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Pegboard Hook

by CycleNinja Apr 6, 2014
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Thanks for the upload, simple practicality is awesome!

When printing for strength, you want as few boundary defects as possible and to maximize construction advantages. This means printing at higher layer height, more melting without degrading material, going through an annealing process and printing flat (without supports).

-Print @ 2/3-3/4 nozzle diameter for layer height (.3mm layer height for a .4mm nozzle or 'low quality')

-Hotter is better, to a point. A temperature tower (as found here on Thingiverse) is is useful to see when the material quality starts to degrade beyond visual quality limits and material limits.

-There are a number of videos online documenting annealing 3d printed parts and their results. For many materials there is an improvement in part strength so long as material is not destructively heated. Beware that dimensions will likely change which requires compensation when printing. 80-110 C for about an hour is a good starting point for PLA. ABS might benefit from longer process of 80c for 2 hrs and decreasing to 40*c over 4 hours. ABS vapor smoothing isn't annealing but it does fuse the outer shell better for added strength, quickly (in less than an hour).

-Orient an object to print so the print layers are perpendicular to the expected stresses. That means lay these hooks on their side to print. As there are no overhangs, supports are not needed.

TLDR: If you want parts that might be stronger than your pegboard holes, you have options.

Nope! Print flat on the bed with 100% infill.

works great on qiditech replicator dual. snaps in perfectly, thank you very much this is exactly what I hoped for.

pla, low quality settings

Glad to hear that. Post some pictures - I love to see what people are doing with these.

I printed these in PLA with a .1mm layer height, 2mm shell, .8mm top/bottom, 50%fill, 210C hotend, 50C Bed, and 80mm/s speed. printed 4 at a time on my delta in 1hr 14min. They work great. they fit supper snug and wont just fall out on their own. Hook radius is a little small for some things such as my breaker bar, but thats just a matter of the hole your sticking through. Otherwise they work excellent, thanks for the design.

Hi, I printed one of the hooks on my CUBE. It is designed to fit the LARGE hole pegboards, 1/4" I believe. It is a little loose in the holes, probably not quite as tight as they should be. Otherwise, it is an effective design.

Sorry to hear that it was loose. Mine are very snug - perhaps it's a difference in printer calibration.