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Flexi Raptor

by Cavedog May 9, 2018
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Just printed on prusa i3 nice I luv the raptors so yea thank you!!

Just printed on Cr10s, cura settings as advised. Standard PLA material. Brilliant print! Clean and the flexing joints are perfect.
Thanks for the design, will try some of your other ones as well. Keep up the good work.

Such a great design. Awesome job! A lot of comments here report problems with the tail, but I don't think the comment section represents all the prints very well. It's just that people encountering problems would more likely post a comment here. Don't be discouraged and print your own raptor :)

Love this print! I really want to make one at 175%
Is it feasible to use a brim? Or will it just stick everything together and make it impossible to move? My printer is really struggling with the last 3 joints on the tail

Love this STL, but can't get the tail to print. Going to follow some of the comments below, but what nozzle size are you using? Mine .4 mm.


I'm using a standard 0.4mm nozzle.

I was able to print one last night at 150%. These are so cool. The tail link broke off and I glued it back on, but still having issues with it. Thanks for sharing this.

Are you able to see any stringing? If your layers are consistent and your belts are tight then that would be the next most likely cause. The solution would be to increase retraction amount and speed, as well as possibly reducing temperature. Also maybe print slower. I usually print a 2 perimeter layers and 15-20% infill. If you do not see any stringing, even in the joints, then it is likely the layers are slightly offset. There is pretty generous clearance in the joints, however the printer does need to be dialed in to have the best quality prints and most reliable joints. If neither of those are the culprit, then it is possible the tail is not adhering to the bed properly and possibly warping slightly. Inspect the print for failed bed adhesion. I'm glad you enjoyed the design.

ottimo!!!!! stampato con pla geetech rosso a 210° bed 55° , ender 3 pro, vel 40 mm/s, infill 15% ottagonale e' perfetto. complimenti per il progetto.

This is a really cute design but I can't get it to print correctly. It ends up not being flexible at all and the tail breaks very easily. I will keep trying with different settings, though!

Sorry to hear that, have you only tried printing it at 100% scale? I would suggest trying 125% scale, changing your extrude multiplier to 1.01 or 1.02 as it may be under extruding if you're seeing it break easily, and maybe print a little slower and at a little higher temperature.

Hi,I love the figure but I have a problem...and my flexi raptor was printed bad and is solid and not flexi,so how can fix that?

It could be from several causes, for example: a printer that is not dialed in properly, inconsistent filament diameter, incorrect print settings (maybe wrong temperature for the filament or printing too fast) bed out of level or warped, loose belts, etc. I suggest printing slower and use a larger scale (maybe 125%).

Thanks you for respond me.

Let me know if you get it figured out :)

Absolute genius, my 4yo son is going to love this when he wakes up. Thanks very much!

(I bet the tail movement would be good made into a snake too as a stress reliever!

I'm glad you like it! Thank you very much.

Comments deleted.

I am having trouble getting this model as flexible as shown in the pictures, the best I can get it is a slight wiggle down until the second joint on the tail, from there onwards it is completely stiff and if I try to move it the pieces snap. The rest of the joints are also only slightly flexible and the most flexible is the head although nothing like as shown in the pictures. Am I doing something wrong? I did not scale it and then only scaled up but none of the models have worked so far (I have six now) I am using low quality filament but every other flexi animal/object is coming out completely flexible. As soon as better filament arrives I will try again but I was rather exited to print this model because of the flexibility shown. Nice model anyway though, certainly looks good on my shelf!

It sounds like there are a few possible causes:

1.) your printer may not be dialed in quite right, causing slight misalignment of layers or excess stringing or blobs

2.) you might be printing the fillament too cold, causing a weaker print

3.) it could be the filament

I suggest printing a little slower (maybe 45-55mm/s), 2 perimeters, 2 top/bottom layers, 15% infill, 110-125% scale, .15 or .2mm layer height. No support, no brim.

Such a good design, super easy to print. Cannot tell you how many of these things I've printed as gifts for friends.

Glad you like the design!

awesome design. printed nicely. however i want to use brim in order to stick it to bed better. cura adds brims inside of the joints too. how can i adjust it so that it only prints brim to the frame? (brim only outside it checked already, it thinks frames are outside too)

I printed one of these and I love it! I'm going to print two more!

Awesome job here. My kids love these! Used a Dremel 3D45 and everything went smooth with recommended settings.

I just can't seem to get this to stick to the bed. I'll have to tinker with the settings for it I guess. I'm using a Prusa Mk3, 215 first layer 210 everything else with the bed at 60, using their own white PLA.

Have you cleaned your bed with rubbing alcohol lately? I would try a little slower print speed maybe. If you have to, a raft shouldn't hurt the print. I'm using a MK3 with hatchbox PLA, 60° bed temp and 210/205 nozzle temp.

I ended up not trying that night, and not trying with a raft :P however I did get it to complete. The tail wouldn't stay fully stuck and curled up a bit, and the segment with the front claws wouldn't stick either. However, the other segments and eventually the linkage held it in place so with a slight layer shift in the middle, it printed fully. I'll try another one with a different filament.

I wipe the bed with IPA wipes between each print; I'll try again tonight with raft

Hi there. I love this design so much. I have printed it twice but each time at the same point about 2/3 of the way through the print goes off center by about 1mm. I don't know if this is something I am doing wrong. Can you please help?

There are a few possibilities as to why you are experiencing layer shift. First, I would determine if you are seeing layer shifts on any of your other prints with the same settings. If the answer is yes, the most common cause is printing too fast. If the answer is no, then there are a few things about this specific model which could be causing a layer shift, otherwise it is also possible that there is an error being caused by the slicing software. I use Slic3r PE and have had pretty good results. If you would like to read a little more on layer shifting here is a good place:


Comments deleted.

Show, parabens pelo lindo desenho.

When I print this with supports , the problem is the cleanliness of the print around the tail support , but it flexes great. If I flip it over and print without supports , it prints real good , but the flex is minimized . So I would probably always print this on its original side with supports for best results. I make mine a little bigger than the original and can fit four on the bed at one time , if rotated correctly .
Kids love them.

Nice design - thanks for the work!

Not sure what I'm doing wrong here but this is the only print I am having an issue with. Printed FlexRex without issues. Any time this pops off it does not articulate correctly i can bend it back and forth to break it in on the tail but can't get the front working. I've tried 3 perims, under-extruding. Nothing seems to help =/

Sorry to hear that. Mind if I ask a few questions?

1.) what type of printer are you using, does it have a heated bed?

2.) are you printing at the full (original) scale of the model?

3.) what slicing software are you using?

4.) What brand PLA/what are your typical heat settings for this PLA?

5.) what resolution are you printing at?

6.) are you using supports?

You could try increasing the nozzle heat, slowing down the print speed, reducing the layer height, increasing the scale, etc. Make sure you are not using supports on this model as it will not work.

1) Mendelmax 3 and Flyingbear Tornado
2) 100%
3) S3D
4) ZYLTech PLA, 195-200c/70c
5) .2 or .25
6) No, honestly not sure why anyone would or how anyone could? No slicing software should allow supports to be added.

Hmm. Here are the settings I've had the best results with: .17mm layer, 2 shell, 205°C/60°C, 20% infill, 45mm/s print speed. All the settings you're using though, I've tried and worked well so I'm not sure what's going on. The hinges have a lot of clearance.. does it appear that any of the edges warp at all during the print?

Great model, prints wonderfully on my anycubic kossel. Kids, engineers and adults all love this model. Great showcase for hidden joints in a 3d print. Moves well, easy to finish, no sanding or hard work. Well Done!!!

Thanks! Glad you like it!

PLA worked like a charm on my Anet A8. What a neat model! Keep up the great work!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

I have two printers dialed in pretty well and this is pretty much the only model I can't straight print. Had to use a raft.

I made one, amazing model !

However mine keeps falling, he won't stand up ! Any tips to have less lose joints ?

Are you using the most recent STL file? Early versions had trouble standing. I can modify the file for you when I'm back at my computer next week if it's still an issue.

Don't bother, I just need to balance it correctly :) Kudos from the great model !

Thank you :)

Whenever I print this I make 2 at a time. Every single time, one of the tails fail. I'm printing directly to a mirror with auquanet fyi. I think this would best be printed to a build mat or painters tape vs glass/mirror.

I suggest trying a slower print speed and maybe higher resolution. I'm using a heated PEI board at 60° C, nozzle temp at 205°C, layer height .2mm with hatchbox PLA and a print speed of 50mm/s. I've printed 10 of these so far with zero failures.

My son's favorite dinosaur is a raptor, so I had to make one for him. PLA worked best.