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Life-Size Infinity Gauntlet - Avengers: Infinity War

by HappyMoon May 1, 2018
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are you able to move your fingers?

Are there split files for the forearm of the wearable glove? They might not be named 'ForGlove'. Thanks. Also, what files should you use supports for? How do you attach the fingers together?

So I casted the stones from resin in pla molds. Now they're stuck. I know it probably wasn't very smart but I had no other option. Anyone have any advice on how to get them out? Because I already tried heating up the pla and then the stone started to melt a little too. If I'm just screwed at this point does anyone have any better ways to cast them? Because I do not have any pliable molding I can use and id like them to look good.

can you create the nano gauntlet from endgame?

Thanks for 90% of a great file. So glad I had to read 250 comments to find out that THERE IS NO THUMB and all those pieces I printed already need to get thrown out and I need to print the whole thumb as one piece. Thanks for that. Seems like something you'd mention somewhere...

there is definitely a thumb maybe re download
there are 3 different thumb versions

I have tried printing the stones in all different kinds of ways with settings tweaked but it seems to have a non solid portion which messes up the print every time

I am wondering what the print time would be. I was wondering if it was worth the time to print. I have thought about using an Arduino Uno to possibly add lighting and possible sound effects.

hello, i have a problem printing the stones, looks like there are non solid object.

Hello! At the moment im printing IG_ForearmForGlove 89% scale. So cause im bit dumb can you explain what parts i'll have to scale? And how much.

If you print the forearm at 89%, the rest of the parts you print should be at 89%. As for what parts you need I do not know what glove you are trying to achieve. The thing details explain what parts you need for which glove you want. I did the actual wearable glove version at 70% and it did not fit.

I've tried many times to print the hand for glove piece but it just won't work.every time I try to print it, it does this every time in the same spot. I don't know what could be going wrong here. It can continue to still print after, but it just leaves this wierd gap of filament in there.

Last time my printer did that, it was a heating element problem. It would drop in temperature for a few layers. Changing out the heating element fixed the problem. Hope it helps.

Has anyone printed this on their Ender 3? Can they provide guidance as to the scaling and what files they used?

Hi, I am in the process of printing the pieces for the glove on my ender 3 and so far I have printed the hand and the forearm. I printed them at 70% scale but I have very small hands and it is still a snug fit so I would recommend doing it at around 80% depending on how big your hand is. At 100% scale I don’t think the forearm fits in the ender 3’s build volume anyway.
Hope this helped.

How do you assemble the fingers?

Is it possible to print the glove as one piece just for display, and the base separate?

What size do you scale the stones to fit inside the glove?

could you cut the hand for glove in half? Like horizontaly?

This model is great thank you for your work and files. I'm in the process of making it now and cant wait for it to be done. Word of advice to others wanting to make I scaled mine to fit my hand about 75% works. However the wrist part of the fore arm is small. I used a heat gun to thermoform/melt and rework the inside of the opening without cutting away material and it works great.

Comments deleted.

Hello i was wondering what measurements i should use for the glove so it prints easier?i want to make the gauntlet before i graduate as it is one of my favorite gauntlets,if you can help that would be awesome and keep up the great designs!

Thanks! I have heard people say around 89% scale fits most people's hands, perhaps try cancelling the print after a couple layers to test the fit without using too much material :)

hello, I am trying to build a custom hand for my son with amniotic band syndrome but he needs a RIGHT hand version. Is there any way you could modify this for a right hand?

please and thank you,

Apologies for the delay, just to make sure is that the 'ForGlove' version? (hollow with a gap at the top of the hand for fingers)

You should be able to just flip all the models

Comments deleted.

Hi there! I have to admit that this is a piece of awesome work! But - I've downloaded it like few times, and the part "IG_ThumbPlateForGlove" is 0kb and cannot be opened :/

Thanks! :)
That's odd... it seems to download fine on my end - is it just that one file? Have you tried opening it in different software like 3D Builder?

Yup, I've downloaded the zip file several times and after unziping that specific file shows 0kb size and won't open in any software (I've tried Meshmixer, Repetier Host).

Have you tried downloading that file individually by clicking it in the list of files? Sorry I'm not sure what could be causing the problem as it says the file is 3mb in the 'Thing Files' section.

Thank you. The file from "Thing Files" section is OK.

Comments deleted.

Once You Make this file, can you post a link to a video showing exactly how to make it?

Dymecky made a really awesome video showing how he made it and it looks incredible!

But how do you connect it together

It may require some glue to attach the pieces to a glove, apologies I have yet to make it myself so I'm not sure what is the best glove material/glue to use.

How does he make the gems?

It looks like he printed this remix (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2944983) (possibly in flexible filament) and then poured coloured resin into them. You could also print the gems normally, mold them in a flexible material like silicone and then pour the resin into those molds.

Infinity stone molds for Gauntlet

I love this model. Is there a way you can further split the two split forearm files? Even the split ones will not fit on the Dremel DigiLab

Thanks! New files have been added:

Hi there! Awesome model you have here :)

Any chance you can remake InfinityGauntletSolid.stl without the stones?

Thanks! I have added a new file called 'InfinityGauntletSolidNoStones.stl' :)

Can this be modified to accept LEDs?

The hand files do have holes beneath where the stones are placed so as long as they are printed or cast in a clear material the light should illuminate them pretty well :)

I do not know why Thanos invaded the earth if he could print it in 3D

Would love to see that haha :D

Just finished it and posted in makes
Here's my timelapse :D I hope it will give you some attention!
English video - https://youtu.be/ZIBXn0MpFXU
Polish video - https://youtu.be/OljYAvpKC3w

Looks awesome, what spray did you use for making it look grimy and dirty?

Brown Kiwi shoe polish and brown "Burnt umber" acrylic paint

Awesome job! It looks incredible :D

Hi again! So when I sliced your files to print (in cura), IG_ForearmFIXED and IG_HandFIXED, there were still problems for me when I tried to print them, they would stop midway. Would you know any possible reasons why? Also, I tried printing the IG_BaseFIXED but it also stopped right before the base part of the piece was finished.

Sorry I'm not sure what could be causing the problem as the files seem to work okay on my end - are you able to scroll through the different layers? Perhaps try looking at the last layer that was printed and see if anything looks wrong in Cura.

I was also updating and fixing the files a little while ago so maybe try re-downloading them as you may have older versions of the files. :)

Alright, ty again.

@HappyMoon don't mean to be sound rude or ungrateful for your work on this, it is really good. But i wanted to know if you could make the inside of the thumb look more accurate to the prop. The hot toys model has black, engraved zig-zag lines on it

I did create a mesh-like object that was placed near the inner thumb, but I'm afraid I couldn't get it to slice properly - I'll have to try and find a better way of doing it :)

I made these two 3d patterns for the thumb, but i don't quite know how to adjust them just right for it. Figured you could and then publish them as an update at some time. I made two different 3d patterns because i couldn't tell by the photos if it was a zig-zag pattern or a grid pattern so i thought you could decide. ( I made them by just running a picture through a litho generator called 3d rocks lithograph)

Thanks! I'm currently away from my PC for a few days but I'll be sure to have a go asap :D

Comments deleted.

hey @HappyMoon, can you make a thinner wall version for the wearable version of hand and forearm gauntlet (like 2-3mm thickness would be enough cuz it wasted alot of filament and time).. thx

For the hand, there is a remix but the wider wrist and forearm does not currently exist

Comments deleted.

That my friend is the Lower Thumb

any chance you can make it more conical so it is easier to print and to put the hand through, by conical I mean more even throughout

hello, first off, thank you for this amazing model, I have it all printed at the moment but i noticed that the index finger FIXED does not match up to the Hand FIXED well/at all, the square post seems to be too long and the contours of the bottom of the index finger does not match up to the surface of the Hand FIXED part, the other fingers mesh up face to face perfectly except for the index finger, is there anyway you can fix the index finger model? thank you

nevermind, i found the V2 fixed model, for some reason it did not download when I had clicked "download all files" option


J'aimerais vous remercier, grâce à ce fichier je peux enfin me faire un disque dur externe avec le gant de l'infini. Un grand merci, je vous envoie les photos une fois le projet terminé.


I would like to thank you, thanks to this file I can finally make myself an external hard drive with the glove of infinity. A big thank you, I send you the photos once the project is finished.

Awesome! I look forward to seeing it :D

Do the printed stones fit into 'IG_HandFistFIXED' well? At first glance it looks like they'd fit on 'IG_HandNoStones' better. Can someone confirm this for me please? I plan to finally start printing the project in a couple hours.

The stones are a little bigger than the holes so that they can be glued in place whilst allowing light from inside the gauntlet to shine through. They should fit roughly inside the raised detail around the holes. :)

Can you upload the thumb web parts? I’m reprinting every thing

Sorry I still can't get the mesh to slice properly, however 'IG_LowerThumbForGlove' should help connect the thumb pieces to the hand. :)

Hi, I printed the forearm for glove without shrinking it down, and now I realize how big it is. I am now just going to make the fixed version. Will the fixed hand fit onto the forearm glove version? The models for fixed and glove look almost identical,

Sorry to hear that! They should still fit together as the front of the forearm has a couple of slots for the bottom of the hand to fit into. :)

thank you! fits great!

I'm having trouble printing the thumb because of the oval piece, it isn't completely touching the thumb, therefore, it prints poorly. I'm printing the 50 cm. replica, but scaled down to around 45%. I've tried printing both the thumb piece and forearm piece but the parts that hang off a bit don't print good and there aren't any files that allow me to print each piece of the forearm for the static replica. Do you have any suggestions that will help me get some better results, even when I enable support everywhere, this does not help those pieces?

Sorry to hear that, have you tried splitting the model into different parts? For example the forearm could be cut in half vertically and printed at a different orientation which should allow the previously overhanging areas to print a bit cleaner.

Can't believe I hadn't thought of that, thank you!


How do you attach the different finger pieces to each other for the wearble part. They just come out as seperate pieces

The finger files are designed to be fitted to a glove, however MonsterMovieProps made an awesome remix which includes hinges for each piece at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2933723.

Infinity Gauntlet articulated fingers for glove


I am having an issue with the "HandFixed" version, it has a solid layer in the middle of the hand when processed in Simplyfy3D. Could you please look at that on your end to see if you see the same thing? Thanks!

Sorry about that! The file has been repaired and re-uploaded :)

excellent :D
i love this models
tks for your share

How much should i downscale it to be able to use it??

I've heard people say around 89% should fit most people's hands - perhaps try printing some of the parts and cancelling the prints after a few layers to test the size without using up too much material. :)

No matter the size anywhere from 75-90 should fit but you can’t make a fist with it on

Incredible work. I worked on one for the movie's release but I had splicing issues and some scaling issues. You have created a masterpiece for this community. Thank you for uploading this!

Thanks so much! :D

what is the best setting for the glove for printing if anyone know to cut down on time and filament

2mm layer height zero infill

I'm trying to print the gauntlet (normal version, not the glove version) and it looks like the index finger doesn't meet up with the hand correctly. There is a curved section on the hand that prevents the index finger from fully inserting into the hand.

Here are a couple of pictures of what I mean:

Compare the index finger to the middle finger. The index finger is just flat on the bottom (ignoring the "pin" that inserts into the hole), while the middle finger takes into account the curves in the hand so it able to get all the way "plugged into" the hand.

Any plans for a fixed index finger that takes the curves into account?

Hi, apologies for the delay.
I have uploaded a new file called 'IG_IndexFingerFixed_V2.stl' which should hopefully fit much better.
Thanks for letting me know! :)

If you have a dremel you can shave down the edge until it sits flush on the hand

That's like saying if there was a chunk of the model missing to get out your clay and remake that section of the model.

While I'll most likely end up getting my Dremel out for this, it would be nice if that part of the model is fixed.

Well you also need to realize that HappyMoon is releasing this already amazing file out for free (people would pay lots of money for a model like this) and thats already more then what most would do. So just a bit of dremel work on your part isnt really that much.

It literally says in the item's page: I also have not printed this file myself just yet, so please let me know if you have any issues. :)

Yeh i know, i just thought you were coming off a bit mean thats all

Just not sure how you got that feeling from the post. I wasn't demanding or anything like that. I simply asked if he had plans to fix that part of the model.

im talking about when you used they clay analogy, i was genuinely trying to help you in my first reply

Ah, I see. Sorry about that.

I didn't mean it as any kind of insult or anything. It was just more of an analogy than anything.

@HappyMoon, can you also put a plate behind the file for the glove one

Great model, gunna print mine again with the remix, the fingers, the whole thing.


Sorry I'm not sure what you mean, which file are you referring to?
Thanks! :D

The gauntlet for the glove,can you put a plate behind the stones

Apologies for the delay, I have uploaded a file called 'IG_Hand(ForGlove_NoStones).stl' which has panels behind the holes for the stones :)

Does the wearable version still hold itself together? For example, could I wear it but then put it on the mount when I'm not?

There is no mount, my baby bro destroyed my gauntlet but before that when I put it on display, the fingers kinda sag down, PS it will not be as easy as it is for Thanos to put it on, not smooth putting on at all, still a awsome model though.

The wearable files are designed to fit on a glove as they are individual pieces - while I haven't tested it myself, the glove should probably be able to hold the pieces together when not in use. :)

Got all my hand parts printed and with a coat of xtc, waiting on the arm to finish printing, then the race to get it complete ready for mcm London at the weekend!
I’ll be adding the articulated fingers and the adjusted arm as a remix soon!
Thanks again Happy, you’re a legend

Hey really want to see your articulated fingers remix
Before i print the pieces is the articulated thing will be just someting you fit in the finger or the fingers will be changed
and what pieces will not change, and i will love to add it to my remix

the fingers are up!

I’ll get it up as soon as I can. I modified the parts of the fingers, no inserts, so if you wanna use mine I would wait ;) I’ll try and get them up tomorrow. I also hollowed our the palm slightly and shifted the inside top where the fingers come out, so you can make a better fist. And I widened the hole in the arm so I could fit my hand through, and thinned the walls a bit for a bit of extra room :)

When do you think you will post the remix?

just got them up now! enjoy! let me know how you get on!

thank you very much ill get started right now!!

Your is for a glove or for display,
Looks sick

its for a glove, I'll upload the remix in a few, just got home from mcm London, wore it all day!

This is going to be really cool
cant wait!!

Sounds awesome, will wait for this before I print any more. Thanks!

all up now for you to have a look at, good luck! can't wait to see what you do with them!

@HappyMoon, any chance you can include a version of the gauntlet as all one piece? I want to print it at a smaller scale and use it as a keychain :-)

I have merged the pieces together and filled in the hollow areas to hopefully make it a bit stronger at a smaller scale - the file is called 'InfinityGauntletSolid.stl'
Hope that helps! :)

Hey HappyMoon im getting problems with the fingers only a bit of a part on one finger is touching the biuld plate would it be possible to get all the fingers part individualy?
and how people have printed them?

Sorry about that! I have uploaded each part of the finger individually at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2928563.
Had to make a new page because there were quite a lot of files haha :)

Individual Finger Pieces for Infinity Gauntlet

This is awesome. Great work! Can you steer me in the right direction of the correct files? I'm a little confused because there are multiple of each thing? Thanks.

I can do that for you! So Theres 2 types of the gauntlet, the wearable versions (They have ForGlove in the name) and the statue versions.

If you want to make a wearable gauntlet, find all the files that say have ForGlove in the name and download them, now depending on the size of your printer, you can download the forearm halved or the forearm full, also the Infinity Stones dont have ForGlove in the name so still download them, also theres 2 yellow stones, the updated one looks better.

If you want to make a gauntlet statue, look for the files with the word FIXED or fixed in them, they are just made to be a decoration, download them and choose if you want a open hand look with the open fingers, or a fist look with the closed fingers, same with the ForGlove, just download the infinity stones.

Then there are the few odd files, a low res of the forearm for easier printing, a forearm split into multiple pieces that was requested by some people, and the 2 gauntlet bases one is only for the fixed gauntlet, the other is for both.

And last thing, if you want to make a wearable gauntlet, to get the right measurements, first fold in your thumb, then measure the width of your hand, get the Forearm ForGlove file (the top split part if you are printing split) and turn it upside down, now if your slicer has centimeter markers in the program, keep on incresing the gauntlet size until the hand hole for the gauntlet is the same width of your hand (add on half a cm just in case) and then use the new gauntlet size percentage on the Hand ForGlove, Infinity Stones, Thumb Plate ForGlove, Lower Thumb ForGlove, and the 2nd part of the forearm if you are using the split file. The Fingers and Thumb ForGlove can be any size since they just attach to you.

Thanks so much for the help! I plan on updating the description soon :D

No problem! Glad i could help! The first half of the forearm came out great! I had to print it twice cause the first time i printed it, it was a bit small XD At the moment im printing the hand, then ill print the 2nd half of the gauntlet.

Thank you so much! I can't wait to print this.

One small tip, don’t use any infill and after you print it, you may not be able to make a fist.

I want to make this wearable, but rather than trying to print a shell, I'd like like to print in rubber panels. Any chance you could extract the sections of the guantlet's wrist into separate flatter parts?

Like top of the wrist, sides of the wrist, and bottom? Something I can print in rubber and glue to a foam band.

From what i know about modelling, that will be incredibly difficult

Faling that, a skilled print editor can just trace along the seams on some files and segment the parts manually. I don't have the software for that, but I have seen it used for breaking prints into smaller parts cleanly.

Depends how he modeled it. If he made it in sections then it would be easy as he would be able to just separate the sections.

Hell, if he uploads an unsolidified file I can separate the shells myself in meshmixer. I've already tried with the current version and I can recognize the rough zipper like concaved seams in some areas that come from converting a file via "make solid".

Hi, sorry Blender was being a little glitchy so the only parts I was able to separate from the forearm model were the 2 side panels at the wrist. The new files are 'ForearmSeparatePartsMain.stl', 'ForearmSeparatePartsWristL.stl' and 'ForearmSeparatePartsWristR.stl'.

Above and beyond! Thank you! From that I can probably extract the rest myself in meshmixer. TY!


Have you printed at 90 and been able to wear?

Its still printing, has about 72 hours left. Mearsure it by folding your thumb and putting in the palm of your hand and then measure how wide your hand is, then you grab forearm part 1 glove edit, flip it, and then increase the inside till it fits the measurements, then scale down the hand, thumb plate, stones and the forearm part 2 by that percentage, the fingers on the other hand can be what ever size.

Hmm read this a little late. 6 hours left on printing my first piece "IG_HandForGlove" at 80%. With your percentages above are you referring to the file called "IG_Forearm_Split1ForGlove" and I assume the problem area is getting your hand through the smaller hole?

I just don't want the hand itself to be too loose. Might have to carve out some of the forearm in favour of the better fitting hand piece. Will update once I have done both pieces and look forward to seeing how you have gone at 89.9%

Yeah the smaller hole was 3 cm too small, it was 7 cm and not 10, i was an idiot and measured my wrist, not my hand.

yeah, I have done the same thing. Just used the measure tool in fusion 360 and 80% is approx 77mm. Will be a really tight fit but everything else looks like it will be perfect.

From what ive seen the only things that have to be in a set size is the Hand, Stones and forearm, the fingers can be any size. This can give room for padding.

Happy Moon, if you see this id suggest you add this to the description

Yes please do this HappyMoon, I've been scouring through these comments for instructions on how to properly print this. Thanks for the sweet model though!

Hey this is really cool
just started spliting everything to fit in my printer

Good Day
Very Good Item

You can send me the stl files but without hollow, that is, you can send the files of the solid parts to print without filling and hollow and not lose much material when printing the pieces
thanks for your attention
PD. I hope an answer soon
my email is

The files for the solid, static 50cm model are:

Hope that helps! :)

I really want this but I have a Wanhao i3 Plus with build size 200x200x180. Suggestions? It scales everything down and I can't tell what would be a wearable scale or if I can split anything and assemble myself :(

In most slicers it should give you an option to print at a certain percentage-scale, and while I still haven't tested the file myself, some people have said that a scale of around 70% fits most people's hands pretty well. At this scale the parts should be able to fit in your print area - I've also added split versions of the forearm which are cut into 2 parts as the model was quite large.
Hope that helps! :)

Hey with the forearm, turns out 70 aint gonna cut it, measure your hand and then figure out how much you need to scale it by

Oh no :( was really hoping that would work, are you saying 90% seems fine?

hard to wear :D
still try hard all part with 65% size
thank you so much for that nice model

I’ve managed to tweak the model for the pinky so it hinges nicely for the glove, it’s awesome! Can’t wait to get the others done and printed! I’ll keep you posted on how it goes! Thank you again for this awesome model!

Yoo post this as a remix! That looks awesome!

That looks awesome! Are you planning on posting the model anywhere? Would love to get my hands on it!

Thanks! Wouldn’t be possible without happymoon!
I’ll get the other fingers sorted asap and I’ll post them as a remix when they’re done!
Got the palm on the printer as we speak!

I am so glad i have started printing those fingers yet!

Sweet! Can't wait to see it!!

First of all, thank you sooooo much Happymoon I think this is awesome.
In terms of the scaling, if someone wanted to have a true life-size display piece, the $1000 1:1 scale hot toys replica is 26.7in tall or 67.8cm which is an extra 35.6% larger than the files default size.

Ah, thanks for letting us know :)


Any chance you have the dimensions of the "IG_HandForGlove" file? Also, I'm planning to print a life-size gauntlet and put wires in the fingers so when pulled, the fingers will bend similar to the $200 dollar hasbro infinity gauntlet...

Sounds awesome! :D
According to 3D Builder the file is 174.7mm wide, 178.9 tall and 108.3mm deep (sounds a bit large but it seems to just be due to the wider opening at the bottom)
Hope that helps :)

Thank you so much! Keep up the fantastic work!

Happy moon, can you make the hand hole part about the same size as the rest of it?

Sure! I have attempted to widen the wrist hole as much as possible and uploaded the file as 'IG_Forearm(ForGlove).stl' There is also a split version for smaller printers :)

Can you also widen the top of the palm where your finger goes through even if it is big I can’t make a fist

Sorry it seems like the part would be a little too thin - have you tried possibly sanding it at the front to allow for more finger movement? :)

Umm I have not printed it but you might want to use a different model for the forearm because it gets thicker and it might be a very tight fit. No offence to happy moon, this model is freaking awesomeness

If i wanted to make this human size, what size should it be? Cause that hand hole for the forearm is a bit small

I have uploaded files for the forearm with a wider hole at the wrist ('IG_Forearm(ForGlove).stl').
Sorry I still haven't printed this myself yet so I'm not sure about an exact size, although perhaps try measuring the size of your wrist/hand and scaling the model for a better fit :)

Thank you so much! Im measuring and prepping the files myself right now, Ive found that an ideal percentage for the gloves size is 70.51% of its original size This gives enough room for fingers and some padding for the hand and forearm! Again thank you so much, ive been searching for a good model for the gauntlet but havent found one with such great details! Even the infinity stones are epic!

Hey, I came to the same conclusion! 70% seems about right! However, I printed one of the fingers at 70% and it came no where near wearable, let alone enough room to fit a glove in :( So maybe print the fingers bigger, but that could change the proportions of the gauntlet tho :/

Thanks for letting us know! :)
Sorry to hear about the fingers, I was a bit cautious about making the opening too large because they were already a little thin.

Hmm ill try printing it myself, because ive done the measurements and they seem sound, then 70.51% should fit my fingers

Hey there HappyMoon! This model is amazing!!!!!! I just want to make sure of something before I start printing. The forearm piece is the same, regardless of whether it is for a glove or display, correct? Just want to make sure before I print the wrong one and have my hand not be able to fit through the hole. Thanks again for this amazing model!!!

Thanks! :D
I have recently uploaded files for the forearm but with a wider hole at the wrist called 'IG_Forearm(ForGlove).stl' which should work much better when used as a glove. (Will require some scaling though)
The other new file 'IG_Forearm_Split1(ForGlove).stl' is also designed to work with 'IG_Forearm_Split2.stl' which works for both the static replica and glove.
Hope that helps! :)

Awesome! Thanks! I can't wait to get this printed!!!

I think it is the same but you have to ask him

Hey HappyMoon! Awesome model! I'm trying to start this print for the glove version and the hand part has a few solid layers in the middle when slicing in S3D. Do you have an idea of what the fix might be for it? Thank you!!

Hi! I recently repaired the file a couple of days ago due to similar issues - perhaps try re-downloading the file as the new model seems to work fine on my end. :)

Yep! That worked! Thank you!

Awesome Model! thank you so much, you don't know how long I've wanted one of these!!
Can I ask you a huge favour, if its not too much trouble, can I get the finger parts for gloves, cut up, but without the front cut out? if you know what I mean?
Again, an awesome model, you are a legend!

I have uploaded new files with '(WithFront)' in their filenames which contain the finger pieces plus the front detail. Apologies I haven't tested these out myself so they may need a little sanding to fit and move properly.
Hope that helps! :)

you my friend, are amazing! thank you so much! I'll get my printer to work and I'll post my results! thank you again so much!

Sir, congratulations for making such an amazing model! And thank you for all the post updated repairs. Definitely going to make it and share the final results.

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. :)

Hey HappyMoon. This file is awesome thank you.

I have run into a problem with the split forearm it is creating a solid layer half way through the print. Any Ideas why?

Thanks Again I cant wait to print it.

Sorry about that! Turns out I repaired the file and forgot to upload it - the updated file should be up now :)

Awesome thank you

Hand for glove file isn't showing up in slic3r right or slicing properly.

Sorry about that! The file has been repaired and reuploaded :)

Amazing Infinity Gauntlet 3d File!!! I am new to 3d printing world. How can I reduce the size of each of these files so it fits a normal sized hand/forearm? Im using Print Studio and theres not a lot of options for resizing. Scale to Fit option is all I'm seeing. Any recommendations for how to size this down to human size lol ? Thanks in advance. Great job!!

Thanks! :D
Most slicers have an option to print the model at a certain percentage scale (eg. 200% would be twice the default size etc.)
The width of the palm is currently around 15cm, and the average human hand width is around 7.6cm (around 50%).
I would suggest possibly measuring the width of your hand, working out a percentage and then print one of the smaller pieces like the fingers or thumb just to test the scale without using too much material in case it doesn't fit.
Hope that helps! :)

Thanks for the advice. Ill definitely try this. Thanks you so much for the help. Ill post a photo if I can make it work.

Hey mate, I'm really close to finishing the glove and it's been amazing to print so far. I'm really impressed with the level of detail and it's one of if not the closest screen accurate model I've seen. I'm just after that missing piece of armor between the thumb and the palm

Thanks! :D
I've added a file called 'IG_Lower_Thumb(ForGlove).stl' which should be able to attach to the main hand piece and connect to the panel holding the green stone. I haven't tested this out yet though so please let me know if there are any issues with the file. :)

Can you fix the thumb web? That's the last part i have left to print

Sorry I couldn't get the mesh to slice properly, however I have uploaded a file to connect the thumb armour to the main hand called 'IG_Lower_Thumb(ForGlove).stl' which should hopefully work the same way.

index finger needs a repair too :) has missing facets.. still this is awesome you should see the students in class face :)

Sorry again! :) The rest of the fingers have been repaired and updated.
Thank you! :D

Hey do you think you could make the mind gem look how it is in the movies. Idk if this is a spoiler but vision's stone is actually much bigger and there is only a small part that can be seen from his forehead. I know in the Hasbro toy and in another 3d model it has a mound in the middle to show this.

Hi, I have scaled the mind stone upwards to give it a better, curved shape. This new file is called 'IG_YellowStone_Updated'.
Hope that helps! :)

thanks so much!

Great model! Just for clarification, is it wearable (Can you move your fingers and hand)?

Thanks! :D
The normal files are for a 50cm tall static replica, however files with 'ForGlove' in their filenames are hollowed out and can be attached to a glove (they are also scaled to 50cm so will most likely require additional scaling).

the thumb for the non fist model has a nasty split in the model when i go to print it literally slices the end of the thumb into two pieces. might take a peek at it, but hey its a great model i have mine painted with high output LEDs in it and so far its great, just no thumb :)

Could you post a pic please. I would love to see it.

Sorry about that! I've repaired it using 3D Builder and updated the file. Hope that helps, looking forward to seeing how it turns out! :D

I mean the thumb armour that goes over the web of your thumb connecting the thumb and the palm, it's not in filed

Sorry the mesh/webbing was causing some issues when slicing so I had to remove it - it was created using the wireframe modifier in Blender which isn't optimised for 3D printing.

Can you design one that is ?

Where is the piece of thumb armour

I dont mean to be a pain, but the forearm file seems to have a bug. throughout the print it adds in floor layers making the forearm not hollow at all.

Sorry about that! I imported the file into 3D Builder which detected a problem and seems to have repaired it. The file has now been updated.
Hope that helps and sorry again! :)

you need to a run a repair in netfabb

I can't make a fist when I'm wearing it is it too small?

Sorry I still haven't printed the files myself yet, but I would recommend either sanding the appropriate areas or possibly reprinting it a little larger. :)

Can you also add in a new file with a plate at the back of the stone holes?

The forearm has been split into 2 pieces and I have also added a version of the hand with plates behind the stone holes.
Hope that helps! :)

This is awesome! I have been looking for a file for this. I really appreciate your post. I have started printing right now so hopefully in a few days you will have your first "Make" posted. Let me know if you guys come up with any fixes or clenched fist fingers. Can't wait!

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out :D I've recently uploaded files for a fist pose with '(Fist)' at the end of their filenames if you're interested. :)

If it isn't too much trouble could you also split the wrist and forearm into 2 pieces? It might fit on my bed but I got a crappy printer and it might fail

Somebody please split the fingers I really wanna print it
For the bottom half somebody please split it into 2 so it's easier to print

Can you split the fingers, in the end I will put the pieces over a glove

I have hollowed out the fingers as well as the hand plate and thumb so that they can be mounted onto a glove - they will require scaling as they are currently at the same size as the normal files. These new files have 'ForGlove' in their filenames. :)

Why no finger joints

podrías mejorar los dedos para que el guantelete se pueda poner en la mano y usar ?

Lo siento, no estoy seguro de cómo hacer los dedos huecos, ya que actualmente se unen a la mano con una clavija. Sin embargo, las partes principales del guantelete son huecas por lo que una mano todavía debe caber dentro.

Sorry I'm not sure how to make the fingers hollow, as they currently attach to the hand using a peg. However the main parts of the gauntlet are hollow so a hand should still fit inside.

(Translated using Google Translate)

Thanks for sending the video! I've attempted something similar by hollowing out the fingers, handplate and thumb so the pieces can be mounted onto the glove. These files have 'ForGlove' in their filenames. :)

muuuuuuchas gracias! 10/10

thanks for answering

Your models are truly amazing

Thanks so much! :D

hey, great work. I have a question though...when i put the base into both my slicer software, it shows cracks throughout the base when ready to print is clicked

Ive tried netfabb and meshmixer but no joy, any help?

Sorry about that! I think it was due to several meshes intersecting each other - I've uploaded a file called 'IG_BaseFIXED.stl' which should hopefully work.

thank you so much..also now discovering though that the forearm is shutting s3d down when i click print? is it because the file size is too big?

sorry to be a pain butt before anyone else has problems :(

im seeing the same layer cracks in the hand file as well so maybe might justcheck through all the files? im only seeing it as im going through getting it all ready to print

I've updated the files and they should work now (fingers crossed!). I also created a lower-poly version of the forearm which will hopefully work much better.

Sorry and thanks again for letting me know! :)

No worries! Thanks for letting me know :) The forearm is quite a big file so I'll try decimating the mesh to lower the polycount - and I'll have a go at fixing the rest of the files too. It's most likely the same issue as they are also built up from intersecting meshes. :)

hey there, had some more time today to go through all the parts and the middle finger fixed stl is now broken in 2 places when preparing for print

Sorry about that! I've updated the file and it should be fixed now. :)

Looks awesome!! Can't wait to print this

WOW..!! Just today I was looking for a 3D model of this for printing..!! What a coincidence..!! It looks beautiful

Are you planning to split the fingers for a "closed fist" look?

Awesome job

Apologies for the delay, but I have uploaded files for a closed fist pose with '(Fist)' in their filenames. Unfortunately the fingers were intersecting the hand plate quite a bit so I had to make both the hand and fingers one file.
Thanks again! :)

Haha that's awesome :D I'll definitely give it a go!

I have my next project. I will have to slice the model up a bit to fit my 200x200 print bed but that should be easy.
The gems might be clear pla with LEDs or maybe cast in resin.

Good luck! Can't wait to see how it turns out :D