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Surprise Egg #6 - Tiny Jet Fighter

by agepbiz May 1, 2018
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Is it possible to print it with a Flashforge Finder?

I just can't get the wings to move!

The Finder should be able to print this if it is well calibrated. Make sure to use no support structures. Print it at 0.1mm layer height. Use good quality filament. Make sure the printer is notvoverextruding and not oozing or stringing. Do not print at too high or low print temperature

I’m using a Robox 3D printer and I’ve printed it 3 times and the wings won’t move should I print it vertically because last time I tried it horizontally. Is Robox’s filament good quality? Also do you recommend a slower print speed?

It needs to be printed vertically in the orientation the file is created. Do not use support structures. If parts are fusing check your print temperature and also make sure the printer is not overextruding. Recommended layer height is 0.1mm

Thank you, I will give it a Shot when I Have the time

I just printed one for each of my fifth grade students-29! I added a brim to help to stabilize the jets, and that helped a lot. Thanks for your very cool work!

I Printed it with a MP Mini and the newest version of Cura. (Cura 4.0) I printed with 0.18 mm layer height and a raft. It works on the first try! Amazing!

Thats great! I would love to see the make

Any advice. I get about 1/3 printed with a brim or skirt, on mirror with glue stick, 210/60 35mm and the right wing tombstones up and away. I've tried it 3 times now. .1mm height PLA. I have tried printing it in the y and x orientation to reduce jitter. Ender 3, which is printing perfectly.

did you ever get this resolved? Im trying to print it and the right wing keeps tombstoning on me too.

I would start testing by increasing the bed temp a bit

Thank you for this great model!

Hey, nice projects!! Do you think you can make some more? even for girls? My cousin is visiting me soon and I need something for present ;)

What do u mean for girls, these are not gender specific

Do you think it's possible to scale this up by maybe 300-400%? For a full sized model?

Yes indeed. I have printed it at 300%. Photo is of 100%, 200% and 300%

Here is a video with time lapse of the 200%

Stian, I love these! But, my Ultimaker 2+ fused the egg hinge and jet wings also. Guess I wasn't up to the challenge. :o)
I've edited the pieces and opened the tolerances slightly to make it easier to print. But, your share is marked "no derivatives". You don't want modifications shared? That's ok if so.
Great work on these. They are very nice!

Yes I noticed it too all his files are setup with extra tight tolerances but once you loosen them up bam great prints! I think if you want them to work with the original file you have to upscale them a lot plus use 0.1 in the settings which takes forever to print anything! I did all kinds of tests, fine-tuned my printers, bed leveled, tightened belts screws the works but nothing until I modded the file in blender.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjrlgKNw93M I modified the file and bam! Works great!

I had much better results by turning my "extrusion multiplier" down to 0.9. This reduced the amount material enough to keep most of the joints lose. But, some i still open the joints a tiny bit to make it easier. But, marked with "no derivatives" we cannot share our modifications. I totally respect that. I'm just happy he shares his models. Everyone loves them.

Thank you for respecting that!
There are many factors at play when it comes to being able to print these. Over extruding is as you say a big point. Other things such as wrong printing temperatures, stringing, retraction and blobs in the joints, loose belts and threads on the printer, or poor filament quality to mention a few obvious culpits. I dont expect every one to be able to print them articulated, after all I make these as a challenge to push myself and the printers to the limit.

Very cool! I made the mistake of taking the 300mm model and scaling it down to 50mm. Guess what? The wings didn't work. But I see now (smack my forehead) it was my fault. The bigger models have tighter tolerances for better printing of the larger dimensions. So when I scaled it down, I made everything print super tight together. I'm trying this again, but this time I'm starting with the little guy and uniform scaling it up to 50mm height. I just thought I would point out and share my error for others to see. Most of the time guys, the designers are not to blame. You have to remember that we all have different printers with different dimensional accuracy, and we all use different filaments. If something doesn't work for you, go back and read the instructions more thoroughly. I've designed a few things with tight tolerances and fitment based around the use of PLA, and then people will try to print it in ABS and then complain to me that it doesn't work. Different plastics have different shrink rates and print characteristics. So next time you think the designer made an error, try adjusting your settings for a better print. Lets all learn from our errors so we can get better and better.

Thanks! Also people don't take into consideration that cheap filaments often isn't the best and might give bad prints. I don't expect everyone to be able to print these since since I have made them as a challenge to myself and to push the limits of my printers, they are intentionally hard to print, but yeah scaling them up will make them easier to print

You did a fantastic job on the curves of the F-14. I love it's practicality as an easy make toy for the little guy. I do realize that your models inside the eggs all articulate in one way or another, but I wouldn't mind seeing more jets of various kinds. I wouldn't even care if they functionally move or not. I guess the kid in me just loves jets! I would especially like to see an A-10. Keep up the great work man!

Thank you! Yeah the F-14 is one of my favorite models :) I have no plans for more jets at the moment, but who knows. I will however probably not loose the articulation on these models. I love the A-10, but at a first glance I don't see a way to design and print it without using support structures, which is also something I want to avoid using

I just installed some smoothers on my printer... thought they would help improve things so I could print your mini jet but for some strange reason they ended up inverting the motors... strange... instead of homing correctly the motors want to go the opposite way until they hit the end and make a rattling sound... any ideas on how to fix that?

Make sure you did the wiring correct

Bought the smoothers from Gearbest which usually is fine but for some reason no matter which way I turn the chip or connect the wires the motors shoot the opposite direction when I hit home... Wonder if it is just a case of bad quality control on the chips and they have inverted chipboard connections? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSw4tOCRNbo

i remember watching a video where they changed stepper drivers, and there is a setting somewhere to invert stepper motors

Oh please! Send me the link that would be an awesome tutorial to try!

It printed ok in the end but had to scale it up a lot way more than the 300 version starting from the smallest version as you suggested. My printer is new so all tight etc... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99YdYbnPkmc

A new printer does not necessary mean it is all tight and calibrated. There are many factors at play here. bad filament, bad bed leveling, wrong slicer setting or simply a bad printer. What is your printer by the way? Upscaled to 300% there should by more than enough tolerance, and it most likely ends up way to loose. I don't expect all printers to be able to print these at 100% since these are made as stresstesters, and I make them as a way to push the limits of my printers, and is a fast and fun way to dial them in. In your video you mention resin printers, actually resinprinters struggle to print models like these, even the high end Form2, this is because the gears and cavities traps resin that is hard to get rid of and cures inside. I have been working on making a resin printer version of this model, but it requires a lot of redesigning and draining holes for resin had to be added

I suggest downloading and print Maker's Muse Tolerance Test, it might give you an idea of how well your printer handles clearance

I tried it on the Eris Seemecnc and the Alfawise U3 both really good printers considering their price point. I am running more tests and think the Alfawise may be able to handle the task better. Could have been a layer height issue with the Alfawise as I had it up to 0.3... guess 0.1 or 0.15 may fix it.

Yeah, definitely print these at 0,1mm. Lower layer height handles overhang better, and thus better quality and less fusing

One of the coolest 3d prints i have seen! I hope my printer can handle it!

Your model is brilliant! The design is flawless esthetically speaking! The only issue I am having is I can't get the wings to move... I printed it vertically and horizontally but it was no use... wonder if you could help loosen the tolerances for the cheaper printers that are not so precise?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEojKXjBpL0

Thanks! This model needs to be printed vertically, horizontal wont work. Also make sure you don't have support structures turned on. If you struggle with printing it bigger, try upscaling the original one and not print the ones called 200 and 300, they have less clearance between the parts for those who think the model gets too loose at bigger size

You can try to lower your print temperature and make sure you z-level is good. You shouldn't have an issue after that. The tolerance is already pretty loose.

Oh cool! I will try just upscaling without using the 200 -300 models... haven't tried that plus reducing the temperature! thanks for the tips... if all fails I will throw the model into blender and fix it in there... I have to have a working jet! The model is just gorgeous!

This is probably an easy question to answer, but how do you get the wings to move? I am using a Makerbot Replicator 2x and can't seem to get them to move. Everything else works fine.

Try printing at a lower temperature and making sure your 1st layer is good.

If the surface looks smooth and the printer is not overextruding they should open without much problems. Some tiny amount of force might be necessary the first time, but If they break you might need to look at your slicer settings

I know that the jet is 38mm as it says on a photo. But say i wanted to print the egg so the jet would go in at the normal size, how tall will the egg be just in case my printer changes the size?

Comments deleted.

As a tribute to these cute planes, I've made a runway


Thanks again for the planes :-)

Tiny Jet Fighter Runway

Anyone else have one wing print outside the fuselage? It's the same wing every time for me. I've rotated it, slowed it waaay down (25mm/sec, 8mm/sec jerk etc) it's always the same wing, it prints stuck to the outside of the jet. The rest of the print comes out flawlessly, I don't understand.

I'm slicing with Cura 3.6. I'm using an 8mm brim. I've tried the built in Cura profiles for my printer (Ender 3) and I've tried my usual PLA profile, which is pretty much perfect for everything else I print.

I'm on five failed prints now with the exact same issue, any ideas?

What! That is so strange! What does the gcode preview look like? I assume it does not slice like this? Does the nozzle knock it over during print?

Crazy right? The layer preview looks perfect.

I downloaded Slic3r PE and modified it for the Ender3 with a set of config files I found on github and it printed out perfectly on the first try. I left it at all default settings except layer heights (.16 with .20 initial) and line widths (.4 for all). The pre-sets for speed and jerk were pretty violent! Still printed perfectly.

I noticed Slic3r was z hopping during layer change and I don't have Cura set to do that so I suspect you're right and my nozzle was hitting it, just odd that it only happened to the one wing and it didn't matter which rotation I used. Happy to have it printed though, regardless. It's awesome!

If you have problems with adhesion and don't like to use the brim - use skirt as in picture.
Just set distance 0.15 and 3-5 lines.

Greatly helps for adhesion and easy to remove, much easier than the brim, because it circles only outside.

I am writing to thank you for this design. The printing on an Ender 3 printer was fantastic, the wheels articulated, many details, the egg really hard to keep it from breaking, you are an artist. My nephew is really happy with these surprises, Thank you very much indeed

Thank you for the comment

Definitely there is an issue with CURA when trying to print it. The hinge area gets fused with the wings. Attached image of the layer preview.

Im a bit confused of different versions of Cura, never used Cura before. What version are you running? I downloaded and tested Cura 3.6.0 but was unable to reproduce your error. This is what I got, and it looks correct to me

Version: 15.04.6. Release date: Jun 7, 2016. For Windows*
The one that comes in the SD with MP Select Mini


Looks like an update is needed? A lot has been improved when it comes to slicer software the last two and half years

You are right, I just updated CURA and the layer view now looks good.

I do appreciate your assistance.

I'm going to give the broken prints to my niece and I will keep the good ones. Muuuuahahaha ~evil laugh~

Thats strange! I'll take a look at it asap, just in case there are some issues with the mesh. What nozzle size are you using? This was designed for a 0,4mm nozzle. This is how it should look: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bqn3-HbCDub

Monoprice Select Mini, 0.4mm nozzle. I tried 9 times with CURA (all the models and different settings) until I decided to look at the slicer view, then I found that CURA is having issues at the hinge. I sliced it with SLIC3R and it came perfect.

I'm new to 3D printing and decided to try this print and it worked great. I had to add a brim because on my first attempt one of the plane's wing tips lifted.

Thanks for these models they're all very cool. I printed the 300% variation of the jet; 0.15 layer height, 4 top, bottom, perimeters. 20% infill, and the wings won't fully extend. They hard stop not very far out and I really don't want to break it trying to for them open. What could have gone wrong?

This was the first thing I printed after the file that came with my new Ender-3. The egg printed great on the first try! I had some trouble with the wings getting knocked over before the print got high enough for them to be attached, but adding a brim and trying a few times it printed well.

My daughter asked for a puppy dog or a tiny horse to be in an egg. She loves the jet, but it wouldn’t be her first choice.

I promised a pic so here is the egg to go with the jet I printed a few days ago. Looking good!


I printed this 2 times, but the wings are not moving. :/ Geeetech prusa i3 pro, nozzle 190°C, bed 30 °C, cooling max, flow 95%, 40mm/s. Any idea? I use the hungarian Philament.eu silver, but this looks like a low-temperature PLA. If I print this material over 195°C it looks like other PLA printed on 210 °C

I bet you are using CURA.

It is hard to tell. Can you provide me with a photo of the print? If it looks coarse on the outside it has probably fused on the inside. You can try to upscale it to 150-200% that will help on the tolerance

Well, after a few unsuccessful attempts (wings fused, fell over, etc), I managed to get the jet printed on my Ender 3... and the wings move!! It needed a brim, setting a 95% extrude flow, and slowing the printer to 50mm/s that got things on the right track.

I (and my kids) love these eggs... on to the car carrier next! Thanks!

Great! I am glad you was able to print it in the end! Feel free to upload a photo to the make section, I would love to see it! I just got a Ender 3 myself and designed and printed the Car Carrier on it so I can confirm it will handle it :) My speed on the Ender 3 was 40mm/s

lol 300% also makes a huge egg to go with the model plane. i love this one! we have the skid loader it worked so well now i see a whole line these are so awesome! thanks so much for taking your time to do these designs and share them with us. they print so perfect for us simply incredible how you made the tolerances so well. keep going you have a real talent for this. i can't wait to see what you make next!

I don't want to come off as an ingrate, I'm not and I think these designs are incredible, but could you consider designing a few for girls? My daughter I'm sure would love jet fighters and construction vehicles but she'd flip over a pony or baby doll in an egg. Perhaps you can adopt some designs already on here for an egg? (See, for example: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1510605 ; https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:21076 ) or perhaps something more gender neutral like any number of animals (see: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2847707)?

rearing ponicorn
by bs3
Mane 6 models MLP:FIM
Animals for Tabletop Gaming!
by mz4250

I love these! Haven't tried printing yet, as I'm still getting acquainted with my printer... I have a... Request? Idea? Fervent wish?

My son somehow got a little dinosaur toy (probably from a kinder egg or somesuch) It looks like a normal dinosaur, but it can be opened up to reveal a removable skeleton. Seeing your models I have little doubt you could design something like this, but of course my question is, would you be interested in creating something like this?

Thanks for sharing design. My daughter did a print. it seems we have over extrusion in bottom layer. it only happens when we printer round object which are smaller on bottom and bigger in middle (like an egg in this print).any suggesting how to solve this?

I dont know :( It kind of looks lile some heating issue. Try lowering the printspeed, lower the extrusion temperature and perhaps try to add a fan towards the printed parts during print

I simultaneously love you and hate you for making this model! I am brand new to 3d printing and happened upon this model. I realize the point is to be a stress test, but I absolutely love the design of this so I wanted to print it just to have it. I now realize that I have a lot of work to do before I can reach my goal of having my very own copy of this lol. 5 failed attempts later I'm getting closer but still have work to do!

Thank you and I'm sorry? :) What kind of problems do you run into? Problems with adhesion? Fused parts? Do you print using my recommended settings? What is your printer? Feel free to post photos of the failed attempts here and I'll take a look

Hah, thanks for your reply! No need to apologize, my comment was in jest and intended to be a compliment. Of all of the wonderful things I've found on this site yours appeals to me most so that is a high complement :D

It's admirable that you would offer to help, but the issues I'm having seem to be of the typical newbie learning curve. I will exhaust my other resources before bothering you. If you like I may be convinced to post a retrospect once finished for other newbies to learn from :)

Comments deleted.

Your Surprise Egg Series is one of the best things on Thingiverse today. I look forward too seeing what you come up with in the future. This last Easter I printed out 3 of each of your previous egg designs (minus the eggs) for my 4 grandchildren to find. Big Hit. Thank you.

Thank you so much for the nice words! It really fuels my motivation!
Best regards

Dear Ervik,
Thank you very much for these beautiful models. I think these are some of - if not - the best I have ever seen in Thingiverse. Ever since I discovered the 3D printers in my neighborhood's Tool Library (https://torontotoollibrary.com/) I got hooked! The F-14 is my favorite jet fighter so I was thrilled when I discovered you had designed a miniature with movable wings. Amazing. I wanted to ask if you'd take commissions or if you'd post videos of the design process. I want to do something similar to what you did with the F14, but with this other fighter jet from the movie "Stealth" (https://www.deviantart.com/diasmon/art/F-A-37-Talon-2-gif-303469024). I would like to learn more about your steps to design this mini jet fighter or give you the commission if you are interested. Look forward to hear from you!

Thank you for the nice words! I usually dont do commissions mainly because I dont have much spare time available. I do have a full time job as a 3d designer for a company, so these projects are just a hobby. I have made videos about the design process of a few othe projects, but these surprise egg projects are a lot of trial and error, a very iterative process, so it is hard to document. I recently did a Q&A here on Thingiverse. I did post a photo of the design stages of the f14, it might be interesting? https://www.thingiverse.com/groups/thingiverse/forums/the-designer-corner/topic:30341
Best regards

Hi Stian,
Thank you for your quick response to my comment. I would also like to add that you do a great job when you do document the design and development process. The videos are succinct and to the point. Well edited and thought. Thanks for pointing me to the photos of the design stages of the f14. I see what you are referring to when you say "trial and error" and "iterative". My design software of choice is Sketchup. And I don't have a 3D printer at home, so I have to rely on 3D printing services such as Shapeways to test my designs/mods, which can be costly.
If you do decide to take on commissions, please let me know. If you have time to do more documentation, I would be curious about the design process of:

  1. Mapping from a 2D blueprint/reference over to a 3D shape.
  2. Creating complex shapes with curvatures (e.g. the f14's cockpit and nose).
  3. Creating hollow shapes that map to other shapes (i.e. the surprise egg that accommodates the miniatures or the hinges that allow for the miniatures to have movement)
  4. How to create the little dimples that secure wings into position in F14

Or if you know of videos that do explain more on this design processes, I'd be grateful.

Look forward to your next design (hopefully another cool jet! in an egg surprise)

I kept having trouble with the left wing. It moved about halfway through the print. I mirrored it in Cura to see if the right wing would start giving me trouble, but it printed great using the mirror. I added my make.

Wanted to tell you thank you for your eggs. My son loves them and we have a 4 yo in the family who is going to as well. I couldn't believe when my firetruck moved with the first print since I just got my Anet A8 and didn't know what to expect. When I get a nice print of them I will post them since you have asked people so nicely. I just need to figure out the wings, but it sounds like i'm not the only one.

Thanks! Yeah the wings do have tiny contact surface. My prints have never fallen off, but I do have acrylic non heated bed with glue stick for adhesion. Not sure how i behaves on a heated bed. I guess you could try a raft on this one as a last resort?

I can confirm that a raft simplifies issues with the wings coming off the bed. I eventually got it to work without as well, but my first successful print was with a raft.

On a heated bed I haven't had to many problems with it moving. I'm using blue tape on the bed. My problem is that I changed filament colors and the new stuff is not working nearly as well for me. The wings print but don't want to move. I did end up with 1 model where they did move. I was really excited but it was still pretty ugly. Its just a game to dial in parameters. I have only printed a handful of things so I think I'm doing ok.

Printed the larger 200 and 300 size on my M200. Works great!!

Thats awesome! I sure would love it if you upload a photo as a make, I enjoy seeing them

Ok it’s boggling my mind. I have to know how you design a hinge that you can print in place. Any good sources?

Haha! I dont have any sources, but I do learn a lot by reverse engineer stuff. I guess slicing this model and inspect the toolpath layer by layer is a good way to see how it is made? Printers are great at printing bridges over short distances and a lot of vertical placed hinges and wheels are tapered at the bottom and top

i'm excited to print this!!
my kids LOVED the other surprise eggs (printed for this past Easter). i'm sure they'll both love this one too! :)

Awesome! I hope you will upload the make this time as well? I enjoy seeing the photos :)

Superb model! This plane is my first successful Print In Place object. Total success on the first print following the OPs guidelines on bone stock CR-10. Layer .1, line width .4, wall width 1.2 (3 shells), PLA 190. I think the rest is up to good bed level and material settings dialed in towards the cooler end.

I know this was posted in June so you may have your printer a little more dialed in by now but from the picture it looks to have just a slight bit of over extrusion that you can dial back a little bit and great job!

Just saw the upload. Thank you!

Thank you! I am glad you was able to print it! Thank you for the photo, but I will help me a lot it if you upload it as a make as well. Just click "I made one" and upload it. It will help me a lot and make it easier for others to se the photo

Love the model! I've printed the forklift, the excavator, and 7 planes. The forklift and excavator arms and forks move just fine. The wings on the plane seem to be fusing. There is a small visible space between the surface of the wings and planes body. I'm printing on a Makerbot Replicator 2, .1mm layer, 50% speed, I've tried 15, 17, 20, 25% infill with diamond, and hexagon pattern. What software are you using to prepare your prints? I'm running Makerbot Desktop. I'd like to try using your exact settings if you would share. I've got the printer pretty well dialed in.

Hmm, that sounds strange. Is the gap visible in the preview as well? Feel free to upload screenshots of the preview and photos of the failed print here so that I can take a look. I have not used Makerbot Desktop in a while because it was missing a few settings and features that I wanted. I was also not able to get 0,1mm layer height on my prints, If I counted the layers it was far less than it shoud have been even though 0,1 was selected. I bought Simplify3D a while back and out of the box I got a lot better results, so for me it was very worth the investment. Do you have the default nozzle? 0,4mm? If you have a different nozzle the perimeters might slice different giving you slightly different results

Actually figured out how to get it to go open. Required a bit of muscling the wings out to "break" any fused filament. I changed my active cooling speed fan to 100% after layer 3. I might have to look into Simplify 3D, so allow for more printing options. Does it have the ability to change the temperature on the first few layers? I hate printing on rafts.

Thats great! Yes it is easy to set different temperatue at different layer heights in S3D

Iv printed the egg twice with it being stuck, wings on jet were to at settings, 109% extrusion ratio, going to try egg at 101% scale and 95% extrusion ratio, egg at .15mm layers , jet at .1
going to try lower ratio tomorrow, will post pictures when i get it working

What are the tolerances on the regular sized plane? Mine fused together when printing on my Anet A8.

Between 0,25mm and 0,3mm

Okay. I think my printer needs some calibration, because usually I have no problem printing 0.2mm gaps. Or maybe it is the orientation of the moving parts. :)

I tried printing for a Form2 SLA printer and the egg and plane wings are both fused. Seems like most people are using the FDM style printers to make this...

Yeah, someone I know did the same, printed it on a form2. Same issues, parts got fused. The problem for them though was not the tolerance nor the quality (the quality was perfect) but due to the viscosity of resin it was hard to get rid of it from the cavities and joints, so it cured/fused. They was thinking about trying to get rid of the trapped resin using compressed air, but have not done so yet. I think some designtweaks are necessary for the models to print correctly on DLP/SLA. I would love to get my hands on a DLP or SLA printer to design for it, but I dont have the money to do so now.

Thanks for the reply. The print looks amazing on the outside. I agree it seems that resin goes into the joints and cures and sticks everything together in the printing process.

I am happy to test designs for you.

Hi. hopeing for abit of advice here.

Ive tryed to print the plane 15 times or so (havent counted) and the nozzle keeps knocking off one of the wings from the build plate about 5mm up in the print.

Ive done a decent print at 95% flowrate and a brim to keep it in place but since im trying to fine tune my printer i would like to do it without the brim like everyone else..

I have tryed lowerering the flow rate slowly (last fail at 70%) and increasing my retraction to 8mm instead of my usual 6,5mm and turning off my retraction all with the same result. Printing in PLA with bed: 60C. First layer 210 and 15mm´s other layers at 205 and 70mm´s. And im useing a PVA gluestick.
Printing on an Ultimaker 3

Any idea´s? (Great model btw.)

Try using a brim. My first attempt it got knocked off. After using a brim it printed no issues and my wings actually move. The brim was pretty easy to remove because it is only one layer thick.

Have you tried not using heat on the bed? Perhaps it will adhere a bit better since the contact surface on this model is so tiny? Also make sure the room temperature is under control. I remember I used to have issues with prints curling and getting loose when I printed with a window open. The draft made the temperature unstable

Now tryed with bed at 40 and 20 and it still fails.. i think im just gonna give up and go with a brim today :p

What if you turn the heat all the way off? I print mine using acrylic bed and gluestick (not heated bed)

Its 20 degrees outside and 25 or so in here so i dont think putting it at 0 will make a difference.. but i might try it later. just printing one with a brim and still got 42 mim. left on it

Thanks for the advice. just tryed lowering the print speed to 50mm´s and it just failed.. ill try lowering the bed temperature.

My first attempt and the wings move. Based on the comments I was expecting fused wings and to have to modify my filament extrusion percentage, etc. Very happy it worked on my first print. Well second, because I did not use a brim the first time and the little parts moved and after a bit of spaghetti I stopped the print and resliced it with a brim. So, I recommend everyone use a brim when you print the little, tiny airplane. I will post photos later when my egg is done printing. :-D

That is great! I have not yet needed a brim on my prints, but yes the contact surface on this one is tiny :) I have acrylic bed and use gluestick. I am looking forward to the photos

Photos posted.

Thank you! I appreciate it!

I couldn't print it like it supposed to print.
I've tried two times and the two times was a bad printing.
I love the model.

Thanks! I am sorry you was not able to print it. What kind of problem did you have? did you try the small one or the bigger ones?

I've tried two times the smaller one with a 0.1 layer height.

What went wrong? Did the parts get fused? Did it fall over?

The parts get fused and it has bad layers in some areas.

Also if you take a photo of the failed print and upload it here it might be easier to identify the problem

Fused parts is usually a sign of overextruding (unless it is the bad layers that do fuse). If overextruding I would try to lower the feed rate in the slicer. In Simplify3D this setting is called "Extrusion Multiplier", not sure what it is called in other slicers

I don't know how to do what you suggest but I'll research.
Maybe I will try a bigger model soon and see what happens.
Thank you for your reply.

what slicer do you use?

printing now and struggling with the jet fighter.
by the way my nephew LOVES LOVES LOVES his eggs. his older brother told him that eggs are unbreakable so he threw one on the ground and it broke into pieces so I made him another.
I will post pictures when i'm done. doing it in light grey for now but might switch to this iron gray I got once I nail the settings.

Haha! Thank you for sharing the story!
What kind of struggle do you have with the jet?

The wings. I’ve tried printing very slowly at 200% and at 85% extrusion. They’re fused.

You should do an attack helicopter next. And then a tank. Then I'll go print a couple hundred of them and have a mini battlefield to play with.

On the construction side of things, you still need to do a mobile crane and a cement mixer. After that we can call it good. Of course you could continue on and do things like the Unimog and the Arocs, and then dabble around with making a cherrypicker and whatever those big flat lifting things they around WalMart and Home Depot are called. Then you could have a "master collection" to show your friends.

This is my new benchy. Will need a carrier for them.

Love your collection. My kids do as well!

I printed on a FF Creator Pro. Used about 92-94% extrusion multiplier. I also printed these bigger at 163% and at 200% scale, each time increasing the extrusion multiplier, eventually to 100%. I had some fused wings when my extrusion was too high for this design.

Thank you for the time you put into this work. Cheers!

These are awesome!! I always look forward to your new "surprise eggs"

Thank you very much!

Your "surprise egg" designs are truly amazing. Huge congrats!!

what sofware u used to create the negative on the egg

Solidworks can easily subtract the solids.

Yeah 3ds do have compound objects to do that as well, but the negatives are not just a clean negative. The shapes have been expanded and simplified a lot. So they do require manually editing

I make these with 3ds Max. They are made using polymodelling, and the negative is partial manually modelled

Thanks for the great design on this egg and plane. I have a Prusa MK3. I use Slic3r PE to slice all my files. When slicing the egg I see a couple of missing layers. I attached a picture. Any idea what's happening here?

Strange. I dont use Slic3r so I am unable to test. It looks fine in Simplify3D. At what resolution did you slice it? Have you tried 0,1mm? Somehow this looks like just an preview issue

Thanks for the reply. I didn't notice until I did the actual print. I printed the egg at .2mm layer height. Definitely not just in the preview, the separation is there in the final print. I'm not familiar with S3d yet. I'm going to slice this using Cura and see what happens.

I have uploaded an updated egg. Please let me know if you have the chance to test it, preferably using Slic3r PE to see if the problem is gone

I was also experiencing a missing layer on the egg in Slic3r PE and your new upload fixed mine as well. Thanks for doing that. I've had someone tell me one of the models I made had a missing layer in Simplify3d.. would you mind telling me what you changed so I might be able to fix my model as well? Much appreciated.

For me it was just overlapping faces and a few vertices that would not weld because of that in the mesh. It was very hard to discover if it was not for the screenshot of the missing layer. But basically it was a sloppy mistake when I made the model

Thanks for the info. I made this jet and it turned out great; I'll try looking for overlaps in my model as well. Keep up the great work! If you're looking for ideas I would try making a lull, steam roller, road working equipment or some form of ship next. Cheers!

No problem. Cool, I would love it if you uploaded the make as a "I made one", that would help me a lot and it is always super fun to see other peoples makes. Steam Roller has been in the back of my head, but so far I have not yet solved how to make it print in place

I will upload a make when I print the egg :) if you want to make a steam roller it will need to be printed sideways, most likely with both the roller and the rear wheel or wheels tapered and captivated on both ends. Oh! Actually I have a model I can upload of a spherical connection I designed that might be really useful for you. Do you use solidworks, or what type of file format should I attach?

Thanks! Yeah, it needs to be printed sideways like most of my vehicles with wheels, and the roller will be made the same way, but the roller will be missing the big frame that keeps it in place on the side towards the bed, and that is something I want to avoid due to esthetic reasons. Thanks, I would love to inspect your model. I use 3ds Max, but .obj will do

I've attached a .obj and a solidworks file which you may be able to import. This is a prototype spherical joint I've been working on but I think you might find it useful. The premise is that it is entirely enclosed and prints as a solid part then must be rotated to "break free" at the weak point (bottom). It's very easy to break free as it was designed to do so, and the joint is quite strong.

Thank you for checking into this issue. I will check the new file tonight, in Slic3r, and let you know.

Ok, the new file looks right great in Slic3r. Thanks for fixing this.

Good! Thank you for the feedback!

Hmm, I do see some issues with the mesh around there, not sure if that is what is causing the missing layers though. I'll look into it and upload a new version of the egg asap. Thanks!

I LOVE THESE EGGS!!! I have printed all of them multiple times, and love them! Can you do a timelapse of you making the next egg? If you don't have a screen recorder, try Ezvid.

Thank you :) I would love to see the makes, please upload more of them photos! :D
I think a timelapse would be very messy to look at, I work very on and off on my projects due to my young kids and the timespan of the prosjects. I did make a timelapse of the megaphone I recently made, but I only recorded the basemesh modelling, which is just 5% of the modelling. All the internal modelling an tweaking is a bit hard and boring to capture :) But I'll keep it in the back of my mind, and might try to record something sometime

Here is the megaphone video with timelapse:

I printed the 200% version and it came out quite well. The jet's wings won't open completely, but they only do that for landing and takeoff anyway, so I'm not complaining. For both prints I used 0.100 mm layer height and 0.200 extrusion width, even though my printer has a 0.400 mm nozzle. The egg printed in 13 1/4 hours and the plane in 1 1/5 hours.

An interesting tidbit about this plane (the real one) is that the lever that controls the wing sweep moves forward to open the wings, and back to sweep them. Many pilots thought this was backwards, since they move the throttle control forward to go fast and back to go slow.

How well does the plane itself scale?

I have included upscaled versions of the plane. 200% and 300% where I have adjusted the tolerance a bit to make it less wobbly

By the way and a bit off topic: any tips for improving the tolerance when modeling?
I'm trying to model an air powered piston and either the movment rails and rubber band are too tight or they are too loose..
Using Fusion 360
Thanks :)

I use 3ds Max and do polymodelling. The tolerance is a hard nut because so many factors come into play. It really depends on what kind of articulated part you are making, what printer you use and slicing settings, feed rate and such, ambient temperature, temperature of the filament and the quality of filament. I try to keep the tolerance at 0,25mm or higher. But it doesnt matter what the tolerance is if the print quality is bad

awesome i'll printing all these out soon. One request if you do request. Thomas the train. I see you already have a model that would be cool.

Printed the jet at twice the size and came out great :D
My sister want one too with iron filled PLA.
In the weekend I plan to print the egg at twice the size

Awesome! Any chance you could uploade a few photos as a make? It would be fun to see the makes :)

i will when i print more :)

nice one again.
when i have print time availible i will print it :-) (printer is 24/7 at the moment).

Maybe for a new design a Tank with moving barrel and turrent

Thanks! Yeah a tank is definately on my to-do list. Not sure what to do with the belts though.. It would be a shame if they where static, but then again there is no way to make something like that print-in-place at such a small scale as I can think of

Also for some reason printing the smallest plane result in the left wing fusing with the tail..
I reduced the flow rate to 95% and have set a good retraction + Z hop.
How can I fix that?

Hard to tell. Can you upload a photo of the faild print here? We might spot the issue. If you struggle with parts getting fused and therefore wants to print the bigger planes you might want to choose the small one and upscale it yourself. The bigger ones I have added have some tolerance adjustments done to them so they might also fuse

It might be a bit hard to see in this picture..
Will try to scale up the smallest jet to twice the size and print it again.
I hope the eggs scale too

the egg scale up?
if i print it at 300% then the biggest plane will fit inside?

Personally I think 300% is a bit to big. Since this model was designed to be printed tiny the wings do not have any profile. This becomes very apparent at 300%. 200% look better imo

It should, but I have not tested it myself

I just finished the 300 plane - going to do a 300 egg - will post when its all done

Here is the 300 jet and egg and compared to the original. The egg suffered a bit from the massive up scaling but that's expected. Still came up sensational.

Wonderful! I love the colors! Can you also upload these as a "make" so they are seen better? That will help me a lot

Hi, printed the jet, and it looks great, but the wings are fused into place. Any ideas?

Your printer might be over extruding. Try lowering the feedrate. I use Simplify3D and in S3D this setting is called "Extrusion Multiplier"

super impressed by this latest edition, well done.

This is going straight to the printer :)

have u tried filling it with gallium metal?

Haha, that would be fun. Although the shape in the egg is less detailed that the plane itself