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Ender 3 filament guide

by Jonasen May 4, 2018
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Worked great at first but after awhile it was squeaking and eventually came loose. Switched to https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2917932 and used this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3605755 to keep it from moving. Haven't had an issue since.

2020 / Ender 3 Filament Guide
by Filboyt
end clip with bolt lock to prevent falling out
by tmhanks

Simple design which is simple to put on (no screws, no fasteners, no tools...just snaps on) works as advertised. provides a little peace of mind that the filament wont get any rod grease on it. a great first mod for beginners

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This was spot-on for me at first. Unfortunately the friction fit meant it eventually wore loose. I switched to this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2920344 which doesn't move and provides protection against the filament touching the z-axis screw, but it squeaks like a ****

Ender 3 Filament Guide easy install

I like the improved version much better, the only thing whichg would be even better is a slightly bigger hole so that a piece of ptfe tubing fits in it

Thank you very much for this improvement. However, after a few impressions, this causes an unpleasant squeak. I tested with the closed version and the open version.

This is a beautiful design. Thank you.

Worked well until the squeaking!!! Thought there was something wrong with my extruder gear. It loosens also. Maybe if fastened down it would stop popping off and squeaking. Thanks anyway.

This happended to me too.

I've printed it as one of my first prints. Looks nice but pops off because of friction. Also makes squiky noises. Also it might been reason for under extrusion in few prints when I used it.

It's unreliable unfortunately. It pops off often and sometimes the filament still hits the long screw thing.

Don't make this. Pops off

Comments deleted.

I printed this and had the same squeaking issues that a few others mention. It's possible that I'd popped it on wrong, but given that it made a horrible noise and then caused some underextrusion issues, we've decided to do without it.

It prints well, fits kind of well, but it makes horrible squeaky noises and resonates on retraction. Also pops off sometimes.

Yep, same. The squeaking was only when retracting for me, though still unacceptable and not easily fixable. Opted for another filament guide with a fully printed roller bearing, works much better overall.

Same issues here. I took it out, I felt like it was putting the filament into more stress than it should have.

worked for a while but the gap opens up over time making it waggle

If you printed it in PLA, I believe this is due to heat causing it to open up.

I gave this a shot on my new Ender 3, but unfortunately I mostly just had issues with it. It kept popping off due to the angle of the filament, and the friction between the two made it squeak incessantly.

Ultimately I decided to do without it for now.

I like the idea, but it´s much easier to use the included protection tube of the Z leadscrew. Just cut a piece of around 1cm and put it on the screw. Makes no noise, can´t slip off and takes no more than 1 minute.

Now that's using your brain! Why didn't I think of that? I printed the filament guide before I read your comment, and I'm impressed with its neat design.

To be honest, I wasn't too positive to this idea when I first read your comment, but after using it for a while, I must say that it works really well! There's absolutely no need for a printed part on this, as the provided protection tube works perfectly for this. Definitely recommend this solution!

You could print a collar too which would be a little thicker.

Printed this and it works great! I love that it slips on and you don't have to remove any parts to get it on. I was pretty snug when I first put it on, and I was getting some squeaking like others mentioned, but I adjusted the angle a bit and all is good now.

It seems to be a bit too long and doesn't quite align with the angle at which filament enters the extruder. This results in squeaking noise while printing and even promotes cracking of brittle filaments at that point. I just cut 5mm off the end and it works great now.

I got the same issue. The part printed fine but its not fitting. It appears that its too long to clip into place correctly. I only purchased my ender 3 a few days ago so maybe they have updated this part its fits onto. I noticed that right on the corner its curved, preventing the "thing" to be pushed fully into place and making it not snug. As it is right now it wont work as its making the issue worse.
Maybe a shorter version? 3-4 mm shorter

After several more hours of printing I have stopped using it altogether. The squeaking noise persisted from the filament rubbing against the upper inner side of the guide, maybe because its PLA on PLA. This was causing inconsistencies in extrusion speed and I was getting missed layers now and then. Probably needs a PTFE lining on the inside.
I really hope Creality would change the name (Ender 3.0.1, 3.1.5, etc....) so as to make it easy to know which we have and what are the differences....

Thank you for sharing... printed several and working fine..

Great Idea, but i can't keep mine on either, just didn't seem to have the rigidity to stay in place, though in fairness it was not my greatest quality print.

I made this but it keeps popping off. It will not stay on. Can you make a tighter version so it can be used without popping off?

That's so weird, mine is so tight, i cant get it all the way on. Is your plate 2.4mm or 2.8mm? mine is 2.8 and the part seems to fit a 2.4

I printed another one at 98% and it still come off. My plate is 2.4mm.

Well, I meant designed for 2.4... printing at 98% results in 2.35... so I can barely jam it on a 2.8 plate so you'd probably need to shrink the gap to 2.2 or less for a friction fit

I did the match and reduced it to 92% so the gap would be 2.2mm. Now it has a very tight fit on my Ender-3. I also printed it at 50% infill. I think it will be staying in place now. Thank you.

Thanks for the update because mine keeps sliding off too.

Comments deleted.

Thank you! Works great.

I like this idea, but mine keeps popping off.. might need to look into the bolt on version :(

Great for keeping filament off the Z leadscrew...No clue why they made it so close