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Full Size 100% 3D Printed Stool

by The_OS Jun 14, 2018
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Cool concept but sort of fails due to the current reality of 3d printing.

  1. PLA is expensive. If it is only 1KG then maybe you can get away with $10-15 stool.. with no back.
  2. How long did this take to print and how much electricity did it use on top of that.
  3. Most people's beds are too small for this, you look to be at the edge of yours too
  4. PLA will degrade, can't be left in the sun, etc. This thing really needed to be ABS, it would be cheaper too except all the warping.

Printing has made me a ton of cool stuff I wouldn't have otherwise and I love seeing something I made in cad come into real life, custom parts etc. I don't want to be a debbie downer here but furniture is the last thing I'd want to print. Even stuff like containers/cups/vases is pushing it.

Hello, thanks for your comment !

  1. We're working on 1Kg stools, we have already print few.We will publish it as soon as it's ready.

  2. Its took 2 days and 8h to print. I don't know for the electricity as it is explained in the pdf report, Part 9 - Analysis, p.32.

  3. It's made to be printed on a CR-10 S4 or any printer with a volume of 400x400x400mm. You could even try to print it on a CR-10 standard by scaling it down in x and y. It's not really on the edge on my printer, the bed is 400x400, the part is 320x320.
    The 1Kg stool we're working on will fit in the volume of a CR-10 standard.

  4. Resistance to the sun is one of the constraint functions in the functional specification (CF3 : Environment - Have to withstand an indoor environment, and direct sunlight p.4). No deterioration have been observed as of this day. I believe PLA degrades only under certains conditions of pressure and temperature (hight pressure and high temperature, like in an industrial compost environement)
    You could print it in ABS, warping is ok for this part, but the stool is sturdy enough in PLA to withstand 110+kg. Cheap PLA is as cheap as cheap ABS. And PLA is bio-sourced and bio degradable.

We belive you can print whatever you want a long as it makes sense to you, to the society and to the environement.

Totally agree. Also the formaldehyde argument is somewhat of a furphy unless you live in a home with no ventilation in which case you've got other problems as well. Virtually every kitchen is made of pressed wood these days anyway.

We believe there sould be no compromise concerning the health of the user of a product. Whatever if he ventilates his place or not.
It is why we don't design products made for food contact out of plastic like plates or glasses. But printed with a ceramic printer, plates or glasses would be ok.

Awesome project. Way better than handing my money over to Ikea. The promise of 3D printing we always believed in was transforming us from a society of consumers, into local producers and collaborators. Seems like another very valid proof of concept and step in that direction.

Thank you, everything is said.

We're glad you share our views.
Let's stay in touch for future collaborations.
Don't forget to follow us to be updated on our new uploads !

All the best

Ohhhh...can't wait to run this on my S4. Scaled at 100%, is it a dead-on fit for the print bed? Recommended scaling?

We'd love to see your make !
Yes, scaled at 100% it's a dead-on fit on the print bed. The stool is 32 x 32 x 39.6 cm in x, y, z. Just find yourself a big spool and you're good to go !
100 % of scale is good.

What Stool...?


With that size print bed I would start printing a house.. brick by bespoke .. brick

Hey !

There is a nice "Make Tank" called Emerging Objects that have printed many little tiles of ceramic to form a cabin. Check it out !

We are going to experiment around october with 3D Printing of clay so follow us to stay updated ! But we will use much cheaper printers than emerging objects (which uses Potterbot printer, starting at $2,85K). Check out the Ceramic 3D printing kit from Stone Flower (500€ for the extruder)

Thanks for your interest !

Very nice build.

Probably would have been cheaper, faster, and better if bought from an ikea.

Thanks for your comment !
So this is a proof of concept.
Now we're working on a production model that could be made on a standard CR-10 with 1kg of material.
Big furniture stores are great but they use a lot of pressed wood, which particules are bonded with formaldehyde, which pollutes the air of your home as it's toxic (it can cause cancers and leukemia). We belive our product is more user-friendly as there's no formaldehyde in the composition of the bioplastic.
Furthermore we want to change the way people are consuming products, we belive that the fact of meeting directly the person who made your object, knowing how it's made, where and by whom could lead to more attachment and consideration to the object, avoiding an outraging consumption of objects as we can witness today.
We hope you'll share our views and that you will follow our project !

Better to make these from cut boards and screws then.
Also would be ten times cheaper and can be produced hundred times faster.

So you're making something out of a non-renewable resource to replace something made from a renewable resource because it's better for the environment?

This is a pretty cool proof-of-concept, but your reasonings are silly.

It's made in a bio-plastic... Which is renewable. This is clearly stated more than once. Please increase your Reading skill by +2 to continue with this questline. ;)

Yes this is made from bioplastic, from PLA (PolyLactic Acid).
It is made by extracting sugar from (usually corn) starch, then fementing it to produce lactic acid, then binding the molecules together chemically (polymerising it) to form poly-lactic acid.

It is a complcated thing to create designs and production process that are 100% ethical from a social, environemental and moral point of view. We're planning on investigating from our filament supplier to find out about their production process, where their vegetals are from and how the fields are managed.

Thanks for your interest !

Wow that is a huge printer

Yes but it still fits on a desktop !

You can print a golden one if you want to !

Nice, now print her a bookcase ;)

And print her a weddingring :) (if the lady on the image is not the designer)

Great to see - now I'm talking about the stool too - that furniture designs can be printed at home.
*waiting for the 2000x1000cm printers get under 10K

No she's not ! We are all participating to create something in common, she's our model :) i'll see with her about the weddingring ;)

Glad you like our POC ! the weight of material used is still expensive but we're working on it !

About the big printers, yeah we're with you on that one !
There's one 500x1100x820mm for 18 500 € and one 700x700x1820 for 20 000€ from dream 3D (UK). Its called Builder Extreme 1500 and 2000. it seems the cheaper one for its size, but not anyone can afford it. It could become profitable for productions if there was a extruder that uses pellets instead of filament as it's way cheaper.

Ahahah nice one, we'll think about it ;)

LoL, But very good job...

Thanks a lot ! It's appreciated !