these out but i'm not clear on what parts to glue:

To glue the bearing sides together I used Loctite Plastic Bonding System Amazon B000Y3LHXW.

do I glue the bearing to the plastic or do i glue the 2 plastic things on the bottom?

Hi there, glue the two plastic sides together, along the bottom where they meet. I did not glue the bearing, but I did sort of assemble it all together so that the parts were aligned while the glue dried.

Thank you. You mean including the rods too? would Loctite ultragel work or does it have to be bonding agent?

Yes with the rods as well. The type of glue to use is highly dependent on the material you are using. I've had good success with that Loctite, but other types may work also.

I’m using PLA and already have Loctite ultragel so was wondering if I can use it or buy the one you recommended

Test it on some scrape pieces if you are unsure.

Applied it. Setting now. Seems to work. If it doesn’t I’ll print more. Thank you

Comments deleted.

What is the distance between the rods?
12.915 cm? Did I measure that right?

I measure 12.9233 cm, center to center.

Cool thanks.
I want to slightly modify the 608 sites. It is possible to get them in a CAD friendly format?

If not that's cool too :) Thanks for sharing

I just uploaded Fusion 360 exports for the two parts. Please let me know if this works - first time I've attempted this.

onshape.com does not like the format. But I wanted to try out fusion 360 anyway. Also with the distance information I should be able to make my own design. Thanks a bunch mate!