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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Xmas Wrapping paper cutter

by ceri May 7, 2018
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Just printed one. Actually size 11 blade fits perfect and tight! Works like a charm

Little piece sticking up breaks every time :(..

any chance of file to make it bigger for bigger rolls of paper?

I bought the exact correct blades (10a) but can not seem to fit it into the print. I tried one attempt by heating the blade, but that one got stuck half way and is now probably destroyed, will try to get it out.

But using pliers I dont see any way how I can get the blade in. Would love to see a video of someone doing this.

Tried it on a 2nd print, and the thin part broke off. I managed to reheat that part and more or less fix it. But I think I will try to modify the design, but no idea how yet.

print at 101% size.. the 1% oversize to make sure it stays the same size when it shrinks. all filament shrinks to a degree.

Posted my make but people more likely to read the comments...

Saw something like this advertised and wondered if there was something on Thingiverse... not disappointed!

Had some 10A blades already. Printed in rigid.ink PETG. Accidentally left slicer on 3 perimeters and 20% in-fill which is probably overkill but has made a very strong print.

Blade slotted in easily with a pair of needle nose pliers; it’s great filament and I’ve got it dialled in well so it’s dimensionally excellent and the small gap for the blade had really good definition so that probably helped.

Not tried it yet but it’s a gift for the mother-in-law so expect critical feedback ;)

Forgot to say, still not sure I fitted blade as intended - I’ve got long side of blade against main body, short side against shorter hook part. But the other way leaves point of blade sticking into mid air and a gap behind it. But not sure it matters in the use of the thing.

The skinny piece on mine have all snapped right with very little force applied. Anyone else encounter this? Printing with PLA. 225 extruder and 65 bed.

too hot for pla ... max 215 after that gets all melted and stringing.. will cause alot of shrinkage if it is not in a fully enclosed space.

Mine snaps every time I try to slide the blade in

I like to warm the blade with a lighter then use pliers slide it in. you might want to put something inside to support it. like a tube or something that size.

I was working on an almost identical project until my computer died yesterday. I guess I don't need to recover my files.

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Comments deleted.

For those interested Quick video of it in action here https://youtu.be/kcgcOXJhJ5o


blade should face to the right. (sharp edge)

Apologies, I am sure there were some more photos,

But in answer to your question,

the short side of the blade gees next to the tube section.

and the long blade edge, up into the 'hook' like part.

I gave all the ones I printed to friends,
But I will try to make another one,
As soon as I fix my printer.

I just printed one and got the exact blades that's in the picture.. However I'm wondering how you actually push the blade down? I've got it so far but finding it hard to get it further down without risking stabbing myself

First using a small screwdriver, or very stiff bit of metal, make sure that the slot is clear.

I just used a small pair of pliers,
gripping the bodie, and trying not to touch the blade,

Push down slowly.

And you need to just get the tip / SHORT edge into the groove.

Could you post the fusion 360 file?

I used a scalpel blade.
But I believe an Exacto will fit too

Just do not cut your fingers

Awesome idea, first of all...

Second: If an exacto blade doesn't fit (as Mochanic mentioned), can you post the Fusion 360 files so I or someone else can remix it for an exacto blade?

An exacto blade will NOT fit. I tried and it broke the paper guide off... I might try to remix this to work with a much easier to find exacto blade.

Already remixed. ;) The 10A is ~30% thinner than the X-ACTO #11.

I will keep an eye out for that

Still need to know which blade?

There is a photo in the image gallery,

It is a standard scalpel blade.

Had a little pile of them from my previous job.

I did print it.
It cuts amazingly well.

I was actually quite surprised at how good it cuts.

I will try to add some photos when I get home.

Great job. Which way does the blade face? Did you print one? Can you ad some photo's

When you say "scaple blade" do you mean x-acto knife blade? Just wondering. If not, where do you get the blade at?

This is the type of SCALPEL I have, and this is the type of blade I used

@Ceri - Any chance you could post a pic of the item with the blade in place? Im just not understanding the placement of the blade..

What blade does it use? and how do you install it?

Rushing ... Only had 2 min for write up.

It takes a scaple blade.
There is a fine slit to push it down.
I will add more photos and info
really soon.

Printing at the moment.
So I hope it gets finished befor I have to go.