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Mad Hatter

by reddadsteve May 9, 2018
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hi, print with anet A8 with PLA
and pencils paint acrylic
Thank you for your design !!!

Thank you. I was your uploaded make as well. So, when you say acrylic, is that the spray finish?


it is with only with brush !!!!

Hi steve. Did you have a single file with a whole object? Thanks

Sorry, not at this time. Due to the way I model it is not a straight forward process to produce a single STL. From time to time I've converted some of my files to a single model but have not gotten around to doing that for this one. At some point I'll start loading the 'one-piece' versions, so keep an eye out for them.


Hey Steve! Are the eye whites the same left to right? Or is he looking left? The ones I print look the same.

He is looking left a little bit. He is the "Mad" Hatter and it adds a little extra offset to his look.

I know if can be confusing with the small pieces and quite often left/right are interchangeable. I'd love to make the parts more unique but at that size I want to ensure print-ability above all else.

Looking forward to your make.


I want to let you know how much my wife and I appreciate your skills especially with your Alice In Wonderland set. Do you have any plans on making an original Alice model with the blue/white dress? My wife would love it. Keep up the great work!

Thank you for the kind words!

Actually I never know what I'm going to do next. I keep a list of all maker suggestions and typically review that list before nailing down my next project. One thing I do before tackling a new model is to search the download sites to see if there is a quality model for that subject already. I normally do not want to reinvent the wheel if there is already a good model out there. I've seen some very nice paint-able Alice models so I've held off doing another one in my style at this time. Now that I've done some other characters in the series I'm tempted to try her, but I'm still wavering. Stay in touch.....


I'm just printing the Mad Hatter. Brilliant model, but I have to point out that the mouth, tongue and teeth pieces are just superb, and give an excellent effect. Genius !

Thank you for the kind words.
Each model presents areas of opportunities and new learning challenges for me. The Hatter was a real fun model to create, everything just fell in place.

I'm looking forward to seeing your build and figuring out where on your crowded shelves he will be displayed.


Awesome model again!!! Where do you find this light blue filament? Do you have a link? Thanks!

The light blue that I used was from 3D Solutech, bought on Amazon. It is ABS Aqua Blue.

FYI, check out the other makes, there are a lot of very interesting color combinations that work really well.


Thanks, I ordered it!

Reddadsteve, if you have the time, could you model a nice base for the Hatter, were we could print maybe 2 more mushrooms in diferent sizes (60 and 30% maybe ) , maybe to place on the other side of the Mad Hatter? like the other bases you do , with the placeholder for the feets and shrooms..
I think it would really add to the diorama.

im also thinking of printing more eyes, to use as spots on the mushroom\s (hehe) for a bit more colour on them!
maybe someone wants to use that idea while I Print mine

All excellent ideas.

I was thinking about the base and the mushroom 'dots' as you mentioned but was starting to get concerned with the number of pieces. Too many pieces scare away makers.

But thinking about it now, I can add them as a remix so as not to confuse the original model. I've got a few things on my plate at this time but could come back to it later.

Thank you for the suggestions,

Can I add a +1 for a base? He's a tad top heavy, bless him, and things only get worse if you make him bigger.

For my ever so slightly larger version I was looking at remixing some spikes into his shoes to keep him upright.

Looks like a base is my next quick project. You are right about being a bit top heavy. I always model based on the actual subject and did not want to make his shoes any bigger. He does stand alone, but we do not want him to tip over.

wow Steve cool i go make this for sure !!!

I love seeing your makes, you do such a beautiful job printing them.


Thank you!
I'm looking forward to seeing your make.


Great job once again!!! I just wish I could be half as good as you!

Thank you.

See my reply to paglia below about learning modeling.


Wow! You are a genius, this is wonderful!

I started modeling just after I retired three years ago. The software these days is amazing, if you simply take the time to learn the basics. I use Blender (free download, no fees) and found a great series of tutorials so that I could ease my way in. I can't draw even a stick figure in 2D but for some reason I find 3D very easy.

I like to help/teach others, so if you decide to start modeling with Blender, send me a PM and I'll try and help you along the way.


Thank you, but no 'genius', just a lot of patience and a continuous learning process.

If you do make my models, be sure to post your make. The more makes I see the more I model.


You really are a genius!
Putting this on my to do list.
(Just need to repair my printer. I think the thermistor broke. Or something like that ...)

Glad you like it.

One great thing about makers is their ingenuity in maintaining and repairing their own printers. Hope you can get your spare parts without any problems.


Time for me to get busy mate

Hey, we all need a hobby. I model, you print. Teamwork all the way.


your going to make me go broke for all the colors I have to buy to do just your prints. Keep it up.

Don't forget that there are a number of companies selling 200-500g rolls now. Most multi color models do not need that much filament for each color so those smaller rolls still go a long way.

I'm looking forward to seeing some of your makes.

i'll have to look. I have alot great places to buy in canada but havn't looked for smaller rolls.

Just a quick note about filament rolls. I found 200g rolls of filament on Amazon from Gizmo Dorks, but the Gizmo Dorks website itself does not carry the smaller rolls. So apparently searching for short rolls is not straight forward.

Thank you once again , Reddadsteve.
Great model,
where would the " printers" be without the " modelers " ? :) clap, clap!!,
just let me finish the flinstones family, ( btw , any babys on the way ? BamBam, pebbles, maybe the sabercat?) and this one will be next!!!
A nice flinstones multicolor rock car would also be great to finish up the crew! Just ideas! Do what gives you the most fun
So Happy I have a local store that sells 50g filament bags , with an amazing choice of colors ) hehehe

Good to hear from you. You are right, modelers+printers=team!

I actually sat down with the intent to do BamBam or Pebbles but did not commit myself at the time and changed gears. They are still on the highly probable list. Trouble with the car is the scale, but who knows, one day maybe.

Lucky you with the 50g filament bags, sourced locally. I'm a bit jealous. I'm still working on some of my larger rolls from three years ago.


whoa, did someone mention a rock car? Steve don't worry about the scale. Printers like the cr-10 are pretty cheap nowadays for larger models. Besides 5 minutes of meshmixing and you can dice up any model into bite size chunks suitable for smaller printers, or even better, super size them :)
I have a dry gravel / rock bed that's a supersized Flintstones Rock Car (and passengers) away from perfection.

Anyway I drifted waaaay off subject here. Thanks for another great model Steve. Hopefully we'll see some more to go with this one.
I know I've been printing your models ever so slightly oversized, but somehow you still seem to be designing them quicker than i can print them.

btw - 3 diznee characters in a row!? I'm grabbing these while i can.

If you grab them and make them, be sure to post your makes!

Thanks for your rambling on the Flintstones car, made for an interesting read.