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Geometric Concrete Pot Mold

by esparapse May 18, 2018
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Is it ok if I were to sell the concrete pots

Hello, i have a small problem after printing 2 sides and 4 of the loacks. All parts in 100% scale. But i can´t get the locks onto the mold, they seem to be a little bit too small. Or am i to stupid to get the things together? Any suggestions whtas the reason of my problem is? Probably i will print aout the locks a bit greater (e.g. 103%) to get the on the mold. Thanks a lot!

I printed the FLEX portion, but it printed a solid object with 30% infill. Is that right or should it be like a vase that is open inside? If so why did it print that way I wonder?

hi, there is an option in most slicers to print in "vase mode" (single perimeter)

Hi great design but why doesn't the flex part have thickness? it's just an open surface

hola tigre, te hago una consulta, tengo una pequeña duda, estoy imprimiendo este modelo pero me intriga como sacas el pendorcho del centro..? pones algun liquido para que salga o no se adhiera o como haces..? desde ya muchas gracias.saludos.

Hola! Solo me funcionó con filamento flexible. Asi la pieza del centro sale facil y se puede reutilizar. Sino hacelo con PLA, pero vas a tener que romper la pieza para sacarla y ademas se puede resquebrajar el cemento. Saludos!

Hey @esparapse - nice design! Two questions: (1) What is that smooth-mixing concrete you're using in the video? (2) How do you prevent the inner piece from shifting when adding concrete? I find that with heavy quikrete the center flex piece often moves relative to the mold, which screws up the part. If you print the flex part thin, there's nothing to hold onto. I'm thinking about flipping the part and using a brim to lock the flex part in.

Hi Brandon ! 1. i use a -only water required- concrete mix. (without sand). here in Argentina is called "Grouter" or in USA or UK. "quickcrete". 2. To prevent what u say about the inner flexible part: U can print a 95 to 97% scaled version of the inner part of basic PLA(hard) and a 100% flexible filament, and put the hard PLA in the below the flexible. This allows you to have the flex part in contact with concrete so when its dry you can pull it out without any breaks and the solid part gives streght when you fill the mold. I hope it works !

can someone explain what 'flexible PLA' is ? :)

flexible filament !

The FLEX design seems broken, it leaves a gap between the bottom and the wall. Tried to load it into Tinkercad but that also does not work.

Comments deleted.

Your idea of making molds is brilliant!

I will adapt this to my needs. I am very thankful!

Are we able to sell the pots? I know people who would love a concreate pot!

Nice model btw :)

So the flex doesn't go flush with the base part of the geometric shape.. Any suggestions on how to get this to be more flush? Thanks!

you can add some duct tape in the bottom. or some silicone in the inner edge. but it works for me without any of this. if the flexible inner part does not support the weight of the concrete cast, just print another inner support of PLA at 97% of size and put it below the flexible to support - and then, when the concrete is dry you can put it out easily and the flex comes out without breaking. best ! @esparapse

Has anyone tried a concrete stain or tint with these? I was thinking that might be fun but I've never used either myself and wondered if anyone had tried. Really cool idea and project, thanks for sharing!

look at the makes !! i have made my pots with some marbled concrete !

Cool idea. Certain plants may not be suitable in a concrete pot, do your research before planting.

Does anyone else have a huge gap in the center piece? It doesn't connect at all. My filament and extrusion multiplier are tuned...

I just filled it with tons of vaseline, but makes it difficult to make sure the cement gets to the bottom :/

if the files are printed with the same scale it shoud be no gaps in the bottom. try with some OIL SPRAY - is better to prevent sticking -... basseline is not recomended because it leaves lumps on the edges and isnt too concrete friendly.

I love this planter!

I had problems with the side part because the base is not completly flat in my slicer. I repaired the part with a remix.


Geometric Concrete Pot Mold - Fixed Sides

Hello, can you confirm, what is the best non stick item used so the concrete isnt sticking to the center and the sides? I tried it once without anything and that didnt work.

Woah, such a smart idea. Thak you for sharing!

how did you get such a nice aqua green color on concrete? I want to know!!! it looks amazing! just imagine a white instead of grey on that, man the possibilities
let me know your secret!

hi fabri ! just paint over the concrete with a color of your choice. here in argentina is called acrylic paint !! once painted it has 2 layers of a Concrete Sealer - or brick sealer - That layers are the secret to achieve the perfect shiny "plastic" finish but is still a hard concrete design !

Original pot mold is failed. I fixed it with Fusion 360. Here is the file link. Regards!

Fixed pot mold

thanks !! this works for the people u has problems with slicers

thanks!!! i try with kisslicer and meshmixer withwout good results.

can someone send the right stl file?

wich slicer are you using to create gco from stl? send me a screen capture of what is your problem. !

Buenas!!! Luego de intentar reparar el modelo con varios programas y no tener éxito, lo realicé con Makeprintable.com y salio bien... les dejo la captura de pantalla en la vista de capas del programa Cura, donde se ve que los angulos estan cerrados ahora.. tambien les dejo el archivo reparado. Espero que les sea útil.. Saludos y Felices Impresiones!!! :D :D

Hola!! Acabo de imprimir tu archivo "EncofradoForm2" y tambien la pieza original para hacer el agujero del centro y esta última me quedó mas grande. No se cual está fuera de escala. Tendrás idea cual? Muchas gracias!

los modelos de la web estan todos coincidentes en escala. puede ser que este stl que subio david este un poco mas grande o chico. El nuevo stl que esta para descargar llamado SIDES, no te funciona?

Lo voy a probar. Lei los comentarios y decian que tenia un error por eso imprimí el de David. Quizas el error ya se solucionó ya que ahora veo que es viejo el comentario. Gracias!

Comments deleted.

There is def. something wrong with the model. I also have the gap Problem in 3 different Slicers. Could you upload the STL File? Thanks! :-)

If repaired the Model, please see this file:

Hola como va?
imprimí los modelos y salieron con el mismo error,
por casualidad no tendrás los modelos en formato stp para editarlo?.u otro stl sin esa falla, el formato de sise;o esta muy lindo!.
Muchas gracias!.

Hola! probá repararlo con RepetierHost o usá los .gco que subí en las respuestas de abajo ! Saludos!

Jeje El martillo, escuche eso y dije este es re Argento. Me encato!

Hey, nice model and thanks for sharing. I have a question regarding the reusability of the mold... how many casts does it survive? Does the concrete stick to the walls or it is easy to take the molds apart? Do you have to use a silicone spray to prevent sticking?


I already use the mold on 4 pots and it still looks really firm. i wash it well every time. To avoid sticking i use a little bit of baseline. I put a layer on the inside and it works fine. To do it better the inside part can be printed on flexible filament. My extruder does not support it so i cant do it but im very careful when i take out the pot off the mold.

What exactly do you mean by "Baseline"?

I'm sure he meant Vaseline (petroleum jelly).


really nice idea!
I am currently printing one, but am a little confused about a small gap in the model of the outer parts between the wall itself and the parts where the clips are supposed to be mounted (see attached picture).
Is this really as intended?


Hi there!

U have to verify your slicing program.. here is a caption of the sliced mold side and as you can see the corner is a closed gap between the side and the attachments. i hope u can get it! let me know if u use a prusa printer and i can upload the gco files if u want. im not sure if that works because we might not use the same configuration in our printers. (materials-temperatures-offsets-retractions-....)

ps. remember to mirror the stl files of the sides and create 2 different gco prints because the mold have to be mirrored.

hope this work for u my friend!

cheers from Argentina !!

Hello again!

Thank you very much for your reply and support offer!
Yes, in your screenshot the model looks exactly like I would have expected it - but when I slice it, I always end up with a gap (see attached screenshot). I even tried different slicing programs (Cura, Craftware), but still no success.
I use a prusa - if you could upload the gcos, that would be great. At least it would be worth a try and I think small amendments like temperature I can manually edit in the gcode itself.


Here they are. Let me know if this works!

Hola! Me surgio el mismo error, voy a tratar con esos gcode. Uso Retraccion 4.5 mm a 65 velocidad. Pico 0,4 en PLA ( 190 -50 C) Es una Flying bear Bowden 210 x 210 mm. Vamos a tratar! Intente reparla la superficie en Rhino y en Meshmixer. Va a salir!! Muchas gracias!!

Just printed the first side and it looks fine.
Thanks again!