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Boitier ventilé v3 RAMPS Arduino LCD12864 / LCD12864 Arduino RAMPS case with fan v3

by CherHubert May 10, 2018
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Very nice design. Very good distribution.

This is easily the best looking RAMPS case I've seen ever, and also one of the best functioning too. If the STEP files are made available, I would like to try a slight redesign to make the case compatible with ReARM board and allow installing a couple of circular connectors for quick disconnection.

Appreciate the hard work, beautiful and practical design, BUT, are you sure that gap fits the below?:
6 x endstops cables (3 wires each)
5 x nema 17 cables (4 wires each)
2 heatbed cables (2 wires each (thermistor and heatbed power)
3 x hotend cables (2 wires each) (fan & thermistor & cartridge)

48 wires in total.

do they fit through that hole ?

You only need to run each end stop signal wire individually, Vin and GND cables can be daisy chained, or fanned outside the enclosure if you have optical endstops, micro switch stops only need one common cable. Also, you can run the fan and cartridge with a single voltage supply wire as long as ground wires are separate. That totals to 36/37 wires, and if you have dual Z steppers, you can split the stepper cable too, making a tally of 32/33 wires.

that is a great idea, how did I miss that lol. thanks for that, will try it and revert

Hi Maany, i only have 32 wires. There is still a little space, but maybe not for ten more wires... To test :)

Can I use the v2 side and Screen part with the new v3 Main Housing?

You can only reuse the screen frame. The side frame differs between the two versions.

Lovely design. I liked this very much and will be printing the same in a short time!

Do you have print your case(s)? if so, thanks to post photos as make.

Hello, it seems I'm unlucky. The SD slot is 1 or 2 mm misaligned.
Image shows lower SD slot side

indeed, you're out of luck. I bought a lot of screens, and I never encountered this problem. I guess you've already checked the positioning of your screen. LCD screens are not all made with the same quality and accuracy ... As a last resort, you have the opportunity to file the slot of the box to expand it (with a nail file for example).

I checked dimensions. My SD slot is in the middle of the screw holes. In your design is not.
By the way I'm working to replicate all the project and adapt to my needs

LCD is properly screwed so no doubt about correct position...Also SD reader is soldered in correct position. I really think that this is a different layout...damn...no way to let me edit it?

I want to give my compliments to such a beautiful case.

I need just a info about fans. It's better they take air out or in ?
I'm thinking to use it with a lack enclosure and I would like to put it in a slide to hide it when lcd is not needed. Do you have any suggestion to how fix it?

Hi, thanks for the compliment. Personally, I prefer extract rather than blow the air in the case. The fresh air enters from the front low of the case and out through the rear, which allows refreshing all the components. I'm sorry, I don't understand your second question.

Ok, thanks...
My last question is not clear as I would.., I'l try to explain differently. I would like to have somethink like a drawer that I can pull or push under lack table. When I don't want to use the lcd I push it under the table, when I want to use lcd I pull it from under lack.
When pushed lcd is still visible but is impossible to collide with it...
Since there is no external hole in your case I'm wondering how can I connect it to the slide I need to move backward/forward all the case...
I searched for something similiar I found on thingiverse but I'm not able get it back

I am not still sure to understand well... What is a "lack table" ?
If you wonder how to fix the case to another device (sliding in your case), you can drill the case and screw the set.
No, I understood nothing? :(( saddened

I believe they mean an IKEA "LACK" table, which is often used to build enclosures for printers: https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/20011413/

Hi, lovely job! I would like di add some modifications, to increase the free space avaliable for the cables. Is it possible to have .step file or original 3d cad files? - which cad did you used to design it? Ciao!

En impression très bientôt (j'aime beaucoup le look), je poste une photo dès qu'il est installé. Merci.

Спасибо! Замечательный проект.

Thank you for this comment :)

J'aime beaucoup le design de ton boîtier, malheureusement, il n'est pas compatible avec la ReArm que j'utilise.

Penses-tu pouvoir faire une "adaptation" de la partie basse pour être compatible avec la ReArm ?

Je ne connaissais pas cette carte, elle a l'air plutôt intéressante ! Par contre, c'est pas mal de boulot pour adapter le boîtier à celle-ci :(
Donc peut-être un jour, quand je l'aurais adoptée :)

Bonjours Merci il est super bien ce boitier je suis en train de l'imprimer !

Merci, n'oublies pas de poster une photo quand tu l'auras terminé :)