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Collapsible Basket (optimized)

by 3DPRINTINGWORLD May 9, 2018
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"I designed the basket in Inches so you will have to scale the file up in your slicer 2540% to convert to metric."

Why don't you scale it yourself and upload the correctly scaled model instead of making everybody else scale it? This seems like such a common sense thing to do that I can't understand why you wouldn't have automatically done it.

My slicer(S3D) detects inches and automatically scales it. :-) Plus, I aint gots no common sense.

I love this print in general, it's really cool. But what I dislike is the robot thing on the bottom, it never prints right and just ends up marring the bottom finish. Any way you can put it on a less intrusive part of the print?

Just lower the model your slicer so the Mulbot is below the build plate.

Tried to print this - normal size was a basket for ants, and the 2540% like the description said didn't even fit on my Slicer's screen. How big is it supposed to be in measurements? Then I can scale it so it fits

Its 6" x 7". It just depends if your slicer uses percentage or a ratio so if its not 2540% then its 25.4x's larger,

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Sweet assistant ! She did an awesome job ! Printing mine now after seeing your post on Prusa facebook page. Doing the solid color, before trying different colors.

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Nice design. My print fuse the handle and the two leg bottom stand, so those two got broken trying to move them. The basket moves fine. Question. Can you do the handle and the two leg part separately for printing which can also be used as replacements if broken? Thanks

I printed at 140mmx120mm on ender2 / 100% infill / bed 60 / nozzle 220 / no support or brim/raft / print speed 60 / retraction distance 12mm - retract speed 30 / Initial layer H 4mm - layer H = 1.5mm ---- 15hrs....

You can find separate stl's here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2929614

Multicolor Collapsible Basket

Fantastic! Now I have a collapsible basket that everyone loves. Thanks for sharing.

Very cool design. Thanks for sharing this. Printed one last night. It looked very promising after it was printed as all the clearances appeared spot on. None of the parts were fused together, but the bottom stand connection was a problem. The parts didn't fuse but the "cam" modeled into the design was way too tight on my printer making it impossible to rotate into the fully open position without breaking off the center pivot pin. I'm left with a cool basket but no functional stand. I printed it in PLA at 200 micron layers. The clearance probably would have been perfect if printed in ABS where the plastic would shrink a bit while cooling and the plastic would have been slightly more flexible where the cam surfaces meet.

I will probably modify the cam/pivot clearance a bit for my own use, but I might throw together a remix with a different stand design when I have time.

It's strange that it fused only at the cam as the clearance are the same there as everywhere else.

It didn't fuse at the cam. It printed fine, but was way too tight when I tried to turn it into the standing position. It only had enough clearance to turn about 30 degrees. It started to twist the end of the pivot pin with it after that and snapped the pin off well before it got to the 90 degree mark. I apologize if I wasn't clear on that,

Oh no sorry I didn't understand. Without the cam it was wobbly when it stood up so designed to have zero clearance once it turned. Maybe a seam, zit, or something resulted in less clearance.

No problem. I thought the same thing about a seam or zit, but it looked pretty clean. I even ran a razor blade through the parts of the groove I could reach to try to clear any obstructions but didn't really feel anything.

When you designed it did you print yours mostly in PLA, ABS or another material? The reason I ask is that I've printed a bunch of Muzz64's mini-floor stands lately https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1977933 in both PLA and ABS. The tolerance for all his captive hinge designs come out perfect for me on the PLA prints, but are much looser on the ABS prints, almost to the point of the parts being able to seperated easily. I'm pretty obsessive about measuring my printer's actual nozzle output and setting the flow multiplier for each individual spool I use so I'm about 100% certain the increased looseness in Muzz64's desgin is due to the 1-2% shrinkage that normally occurs with ABS. That is why I suspect the center stand design would probably have the perfect amount of clearance on my printer if I print one in ABS.

It could have been just a fluke, some backlash, or a seam zit like you said though. Just haven't gotten around to running another 11 hour print to test it out again.

Mini Floor Stands
by muzz64

Hi!! is the 3d printing time about 20 hours? or my setup is wrong?

Seems a little long but it might be right depending on speed, perimeters, and infill settings.

How much infill do you suggest? :D

Infill won't make a big difference on this part as the walls are pretty thin, I would think 15% would be fine. To insure that's it strong use at least 3 perimeters (shells), this will make a bigger difference.

Thank you! I'll print it tomorrow and I'll post the results, then! :D

Good luck! I hope everything works out for you.

Great design, I will print this and post the final photo

Great! Cant wait to see it.

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Looking for guidance.

I tried printing this last night and the bottom ended up fused together. I am new to 3D printing, and have a FF Dreamer. I have printed about 10 things so far, and everything prints great except for this and the surprise egg excavator linked below which suffered the same problem.

On both, I used the suggested settings on PLA at 205 and the bed @ 50. Can someone tell me where to start on fixing the issue?

On the surprise egg, the hinges were also fused together on the egg and on the excavator, the base was fused but the arm articulated in 3 places just fine...


But to make things even more confusing, the scissor lift printed and functioned 100%...



Surprise Egg #4 - Tiny Excavator
by agepbiz
Platform Jack [Fully Assembled, No Supports]

If the issue is your prints fusing together at the bottom layer then the problem could be your first layer height is too low causing the bottom layer to be too wide, they call that elephant's foot.

If you are having troubles with print in place objects other then the first layer, the other issue could be your extrusion width. I would follow Matts guide below and calibrate the extruder. If you have no issues with your print quality you could skip the extruder calibration and just calibrate your extruder multiplier. This step is easier and it will calibrate your extrusion width which is really important with print and place and mechanical parts.

I hope this helps!


Wow, this came out terrific! Brilliant design. I would be surprised if they don't feature this on the site.
If there was one thing I would change, it would be to make the rotating leg "snap" into place once it reaches its open position, as opposed to relying on friction hold it in place. It's only a matter of time before the friction wears out (assuming you are open to open and close it 50-100 times a day to show it off.

Thanks! Yeah, I could not think of a good way to make the stand snap into place. Plus, after you rotate it a few times it doesn't seem to continue to wear after that. Although, I'm not sure about 100 times a day...

its great! as my 3d printer is kossel, can you make a circle version? so i can fit to print with my shape and i think circle would be great too

I'm not sure how to make it round as the bottom where the stand is would have to be retangular, otherwise it would tip over. Maybe if I think of a different way to pivot the stand. I'll let you know if I come up with something.

I am also looking forward to a circle one. Maybe the stand can be designed and printed separately.

I think I have a idea! I just need a second to work on it...

I like the design... and turtles... and btw its been more than 1 second

My idea doesn't form a handle and a basket should have a handle so I decided not to make it until I come up with a concept with a handle.

I tried to print it. Came out decent (from my observation) but something went wrong and i'm trying to figure out what. bottom rotating foot is not holding

Pictures are here:


Any suggestions on how to get it to print correctly?

I'm using anycubic i3 mega and cura 3.3.1

Printed at 0.2 layer and 15% infill Zig Zag pattern

I'm not sure what advice to give you.... Its kinda hard to tell from the pictures, did the post for the stand turn out alright but it just broke or does it look like there were there issues with it? Now that it's broke does the post come out of the stand or is it bonded together?

Holy goodness that girl is adorable. I hope my daughter is interested in stuff like this! Very cool basket design.

Thanks! Trust me she will once she realizes all the cool stuff you can make for her. My daughter even wants all my failed prints as she finds uses for them in her doll house or with her legos.

I'm looking at printing this. Originally I downloaded the other file (non optimized) so I'm not sure of the difference. I'm going to print it on my CREALITY CR10. When I opened it with CURA it was tiny! I had to blow it up to 4100% to get it to the size I wanted, roughly 10X11 inches. I'm surprised at that! Also with standard settings .8 wall thickness 10% infill. .8 bottom and top, the print time came in at about 11 days. Does that sound about right to you? Seems amazingly long! The filament use was about 500g, which seems reasonable.
Just looking for your thoughts on that print time. Is the model that complex to print?

I just downloaded and sliced this file.. WOW.. so it's down to printing in just a hair over 24 hours. Don't know what you did to optimize it, but it sure worked! Same size, same settings, 10 days faster!!?? Whew! I'll be doing this one! Thanks!

The original and optimized are actually the length and with, their design is just different. I think they are 6" x 7" but the file are in inches so you will need to scale it up 2540% to print full size. (6" x 7").

If you want a larger version then you should try the mega version I made for the CR-10, its 290mm high. I converted this to metric when I made the stl so you should not have to do any scaling. I will have to remember to do this in the future to avoid confusion.


Mega Collapsible Basket

Awesome. It was just slightly large for my setup. Scaled to 97% Perfect! Thank you.

Definitely a thing of the week! Thank you.

Добрый день! Скажите пожалуйста, что за подложка используется, с которой сняли 3д модель?

I think you are asking what design software do I use? I use Autodesk Inventor but this could be drawn with any software as basically it's just a sweep command.

Я имею ввиду что за съёмная подложка магнитная, на которой вы печатаете. Очень удобно снимать готовые напечатанные детали. Я так понял вы используете магнитный виниловый лист на который приклеен тонкий лист металла и сверху нагревательная площадка типа Wanhao???

Sorry I misunderstood. The flex plate is standard on a Prusa i3 Mk3. It's a spring steel sheet with a PEI sheet adhered to each side. There are magnets on the bed of the printer to hold the sheet to the bed. I think Buildtak sells flex plate kits that might work on your printer..

Магнитный лист приклеен к нагревательному столу? А пружинный стальной лист с PEI получается примагничивается к нему? Какой толщины этот стальной пружинный лист? и магнитный лист?

The great thing about Prusa is that its all open source so they publish this information on their Github. You can get a lot of the information you require here.


Wouldn't fit my print bed at 2540% (Bibo), I had to scale it down a bit to make it fit. However it printed beautiful, I did level my print bed right before. Took a while to loosing the fused layers/levels but I was okay with that. Friends and family are impressed with the result. Thanks for sharing!

That's great! I used it to impress my family as well. lol

Was able to print at 4166.67% scale. Took some time and patience to get some levels unstuck. And had to use pliers to cut some fused filament. Along with a scraper. Only parts thats iffy is the bottom that makes it stand. Otherwise everything works fine

So it was the kickstand that froze up? I could see the kickstand and where the frame rotates as being the biggest issue. I can easily make a scaled up version with normal clearances if you what? I already did the same thing for a smaller version so it would fit on my mini.

That'd be great! Id print that. Cr-10

Here you go! Sized for your Cr-10! I wish I could print it this big... Let me know how it goes? If you get a chance post a make so that I can use the picture for the title.

Oh... and I finally realized that I can export it to millimeters so you don't have to mess around scaling it up anymore.


Mega Collapsible Basket

Just a heads up, this basket does not seem to scale well to larger sizes, I tried 3400% and the base rotating feet seem to get fused together with the base bolt, so I ended up partially breaking the bolt when I deployed the feet. I didn't have this problem when I printed the basket at 2540% size.

Everything else about the basket at 3400% size is fine though, and the expanding/collapsing still works perfectly.

Here you go, I scaled the file up roughly 160% but kept the original clearances so it should print fine even though it's a lot larger.


Mega Collapsible Basket

That's awesome, thank you so much!

I haven't thought about printing it larger. I guess at some point you can have too much clearance. Thanks for sharing!

Any chance of getting this split in 2 files?
the basket itself and the external support?
its easy enough to pop the basket in/out.
Unfortunately, I twisted the cross base off on my first print.
would love to just print the support piece.

as well, the basket by itself makes a really sturdy collapsible bowl and i think i'd like to print up a few of them by themselves

Oh, btw. I made a cup with the same idea as the basket uses and it turned out really good! It opens and closes really nicely and is fun to fidget. I just can't think of a good use for it as it's not leak proof. Maybe I'll get around to posting it if your interested?

sure, i'll be printing a few more of the baskets, everyone around me were amazed at the print.
always fun to see more ideas

Here you go! All the individual parts have their own stl's.

Multicolor Collapsible Basket

Sure, just give me a little bit.

hi , beautiful job & versatile object

Can you please add our settings?

Layer Height, speed...

Will do, but nothing special. Three shells, 15% infill, .2 layer heights, 60mm/s but I was in no hurry. It seems to be a pretty easy print even though its print in place.

When I download the file and open it with prusa edition slicer the basket size is only about 1/2" square I have to scale it up 1700% to make it any size at all.

Oh, sorry... I forgot to say I designed it in inches so scale it up 2540% for the original size 6" x 7".