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Ender 3 Raspberry Pi 2/3/4 mount with buck converter mount and toolbox

by tobbi007 May 2, 2018
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using the raspi 4 case, had to enlarge the micro sd card slot (in fan-direction) to get the card in, otherwise great design

Hi. Thanks for maintaining this thing. Do you have any time to modify the ventilation slots to accommodate the camera ribbon cable?

Look elsewhere if your fan is 40x40x10.

The Pi 4 mount does NOT have enough space in it for a 10mm thickness. I bought a 40x40 fan thinking it would be fine, but the screws hit the camera plug.

So how would I secure the Pi 4 in the mount? The screw holes don't line up at all...

Hey, seems pretty cool, but how do I open the 123dx file? Thanks!

123dx files are for 123D Design by Autodesk.
Sadly this little CAD has been discontinued a while ago.

You can still download it here: https://www.heise.de/download/product/123d-design-89217
You can then open the 123dx files and export as step.


Thanks! That worked beautifuly!

Any plans to update this for the Raspberry Pi 4? We'd love to continue featuring your model in our OctoPrint guides, and people are starting to use the Raspberry Pi 4 with OctoPrint. Thanks!

Currently I do not have a Raspberry Pi 4 and tbh I do not plan to buy one. I could just use another case on thingiverse for the Pi 4 and add a mount similar to this one.

That would be awesome -- I'd be happy to test print it for you!

I just uploaded a Pi4 Case. It is the Pi4CaseWithMount.stl. Totally untested of course. Maybe I can test print it myself on the weekend. Just to make sure it even closes xD

The case is based on this thing: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3779674
I just added the mounting plate, 40mm fan holes (since i heard the pi4 gets hot) and some more ventilation slots on the top.

Raspberry Pi 4 Case - Slider Case

Thanks! I'll give this a test print today or tomorrow and report back with fitment.

Sure thing! Couldn’t get it printed yesterday but I’ll definitely be able to print it tomorrow. I’ll let you know how everything fits.

I just did a quick and dirty test print myself using two different printers.
Both parts fit together nicely. If you can tell me that the Pi4 fits, I'd call it good enough :D

i found a mistake on my side... I'll upload new version soon. Better not print it right now


I uploaded Pi4Case_v1.1 STLs and the 123D Design project file. It should now be mountable... my bad on the first version.
If you already printed the bottom part you don't need to print it again. Only the top part (smaller part of the two) changed. Thats why I uploaded it in two seperate files.

The case fits brilliantly! The ports are oriented correctly and there's enough space between the case and table to fit a fan. Thanks again for updating it.

I'll update our guide to reference the new model for the Pi 4.

Thanks for the feedback. Guess I'll remove the work in progress flag then :)

This looks great. Any way to have a pi 3 A+ varient?

Just printed everything. Not sure how to mount it to the printer's chassis, do I need to drill holes for it? Or get those bolts that spin and lock on the chassis like the Z stop switch?

Great design, thank you for your time and effort making it.


I just printed this and the board will not slide in with the heat sink on. Other than that it's an awesome print!

i'm in trouble after install this case, octoprint is reporting temperature issues

Are you using heatsinks?

Do you think the case will hold a Pi 3 with heat sinks?

I just printed it and it does not fit with heat sinks on.

I think you should add some parts to the toolbox to make it slide in the extrusion, like many other boxes

Deoes anyone remix this with a fan? My pi3 seems to get really hot.

if it runs below 80°C it's still ok. Do you have heatsinks installed?

Nice design. I printed the cover twice (using PLA). Both times, the retention clips broke off. Any ideas how I can prevent this? Maybe I need a more flexible matgerial

You could also try printing it with rotated, so that the layers go with the clip. That would need many supports but could do the trick. For me it did not break off yet.

Do you have a tutorial or something how to use a LM2596S? Wires etc... Thanks, Norbert

Hi Norbert,

You need to make a y splitter for your PSU wire. Then one end goes to the Ender 3 electronics like in original wiring.
The other end will be connected to the input of the LM2596S.

Warning: You need to adjust the potentiometer on the LM2596S, so that you get 5 volts on the output BEFORE YOU CONNECT YOUR RASPBERRY. Otherwise you might kill your raspberry pi. If you don't know what you are doing, better ask a friend for help.

Then you need to cut open a micro usb cable. Inside are multiple wires. Red goes to the output plus of the LM2596S and black goes to the output minus. You won't need any other wires.

Also I added an image for you.

Thanks for this. I have printed the case, and am waiting on an LM2596S coming from aliexpress. Not sure why you're splitting the power cable though. If you lift out the PSU, you can just run out another 24v wire, rather than messing with the stock power cable.

Sure you can find that aswell :) I have xt60 y-cables anyway so it is just Plug and Play for me.

Thanks, I will check it out. Norbert

Do you recommend to print as flat or vertical? Do you plan to make a pi holder too?

I'd print it vertically so you do not need supports.
Pi holder? You mean a pi cam holder?

I started vertical print too, it's almost done. :)

I meant Pi Cam holder, or do you have any suggestion for any existing Ender3 Pi Cam holder?

No sorry. Not quite there yet. That will maybe be the next step. I don't have a Pi Cam. I use a logitech one. But I first want to make sure everything in here fits correctly. I did not even have the time to mount it on my ender 3 :/

Meh, that's not good. :)

So I printed the case. I think there is a little problem on the corner, but I can fix this with a knife. The other side, where is the "click" push-in connector(!) - it's little bit small and loose.

Thank you for pointing out. Already uploaded a fixed Version (v1.1) for the first problem