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Ender 3 Damping Feet

by redmaxver May 15, 2018
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So quiet now... why didn't I print them earlier? Awesome!

I am amazed at the difference these made!

Thank you very much. My Ender 3 is now noticeable quieter, my Girlfriend appreciates it very much :D
Did some one printed a drawer in addition to those feets? I really like this one, but i'm afraid that it won't last long when it don't have contact with my table. What do you think?

I printed this one https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2957317/files , it snaps to the aluminum profiles but you have to disassemble the y axis, still, pretty stiff drawer.

Another Ender 3 Tray

I was able to put my drawer in by slightly bending/squeezing it just enough to pop in. No need to take off the Y axis belt. (and the drawer looks fine)

Great mod.
Use some thick rubber mat first but it didnt reduce the low humming sound.
With this mod i its completely gone.
The downside is that i don't hear if the printer is still running when i'm in the living room ;-)

These can be used to send you a notification when your print is done. https://www.wyze.com/wyze-sense/

Great modification.

Should I print it in petg or pla? humm..

It reduced vibration and noise significantly even though I had the printer on a heavy table. Thanks for the design, wish I'd printed it earlier.

thanks for this. printed them and the vibration and noise reduction is amazing

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Printed at 0.20 210c %100 infill with (one at a time) setting using white Polysmart PLA. After print, i put them under ender3 pro. At first print I thought that i set something wrong at settings. But not this is not about settings. I can't believe the difference. very useful very very very useful. Thank you so Much. I think it is also good for printer mechanic parts health. i will write again if there is a problem with higher models.
Best Regards

Legs will help to transmit vibrations and will really silence the printer, but unfortunately it won't last long for my experience. I printed them for the second time and always burst after some time, so only think of a stronger version, otherwise it's just a temporary solution.

I printed with 100% infill, though it shouldn't have any impact on performance of this print unless your slicer puts it in convex edge of the print. For 0.4 extrusion width and at least 2 layers of shell you don't have to worry about infill.

Feet are reducing transmittion of vibrations to the table, which makes printer operation quieter, but you can still hear steppers and fans, so those feet only help a little. I noticed a little bit of woble, but it doesn't affect print quality.

I recommend printing them, especially for ender 3 non pro, because additional height makes it easier to put in and out microSD card and I didn't noticed any disadvantages to this upgrade yet.

One of best mod for Ender-3, thx redmaxver. You did really great design.

And you noob... shut up take print with more than 20% infill....

You would want to make the infill %100 with this, right?

what sorcery is this

These look so popular, but woudln't this make your machine less stable / bouncy? Does this affect printability/quality?

Your printer is gonna shake a bit but its not gonna affect the prints. Its only gonna quiet your printer sooo much

Give this man a medal! I've been using a foam sheet that came with the printer to make the machine quiet but with it running out fast I needed a definite and permanent solution to the deafening noise caused by the printer's vibrations resonating throughout the furniture it sits on. THIS IS THE BEST MOD EVER FOR MY ENDER 3! THANK YOU!

I created an account to say thank you. These were the third thing I ever printed. I printed all eight pieces at the same time and they came out beautifully. Not going to lie, I didn't believe how much difference it was going to make until i put them on, and the sound just went away. Great work!

Wow, what a huge difference in noise. My desks is a very heavy oak desk and it vibrated with the printer. A loud low hum at all times. With these feet, only the high pitch sounds of the motors remain. Awesome!

Does the infill percentage effect performance?

Awesome decrease of noise during most prints, only large flat surfaces seem to be unaffected, but probably it's just my table.

If had knew about those a week earlier I wouldn't have ordered the stepper dampeners.

I'm so mad at myself for not printing these sooner. The difference in the noise level of the printer is amazing. This whole time I always wondered how people could sleep with their printer in their room, and now I know that its probably thanks to this mod. Simple and SO effective, thanks!

Life/ear saver for me, and no discernible quality change of prints-- thank you!

Brilliant design, thank you. This greatly helped to reduce noise for me.

From my experience the noise reduction you can gain from feet like this depends on the type of surface / table and floor you have the printer on, depending on those factors feet like these may or may-not help you a lot. They certainly helped to reduce the noise from my Ender 3.

Awesome! I was a little skeptical but these are awesome. PLA .2 layers 100% infill 200/60 on glass bed. Fit perfect, noise level greatly reduced, and no noticeable wobble while printing. Only thing I was nervous about was my printer wobbling but it does not. Awesome idea and design. My hat is off to you sir. Simple design and quick to print and VERY effective. Note to all: you need to print 4 of each small and large. I'm using Ender 3 Pro

Thank you for the clarity on the small and large, when I saw the two sizes I wasn't quite sure if they were for different printers!

Honestly I already had my printer up on EVA foam. I was sceptical that these would actually make a difference - but not only did they make a difference, they raised my printer up enough that there's plenty of space under it now for tools and stuff! :D

Thank you for this :D
Printed mine in PLA, 100% infill

Would this much wobble cause any print issue?

Used Hatchbox PLA at 205/60 degrees, .1mm Had issues with the print sticking until I used some hairspray. After that printed fine. Really work well, printer is much quieter

So PLA is okay to use, they won't crack under the weight?

Mine are made out of PLA and seem to be holding up fine. I'm really impressed by the difference in the noise level.

Thanks! I know what I am printing tonight.

WOW!!! Just amazing. Went from ~60dB to ~45dB. Highly recommend. Easy and fast print.

Comments deleted.

Could you please update your notes, as in add some? You have two files on here and there is nothing about them. I know it is straight forward for the most part, but what is the difference between small and large feet? How much infill? Use more walls? Etc.

What exactly confuses you? Like, what part could possibly be unclear in a 2-part item that can only fit together in one single way?
Also, I think "Print each part individually on its side. Then simply slot them together." pretty much counts as instructions

I actually was wondering the same thing you don't have to be condescending Anarasha. I first thought that the small and big were just different sizes and would affect the dampening level and not that the "big" part is part 1 and "small" is part 2 of the build. I would suggest that you first understand the nature of the question and never be little anyone it is never constructive. We would like to make this community grow and bring in new users not push them away.

I didn't mean to be condescending - but reading my comment now I definitely came off that way.
I apologise.

These really helped in making it quieter on top of my dresser in my room. Thanks!

My neighbors from below love you!

As many here i also didn't expect much of it. Bu boy was i wrong. Amazing. Sooo quiet now compared what the it was before. Thanks!

As many others in the comments, I was skeptical, but it took the sound down from 61 dB to 51 dB, which is a HUGE difference! Print it now!

I accidentally messed up the print (stupid me interfering) halfway through. But I went ahead and used them anyway. I had to use hot glue in the joints since they were half the width now xD. They work great! Less noise and not that wobbly at all

These make a massive difference! Didn't expect the effect to be that big.
I guess they make the most sense when you have your printer placed in the middle of a resonating table top.
Try these before you abuse your printer with these stepper dampers.
Didn't notice a decrese in print quality yet.

Doesn't make a difference if you already have motor dampers, which I could have guessed, but also makes the whole printer VERY wobbly and the top of the frame moves like crazy while printing

Your printer may need adjusting, especially if you never did anything with it when you got it other than put the pieces together and didn't adjust the pre-assembled parts. Another problem is your tabletop which may not be flat. And since you said it made no difference, I'm assuming you already had these issues so it wouldn't be the creators problem, loosen all the screws and adjust it. Use a level. Trust me, I had to readjust most of my printer after assembly.

my printer is very rigid on a rigid flat table, prints fine without them. I said they make no difference in sound if you already have dampers on your motors, so I can't speak for how big a difference it makes without them. Not really a fault of the model just the concept in general, put springy feet on your printer and its bound to wobble around

Oh, I see. Did you try setting it atop a towel or the like? Maybe if it had something to grab onto?

Is this some dark magic? Thats so awesome, thank you!

This should have been my first print... Definitely takes the edge off, sound wise. A must print. Thank you!

Works like a charm. My Ender 3 is so much quiter, I can now sleep, without hearing it in the room above my sleeping room. THANKS!

I saw all the comments saying that they are amazed at how much quieter their printer is after adding these feet. I thought well I will try them but it can't possibly get quieter from just adding the feet. That makes no sense. So I printed these at .2 layer height and 100% infill. Took about 2 hours. Slapped em on and ran my leveling print. Holy Freaking Cow Batman! Besides the fan and the stepper motors, this printer is nearly silent!! Much props to the designer!! If you have an Ender 3, this is as necessary as the filament!!

I was quite skeptical at fist, but what a change! now i am annoyed by the stepper sound haha.

Hi there,

Thanks for the design. I have a few questions:

  • How high will it go?
  • What about reducing shadowing, is that improved with these feet?


Non riesco a montarlo e capire come vada. Peccato

These make an amazing amount of difference, much, much quieter than before.

I'm really quite shocked by these! I honestly didn't expect much difference but after reading comments i thought i'd give them a try. I set up a db meter on my phone and tested my printers noise level. Average was reading 63db sustained. I then fitted these feet and as soon as the print started i was shocked! Even before using the db meter the difference in noise was HUGE! I then used the db meter again and the noise level is averaging 56db sustained! a 7db reduction! Anybody that knows anything about db knows that a reduction of 3db is HALF the volume! "Doubling of sound intensity (acoustic energy) belongs to a calculated level change of +3 dB"

The only trouble is that my fans now sound very loud! lol.

mine printed a bit too tight to click into each other 100% but work as intended and as other stated better than i would of ever expected. thank you for your work on this.

Its work!

Çalışıyor !

Hatta yazıcınızda ilk basacağınız parça bu olmalı, vibrasyon ve vibrasyon sonucu oluşan gürültü neredeyse bitti.

Comments deleted.

These things are freaking amazing. I had no idea how much of an effect they would have on the sound and vibration. I turned to my printer in shock as it started its first print right after I installed these because I thought it was broken. It was about half as loud as before. AMAZING.

shocked at how well these work! which i had printed sooner. The fan is my bedroom is about the same volume now! Not the most accurate way to measure it but with my iphone i was able to find that it reduced the volume by 10+ dB.

I didn't think these would actually work to quiet the printer down, but figured what the hell. Worst case I just wasted a few hours printing and some PLA. But I was wrong, they did work, and the printer is quieter. Skynet has upgraded itself (stealth +1).

Thank you for designing and posting them!

It's so quiet now!

Made this. Worked better than I thought it would. My baby in the next room over doesn't stir over the wall-mounted-desk I have the Ender 3 sitting on now. Can't even hear it through the wall.

I thought I was going to have to mess about with stepper motor dampers but these have done the job brilliantly. Very pleased.

Great Design! Works better than expected.

No decrease in print quality.

Thank you!

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damn you mate! it works very fine! I'm very gladd with it! thx a Lott!

great looking wall behind your printer!

Hi, can you share print setting?

material, perimeters, infill

Thank you

I printed 9 other things for my ender 3 before printing these and now that I putt them on it's just WOW, I can not believe how much of a difference it makes. Anyone who thinks these do not work your wrong and it really should be one of your first prints.

I did not expect they work at all but to my surprise they make a huge difference!
Thanks a lot!

Makes printer sooo much quieter.

i was a bit skeptical about it, but they work great!! and easy to print!! thanks alot for the creation

Just printed these! Never would I have though this would have made a difference. Easily cut the noise in half.

The difference these make is amazing. They need to load these as the test print, because they should be the first thing you print. Thanks bud!

Do I need to clip one of the notch? I don’t understand where the notches should go.

Well, thanks a bunch for this! Now I'm going to have to shell out for an Octoprint setup just so I can tell if my printer is still alive in the next room.

Seriously though, the difference that these make is truly unbelievable and has to be witnessed to understand their full value. I have my workshop/office next to my bedroom and my workbench is basically an amplifier - closing the door kills the stepper motor noise but the vibrations go through the walls. With these, I can actually get a night's sleep (and by that, I mean the missus can and I don't wake up with bruises!)

Major kudos for the design, it is simple and effective...can't wait to see what you come up with next. Great to see a local maker too :-)

soo do we print all big ones or all small ones or half and half. can someone help me because I'm pretty confused.

you need 4 smal ones and 4 big ones :)

thank you i will be printing these soon!

soo do we print all big one or all small ones or half and half? can someone help me because I'm pretty confused.

Does anyone experience a loss of quality due to the printer shaking more?

No, it just makes the printer way more silent, if you do loss quality check if all the frame screw are nicely tightend

Wow, thank you! Great design! It noticeably reduces the printer's noise and vibrations. Your tip is well deserved.

Wow! Just printed these, sure does make a difference! does seem to allow the printer to shake more while printing, but doesn't seem to affect the quality of the print at all!

Tolerance between the two pieces is great. Printed at 100% infill and a little higher temp than normal for better layer adhesion. Wasn't expecting too much, but these drastically decreased the noise produced by my printer. Great design!

I must have something wrong, because the outside of the pieces don't sit flush with each other when I put them together, as it appears they are supposed to in the pictures.

Comments deleted.

This is the first thing I have attempted to print. Not sure where I am going wrong here, I've tried to print the supports all at once and also by itself with these strange holes in each one. Any help?

Did you get around it? It seems to me, that your belts might not be tentioned enough, as it is not able to make smooth rounds / circles.

Hi, I did yeah. And it was this exact issue. My printer is perfect now!

Happy to hear that. I had the same problem in the beginnig.

Comments deleted.

Holy crap!! These really works. So much less noise. Thanks!!
Edit: Printed with PLA, res0.3, 100%infill

Do you think it is good to print it with tpu flex?

So, I have printed mine a little while ago in PLA but it looks like my layer adhesion wasn't very good as they are pretty much squished together now. I'll go try and print them again and pay more attention to the settings and see if they come out better the second time arou nd.
Anyone else had the problem?

Thank you for this make. Works perfect

Do these in any way improve print quality? Any comparison shots if so?

Cheers! Sent you a tip for a coffee etc - much appreciated!

Its a lot quieter now, thanks!!

Think that you could make something like this for my Lulzbot Taz 5? That thing is super noisey! (I could tip for your making the design)

I am currently moving house but will have a look for you in the next few weeks... don't worry about the tip though :)

ingenious! did a tremendous job for me! thank you!

could you provide any printing settings? would be great^^

Here are a couple of Cura profiles I use for my prints. I hope they help with your prints.

I cant import your profiles. Says the file is corrupted or not a valid profile. Any advice?

Your number 2 profile gave me the best results so far on my printer!

Thanks for that, cheers!

wow, that's very kind! Thank you!

The 2nd produced the best prints so far.

Holy cow, didn't know that settings could make such a difference in printing quality, thanks a lot.

Question: is this profile good for a standard print or just for this damping feet parts?

I had a first look into the settings, retraction 5 in the first one, 7 in the second (I normally use 6.5). I'll test both this afternoon.

I thought those things on top were to fit on the printer frame!! What do they do??

I think you are referring to the small 'nibs' on the top of the feet. Their purpose is to form a virtual square to allow them to loosely grip the printer's original feet. They won't hold onto the printer themselves but hey... that's what gravity is for.

how did you attach it to the frame?

They sit under the existing rubber feet, they could be glued so they stay if moving the printer a lot. They work really well in reducing vibration.

It looks like they are supposed to be loose.
If somebody has a better solution, I would be happy to try.

I printed these is PLA and it worked like a charm :)

How well do these work compared to the squash feet?

I haven't tried squash feet as I would have to actually buy squash balls... but these work very well and well enough that I have no reason to even try the squash feet.

If anyone has a direct comparison, please help this fella out!