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Wanhao i3: MKS Gen-L, Rasp Pi, Mosfet, TMC2130 Combo Adaptor and 120mm Cooling Mod

by OmNomNomagon May 6, 2018
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Would you think about adding the SKR tags to your tags? I know you designed this for the MKS Gen L but the SKR V1.3 is a sorta clone but with a 32 bit processor. Also how did you connect the Pi to the board? The cable that come with the SKR v1.3 sticks out too far.

Hey, I’m currently struggling about setting up marlin for the Wanhao i3 stock hardware. My temperature readings are 7,5°C at room temperature (should be around 25°C). Since you have upgraded your motherboard, you had to reconfigure the firmware. So I hope you can help me…

I’m using the thermistor “99 : 100K Generic - 3950 1% with 10K pullup” setting in the firmware. Is that right, which thermistor setting did you chose?

I used "#define TEMP_SENSOR_0 11" and "#define TEMP_SENSOR_BED 5" for running Marlin on my Maker Select V2 (Wanhao I3 rebrand).

11 : 100k beta 3950 1% thermistor (4.7k pullup)
5 : 100K thermistor - ATC Semitec 104GT-2/104NT-4-R025H42G (Used in ParCan & J-Head) (4.7k pullup)

Got the values from here: https://github.com/andyrblank/Marlin-Maker-Select-V2/pull/1

So just to be clear you used the builtin limit switch for the Z axis? Also, are you running both Z axis motors from one stepper driver?

Yep I've got a BLtouch taking care of the z-axis. I think Z-axis sensing wasn't available at the time when i initially wired it up. The Z motors are wired in parallel on a single stepper driver

Hi, can I ask how you wired your second z motor? I notice from the pictures you don’t have anything in the E1 slot but our machine has two z motors?

HI mate, i wired those in parallel by soldering the wires into a single connector. From memory i have them set at 750mv and have had 0 issues. It usually a bad idea to wire them up on separate stepper drivers as they can get out of sync with each other very easy after cycling power a bunch of times.

are these modifications a complement or different than what is in the Reduplicator file?

Do you have a link for a decently priced MKS board and silent drivers? This board doesn't have an SD card slot does it?

I went with this one Gen-L from Aliexpress. I bought the genuine drivers directly from Digikey as they were only a little more expensive than the chinese ones.

These boards don't have SD cards as the SD slot is usually in the LCD screen. The original wanhao screen won't work as it has a non standard pin layout. There are a few people who have tried to rewire the wanhao LCD but im not sure if anyone has had any success.

Doesn't the Pi's WiFi have trouble inside the metal case?

I did a wifi test and the speed is reduced to around 40% compared to the pi sitting on a desk, Which isnt too bad. I was also worried about this originally and was going to run a usb extenstion cable outside of the case connected to a dongle. However I have found its snappy and more than enough to stream a 720p webcam without lag.

it would be nice if the Pi had an external WiFi antenna jack on the board. I don't know if the new Pi model does or not.

You're recommending foam between the board and the case or the board and the power supply? Thanks a million for this mounting option by the way. You can also connect the Pi to the MKS board over doesn't serial using a couple jumper wires and a logic level shifter.

Yep, foam or a bit of tape under the board just in case. There is enough clearance there underneath, but it sits directly over the 5M spool holder screws so its best to have a protective layer in there.

Great mounts. I remixed for the different mosfet. I will say that the mks holes were.around 1mm too narrow vertically when the mks is laying in landscape?

I.have adapted the mount now too take a separate sd board which now fits perfectly in the wanhao SD space..... I will do a 2nd remix.

Oh wow thats weird. I'll look into it. Your SD card solution is genius BTW.

Anyway you could add an option for a 80mm x 59mm hole spacing mosfet like this one? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01HCVJ3K2/

Nevermind, I just bought another mosfet that fit.

Glad you got it sorted mate

Nice work! I was literally just thinking about doing this instead of having my board sat on an insulated mat and my PSU sat open on the base plate of the old control box. Might have to print this and sort my cable management out soon!! Excellent work.

Is there a source for those nice clean connectors you've used to jump from drivers to the main board?

I used some jumper leads that i had laying around and this dupont connector kit