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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Hidden Blade (extended,dual action), basic components - ASSASSIN'S CREED

by OlsenYoshi May 16, 2018
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do you have facebook account i wanna your help in this project

thanks for the model..but i dont know if i am the uni person that has the problem with almost all parts :/
because i have to modifify some of them (i will coninue on vacacation)
and some parts are a few big or small
and doesnt conect very well :/
i pritn exactly ...with the recomendations that you give but i have this problem with size :\
also i printed at 20 m/s
someone or yoshi could you give me ome advice? :/ ? please :/

I made two of these. One 20% larger than the original and after a week of messing with it, taking it apart, figuring out what was still not working, what was still rubbing etc. ( mostly because of me being a noob and having my printer setting off the first time) I’m pleased to say that it works great and my friends are jealous. It takes a minute to trouble shoot it, but is REALLY cool when it’s done, extended blade and all. I did have to take my 3D pen and add just a little more plastic to the part of the toothed arm that triggers it so it could reach down into the mechanism properly, but after you get that to kick it right, it’s awesome!

Thank you very much! I'm glad you were able to get it working properly.
I would really like to see your results! :)

Any chance that I could get the .f3d for the blade portion? I would like to make it look more knife looking. =)

I made removed the two-tier blade as it was impossible to make and created a single blade. im working on making the parts more rigid as they're currently quite flimsy. good design though

We can make modifications to this after downloading right? I want to split the blade into a prong and add a little flaired part to the back part of the frame

feel free to do so! :)

So I Tried this print and it actually works. Some things i did have to deal with was the tolerance from the main switch was a little tight, so i had to sand it down but other than that it works beautifully

It really cheers me up that you managed to print one out. And it is working too! really cool man! :)

If you have any advice for me, let me know. Particularly how it does work after some time in use.

So the main modification I had to make was the triangular latch of the side of the blade. The catch would sometimes not re-engage on the main body switch so I cut it back about 1mm.also silicone lube throughout and 6 loom bands for the extention and retraction system seems to do the trick. As for long term, I fear since I used PLA the screws will loosen as the plastic deforms, so it might not hold forever. But for the past few weeks it works just fine

Thank you for the feedback!

The shell switch locking mechanism still confuses me considering that part of the tutorial was left out. Is there a rubber band that keeps it sprung? if so how is it attached?

I made it like in the video from 'imdeepainreborn': https://youtu.be/XsvKXsWY-Js?t=45m38s
-> It is really difficult to achieve and you may need several tries.

Hello OlsenYoshi, I was wandering what software you were using to make this model, thanks alot.

I used (and still use) Fusion 360 from Autodesk

This is such a great model, I've got the kicker mechanism working, but for some reason gear_right isn't printing well at all. gear_left prints perfectly, but the teeth on gear_right print rounded instead of pointed. I printed it with ABS at 55 and 35 mm/s and they turned out the same.

Thank you! Nice to hear that the kicker is working for you.

I checked the part you where talking about and you are right. My Slicer (Cura) is also slicing the teeth extra. I didn't notice this before. :(
I will try to fix it asap. Till this is happening you could try to mirror the left gear and adjust the big teeth till it matches the bugged right one :D.

Currently I have many things to do and I am really busy. I am sorry for that :/

what kind of rubber bands are used?

I think they are called 'Loom bands'

Sorry for my late response! :(

Printing now!
the only thing i never understood of this kind of mechanism is the part non filmed in the tutorial XD
Any advice?
What you used for the switch? a glued rubber band?

Maybe this video helps you: https://youtu.be/XsvKXsWY-Js?t=44m30s
I used it to understand the mechanism^^ Hopefully it can explain you this difficult part of the assembly.

yesterday I tried, and it worked!
today i'll print all the other pieces!

Thanks again :-)

Hope instructions are up soon , can’t wait to print !!!!

Is there any instructions?

they will follow soon! Probably in the next two weeks ;)

Still waiting


I updated it! :)
You will now find an instruction video.

Thanks, i though it was an automated hidden blade (with the cord), sadly not, still a great design

If you decide to make it automated with the ring, let us know! it would be awesome to have this same system but for the ring and since there sould be no button, it could be hidden inside a complete cover (without the hole)

Thanks for your work :)

you can use this hiddenblade with a ring and a string.
just use the stl-files without the button and the buttonhole! ;) the middlepart_1 got a hole at the front where you can attach a string with a ring.

I just added the files with the button for someone who would like to use it this way^^

Jesus christ, didn't saw it

But where goes the string? won't it make difficult for the blade to go out without a dedicated place for it to go?, and in the inner blade clip, in your video after it cuts, there's something blue, what's that?

Also i know it's a lot of ask but, since this one looks based on Ezio version, could you make a cover designed as altair one? wich instead being like " / " like ezio one, it ends like " ^ " i mean the first layer of the inner blade

As for the blade, i'm a bit scared of have to sanding it a lot to make it look like a blade (Sharp and look like a blade i mean), would be great one with those details

Also, have you tested if it beats gravity? :)

Gonna try to print it this week!, hopefully it will work, if it does i'll upload photos and a video of it working :)

when you use the string version you can flip the hiddenblade over and so the string doesn't block the blade^^ If you flip the hiddenblade you also have the advantage that the blade is not hitting your hand and you got more free moving space. (I hope you understand this. Iam not very good at explanations :D)
-> But I added a guide hole for the string to the top body. Just for you ;)

The blue thing is a piece of rubber band.

With the right rubber bands and when the parts work really smoothly, yes then it beats gravity^^ But this is definitely a difficult task! You will need a lot of patience ;) The last one I made was a success but I already gave it to a friend.

I can customize the blade parts if you want. At the moment I'm a bit busy so I don't know when I have the time for it^^

I really would like to see your progress so keep it up! :)


Awesome AF, thanks

will start printing it ASAP when i finally end tune my damn Z-Offset!

Also, where goes that rubber? since that part of the video dissapeared, cannot understand where it goes

sounds great :)

maybe this is helping: https://youtu.be/XsvKXsWY-Js?t=44m30s
-> I used this video to understand how this whole mechanism works, hopefully it can help you too :)

If you could close the upper part (the part you edited to add the hole could be great, also here's how Altaïr official Hidden blade looks like (Forget the hole on the upper part, that's just to push the blade out)



I will try to make Altair version. Just give me some time :)
( I am really busy lately :( )