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Ender-3 Cover

by DrStreet May 22, 2018
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I dont know about the rest but the blank one has so many problems with the model. There are so many reverse faces and gaps in the edges. I dont know what you modeled this in but it wouldn't be that hard to fix

Thanks for the design!

I edited it a bit to match my own preference.
-Took the insert panel and removed the "eye"
-Took the blank cover and extracted a lego figure.
I attached both. :)

On the LED version can you show how to mount the led?

second this, thanks

hi. can you please explain how to handle the wire that comes out from the left of the motor? but sure i understand what to do with hall ? is it possible to add a picture form the side ?

How do you get the cable threw the hole?

You should be able to turn the plug sideways and push it threw the hole. This is the best way other than having a very large hole in the side.


I just added Version 2 of the End Stop cover. This one has a tie point for the wire from the end stop switch.
Try this one I just printed it and I see no issues.



I just reduced the size by 1MM and I am printing the updated version now. I will add an update after checking it. The old one is a little large but it does fix on my motor. This should center all 4 holes better.

When I posted it by request I pulled it off of Thingiverse.com. I will later tonight wen I get off work download the same file and print it and see if something is wrong. Just to be clear which one are you printing. It is the one with the 4 holes. That is the only one that matches your desc. Are you using damper. I just pulled 2 other version of this off of thingiverse.com and the match up except for the one made for damper. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2656288

Silent Mod for EVERY 3d Printer !MUST HAVE! (nema damper)

I have printed this part and checked the location of all 4 screw holes and it can be mounted in 90, 180 and so on. If you are off by 2MM it might be you setting out your printer out of calibration. Try downloading the 20mm double its size to 40MM and print with low infill and see if it is 40MM in all directions. The larger you print it the more accurate of a reading you can get. Sorry to hear that you are having issues and I hope that this will help.

Thank you for your response. I have downloaded the file again. Opened it in cad-application. Cover is perfectly square (just like my print). Holes are not equally spaced (just like my print). Is the 'Thing File' uploaded here the same as you have printed?

I've juist printed the Ender_3_End_Stop_Cover.stl and it doesn't fit. The size of the cover is perfect but the holes for the bolts are in the wrong place. They have the correct spacing between left and right but between bottom and top they are 2mm too far apart :(

Can you post a version of the Ender 3 cover without the dragon logo? It'd make adding my own design a lot easier. :-) Also, the previous poster was asking how you got your hotend/fan box in that chrome lime green color. I agree that it looks stunning!

Not sure what you mean. The cover was printed in black PLA and the inside was printed in Red and white PLA. The SD card slot model was printed in Green PLA. None was anodized or painted.

Your SD card holder is very much green PLA printed. Besides the printed part, I have a feeling most people are wondering about the green brackets and hot-end fan guard that look to be green anodized and not PLA printed. That is all........

P.S. thank you for the cool Creality logo print model.

Yes, the SD card holder is green PLA. Then I placed it on my Tevo Tornado. I wanted to show that it will fit that printer as well. I put that down in the description. So I think that is where the confusion is from.

Did you have your hot-end mount anodized or just paint it? Love it!

I printed it in green pla.

Hello mate, thanks for the design, also did you paint it green on some of the part ? can you recommend the type of paint ? thanks

I added a small 5x8mm hole on the 2 covers for you. Sorry it too me a few days to notice you comment. My work has been keeping me tied up and I have not had much free time these days. I hope this will work for you and anyone else that needs it.

I printed the version with the cutout but it wasn't nearly big enough to fit the end-stop plug through, are you supposed to disconnect the wire and just put it through somehow? Has anyone got it to work? Great otherwise though, thanks.

Did you figure this out?

I love this any way we could get a version with a little cut out on the left side for the wire? for the ender 3 anyway not sure if any other printer is set up that way