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Deadpool Bust

by HappyMoon May 12, 2018
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Thank you HappyMoon for the stl files !

could i print the whole thing at 200% on my CR-10 or would it be better to do parts?

Just finished printing mine at 200% on the CR-10 and I love it. Of course, it took a little sanding and x-actor knife cuts to fit it the way I want but overall amazing. Good work!

did you print the whole thing in one go at 200%? want to make this on my CR-10 also. thanks

Just startet printing the head 150% scale.
Already love the model ^^

What is the best orientation to print the torso in? I know it will need a lot of support.

I believe I printed it at the default position, there was a fair amount of support at the back but the front ended up pretty clean - a more efficient way would probably be to angle it back about 40 degrees so it's flatter on the bed, however the layer lines could be a bit more noticeable on the more shallow areas depending on the size :)

I´m amateur in this world. How can I do deadpool bust more big? Thanks and good work

After importing the model into your slicer, there should be an option to print at a certain percentage-scale (200% would be twice as big etc.) :)

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I see a lot of these multi part projects. Can anyone maybe point me to a place that shows me how to construct it all and make it stay together? (3d printing newbie)

The pieces required for the normal bust are: 'DP_Base', 'DP_Torso', 'DP_ShoulderR', 'DP_ShoulderL' and 'DP_Head'. Alternatively there are more detailed files to replace the torso and head.
The pieces may require a bit of sanding to fit together, and if the fit is too loose, it may require glue to permanently attach the pieces.
There is also 'DP_Complete' which contains all the pieces merged together as one model, however it will require a lot of support and could be difficult to print. A detailed variant is also available. :)

Still got to fully assemble it but its looking good

That looks amazing, was it FDM or SLA printing? And you also scaled it up right?

I used SLA printing and actually I did not scale the model any, that was the size when I imported it.

I knew itt!! Actually incredible quality. I'll try my best with my new MK3

That looks insane!!! Awesome job capturing the detail :D

how small can it be.best deadpool model i ever seen

Thanks! The model is around 15cm tall when fully assembled. :)

What paints did you use/purchase to get that awesome color!? Thanks ! Awesome print!

Sorry the picture used in the thumbnail is a render created with Blender Cycles using a mixture of diffuse and glossy nodes - I'm afraid I'm fairly new to painting and finishing prints myself so I'm probably not the right guy to ask haha :D

Several others have printed and painted the model and they look absolutely incredible!

Has anyone else had a problem assembling this model? Printed them all out, and none of them fit :( Parts were scaled up to 150%, all printed at 0.2mm, sliced with the same slicer but they physically wouldn't fit together, all of the 'peg' parts too big for the holes.

Sorry about that, I believe I forgot to scale the pegs down after cutting out the slots for them. Perhaps try sanding the pegs a little and they should hopefully fit together a bit more easily.

Hi there, ah! Well, glad I'm not going mad. Unfortunately it's not just the neck and shoulder pieces, it's the main body of the stand too that fits into the underside. I sanded off an awful lot of material until I broke through one of the perimeters of the print. Hopefully something you can look at in a future revision? Otherwise lovely model and printed out beautiful, just a shame it was over 30hrs of printing to discover that :(

Ah thanks for letting me know, I will try to fix that soon.

Hi HappyMoon!

Its awesome, I Love it.

I would print in DLP Printer. But the DP_Complete doesn't include Head and Torso detailed. I am trying to asemble the parts (shoulders, head detailed, torso detailed and base) in one file, but it's very hard for me. The unions difficult the print process. I attach the STL that I build and hollow (this is to save resin) and you can see the unions inside the model.

If you have time you can create a complete model with head and torso detailed? Furthermore, I will continue building a complete set.

Thanks for all!!! And happy printing :D!

A complete, detailed version of the bust has been uploaded as 'DP_Complete_Detailed.stl'.
I'm afraid I had to lower the polycount a little as my PC crashed when I tried to combine the pieces :D

Thank you very much!

Now, I am travelling, but as soon as I can, I will print with my dlp printer. I will share the result!

Bye! ;-)

Awesome! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out :)

eyes dont look as good , cockeyed as they are. takes away from an otherwise beautiful piece.

I have added a new head option called 'DP_Head_Without_Expression' which has a more normal expression :)

hi. can you add a sword to the back? :)

I have added both swords attached to a holster which fits on the back, however it will most likely require glue to fit properly :)

sry but the swords look lil small. i know to fit bust the must be. you did great job on bust do you think you can make the full body?

oh excellent! i will try to mod it for me. can you put the step files or solidworks file?

Sorry the pieces were modelled in Blender so I'm not sure if I'm able to export to those file-types :/

This looks so awesome mate!

Man your designs are too sweet ! amazing work !
just one question, has anyone tried printing it in one go ? with no parts ?

Thanks! :D
I have uploaded a file containing the pre-assembled model however my printer isn't too good with support material so I'm currently printing each part individually.

The detailed torso model doesn't have the shoulder strap thingy. Didn't realize until after I printed :(. Awesome model though!

Sorry about that! The file has been updated.

Amazing stuff, thank you so much !

What an awesome looking model!
Are you able to make the head into a faceshell with removable eyes? Would be so good to cosplay with.

Thanks, I'll definitely give it a go! :D

Thanks heaps! Hopefully this image will make sense of what I was trying to say. lol

Deadpool Faceshell + Lenses

Oh my god!!!! You are such a legend mate! Thank you so much!

Looks awesome!! Can't wait to print this

hey. looks like a nice model.

do you have a photo of one printed?

do you think you can make it available with all the pieces together? I'm printing rather small, and I don't want to have to print 5 parts and glue them..



Thanks! :)
I've merged the pieces together into one file under the name 'DP_Complete'.
Sorry I haven't printed it myself yet as my printer is currently experiencing some issues but I will definitely upload photos when/if it gets printed.

And your back at it again with another super amazing file

Thanks so much haha :D