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Prusa i3 MK3 60 degree heatbed cable cover

by OakMountain May 2, 2018
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Why does it ask for a filament change so often? I can't find where there was a color change but it goes like 2 - 3 steps then asks to remove filament. Petg

Filament changes are part of the gcode, not the stl. If you're using Slicer, make sure you don't have any added (they show in the layer slider and as color changes in the visualizer).

I think I did that, after I sliced it I went through the slider and it showed only one filament, no changes, however through the entire print it stopped and asked me to change colors. Really weird. It's not done that on any other prints for the Ikea enclosure build. I finished the print but had to stand by to unload/reload same filament.

Here is the G-Code I ran after using new Prusa Slicer

I didn't find any M600 filament change command in your g-code, so perhaps its a problem with the filament sensor not recognizing your PETG (I assume you are printing with Prusa I3 mk3). Try disabling filament sensor and try again.

will do, Thanks for the advice I think that was probably it.

Printed this today, and come to find out M3 nuts don't fit it. I have M3-.5 and I cant seem to find anything any smaller anywhere online. Can you link or tell us where you got the lock nuts that fit in the holes? Or is there an easy way to modify it so they will fit?

Hi pappy325,

The M3 nuts should fit and that is what I used myself. Are you sure that this isn't a scaling problem when slicing the part, or an overextruding problem when printing the part (making the holes smaller)?

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There is an error in one of the holes of the bottom part. The bridging square is not done properly on two sides.

Thanks for pointing it out. I have now uploaded new revision of bottom part with bridging fixed.

My MK3 heatbed has soldered wires and uses a spiral wrap. The current heatbed cover also holds a 3mm piece of filament that is wrapped with the cable. The 3mm filament is seated in a slot of the cover.

see also: https://manual.prusa3d.com/Guide/7.+Heatbed++&+PSU+assembly+(spiral+wrap)/512?lang=en#s9484

This design does not seem to have a slot as stress relief for that 3mm filament, is that correct? If not, can I use it nevertheless without stressing the heatbed cables?

Hi Ruedli,

In that case i think this remix would suit your needs better: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3003237
I have not tried it myself but it has a nylon filament hole.

Angled MK3 Heatbed Cover with Nylon Filament Hole
by zcubed

Excellent, thanks for looking ito this! Yes, I'll give that one a try. I already printed yours to try, but noticed they are not wide enough for my heatbed. The link you send looks like a better fit for my heatbed version.

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Exactly what I needed.

I added some holes and space to be able to use it with my non soldered version.
Basically just put the holes from the original part into this one.

Prusa i3 MK3 60 degree heatbed cable cover (screws)

Sucks that the newer print beds aren't soldered (or, at least mine wasn't). I just got the mk2.5 upgrade and my cables are bolted in.
They stick out too far. Almost half an inch

Can confirm. Currently looking for a way around this. I don't have all the pieces for my Lack enclosure, yet, but I assume it won't fit unless I get this or something like it working. Let me know if you found a solution.

My fix was unintentional. I built mine out of a few different Lack ideas, got it in the corner @ a 45 degree.
Will move the LCD out if needed later

double door (IKEA) Lack enclosure
by mcooz
Prusa3d I3 Lack Enclosure
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Would it be a problem to print this in PLA?

Short answer is that I don't know. I recommend PETG because that is what Prusa uses when printing theirs (and that is what I used when printing mine). The heatbed might get too warm for using PLA, but you could always have a try and see if it works.

Funny, I wanted to check if people had issues with cables clashing with the 90deg version, I have been using that one for a little while now. Then I saw this remix that solved that exact problem. So cool, gotta love the printing community, thank you for sharing your design with us.

Do you have bolted on cables? Does it still fit?

In case you have the version with cables bolted to the heatbed then remix https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2964580 might be interresting for you (I have not tried it myself thoug).

Prusa i3 MK3 60 degree heatbed cable cover (screws)

They still do touch, but not causing any problems, printing goes well, also the calibration test goes well

But doesn‘t the touching cause rubbing / abrasion of the cables?

only when its printing in the far left corner

No problem, I'm glad I was able to help!

New to printing with PETG, but I had a pretty ugly print on the top piece. Shouldn't matter since it's all interior but it might be worth printing with supports or flipping the part?

You are correct. I have uploaded a flipped version (so that you don't have to flip it yourself in the slicer). Please try to print it again and it should work just fine without any supports.