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DIY Life-Size Terminator Arm Lamp

by OneIdMONstr Apr 30, 2018
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Fantastic build, thank you so much for creating and posting.

Any recommendations on the cable size and where to buy please?

And also where to purchase the round head nails.....I'm in the U.K by the way.

Thank you again.

EDIT.... I'm looking at the pictures more closely from people who have made this and it seems as though they are using 2mm Diameter flat head screws rather than the head @OneIdMONstr dome head screws in the original post?

Hi, this is my first comment. I just finished printing this EndoArm on my Ender 3 and completely love it! Even my non sci-fi wife thinks it’s cool. I had the same issues as others with printing the small cylinders and rods and the tall arm rods even with rafts and slowing down the print speed. . I ended up having to lay these flat. I used silk silver filament and didn’t do any painting. I did do some minor sanding of support surfaces but consider this as battle damage and part of the character of the piece. Thanks for the great models!

Thank you for sharing! :)

Love projects like this...awesome

Just finish this print lot of work. Give it lots of time to dry when you spray it silver I used holts aluminium spray just won't dry and if you touch it you leave finger prints in the paint.

You must be doing something wrong then, or the paints no good, maybe you didn't shake the can long enough? I used Chrome and for the end finish with an acrylic wash over it to give it dirtier look like its been found in the rubble, i also gave mine a coat of clear coat to seal it. havent finsihed yet, just got the finger parts to prep and paint.

Has anyone mounted the wrist pivot (the slotted ball from hand_extras) in a way that it can move? I'm not sure if I just need to sand down the ball and socket but if I put a bolt through the hole that's provided the wrist can only pivot from side to side - not front to back.

Great job, it looks awesome! i'm currently printing mine, although as mentioned below i will use 8mm Aluminium tube, so just altered the parts in Tinkercad.

Iv'e also split the parts that have rods, so i can print just the end pieces, that way i can find the appropriate size rod and use that instead, which will be nice and smooth, so far i've found aluminium tube and have bought different size Acrylic tube to fit them.

Very cool! Hope you share the end result! :)

stupid question, but does the instructions list how many of the parts you need to print for each? or do you just print what's in the files section?

A rod of 8mm is probably easier to find - as this size often are used on 3D printers :-)
Could you maybe create a version for a rod of 8mm in diameter instead of 8.6mm ?

Yeah, im using a piece of 8mm aluminium tube, i just altered the parts for it

Comments deleted.


I got the same printer as you Anycubic I3 Mega, and I just can't seem to get the hand tubes printed out. What settings are you using in cura? any help would be much appreciated. Thank you

I only got problems with the Tubes lying down the bed on the pic. Maybe try it that way, with support only touching bed ?


Use a raft and turn the speed down to 50% on the printer. Temperature settings depend on your filament.

Post a picture if it fails.

so I set it to 50% and used a raft and i finally got a finished print. as it got higher quality got lower but seeing as how others are having issues with this part as well i'm happy i finally got them printed. Thank you so much for your help

You're welcome! :)


I would love to have a go at making this but my Creality Ender 2 print bed is only 160mm x 160mm and the lamp base diameter is 169mm (so close!). Does any one have any ideas for a way around this? I could use Tinkercad to chop each piece of the base in half, and arrange the half so that it is printing diagonally on my print bed (it would then just fit) but I would then have to glue the halves together and, in PLA, that's not likely to be very neat. Any other ideas would be gratefully received! Thank you.

Hmm. Well, I'll give it a go, and let you know how I get on!

Why not glue? In my experience PLA glues quite well. Just sand it afterwards to get rid of the seam.

Started printing this to go with my busts, exciting :)
Thank you all for the work.

are the fingers mobile?

Yes. If you don`t glue them. ;)

Comments deleted.

Why do parts "arm_extra_1" and "arm_extra_2" have a different screw in the middle? 6-edge allen and 5-enge ????
I changed that, here the new file.

Skynet had 5-edge screws lain around for a while from the t-500 series. I guess they decided to use the screws on the t-800 rather than throw them away... :)

Comments deleted.

Hi. I am trying to slice arm_tube.stl. But the shells seems to confuse Simplify3D. And it makes an open void inside the model.
Would it somehow be possible to remove the shells and make one solid model without any inner triangles?

Edit: I just love this idea... !!! Great work!

O.k so i printed this but now have no idea as to how to assemble it!!!!
The bas of the arm and the rods seem straight forward. But the hand is difficult to figure out (maybe its just me?).
Anyone else figured it out?

pretty strait forward. I didn't have any problem looking at a image of the arm and putting it together.

Is anyone else having issues slicing the hand tubes?

I gave up on them and purchased some metal. 16 attempts with different parameters and speeds every one of them failed. Rather frustrating. Metal easily bent, drilled and pinned in place within 5 min for all 4.

what size tubing did you get?

I went to a RC Shop with the bottoms and test fitted until I found something that would work. Servo Rods with threading on one end I believe. I also remixed the base and the glass because I was tired of fighting that as well sense you cant find the ikea glass in the US.

hi :)

sieht wirklich mega aus und der tipp mit der schuhcreme klingt echt gut... noch nie davon gehört bzw das jemals ausprobiert ^^
mich würde aber brennend interessieren was für einen chrome spray du benutzt hast. ich hab die erfahrung mit metalleffekt sprays bzw chrome etc gemacht, dass man sie hinterher nicht mit der hand anfassen darf, kein klarlack drauf darf, sie nicht polierbar sind und mit epoxy coaten geht auch nicht... sie werden stumpf und sehen so gar nicht mehr metallisch aus sondern wie billiges grau...
hab dupli color chrome und gold und molotow chrome ausprobiert ohne erfolg ... nicht abriebfest und werden leicht stumpf :/


ich habe auch das DUPLI-COLOR Aerosol Art Chrome effect verwendet. Das mit den Fingerabdrücken ist mir auch aufgefallen. Da ich aber nachdem es trocken war das Washing gemacht habe und dadurch viel vom Glanz entfernt wurde, kann ich nicht beurteilen wie der Glanz über längere Zeit gewesen wäre. Abriebfest muss es in dem Fall zum Glück eh nicht sein, weil der Arm unter der Haube ist.

Has anyone found a Cylinder Vase in the States that matches this? Cant seem to find anything that fits this.

Just wondering does anyone know if this glass cylinder from Amazon will it fit this base properly ?

A little late but it doesn't, it sits on top of the inner raised part and not in the groove where it should

I think I am missing something. It looks like this doesnt align or did I do something wrong?

I originally built all those parts

I just noticed that i had removed your name from the comments. I had problems with the comments a couple weeks ago and had to copy in my draft from a file where xyz was a placeholder.

Sorry for that! Just added your name again as intentioned!

Awesome remix and design! I just upload photos of my make. Thank you!

Very cool! Im glad you like it and took the efford to drive to your 60km distanced ikea! :D Also nice review!
Would you mind to add the thingiverse link to your video description?
I would like to add the video to my description if you dont mind.

Thanks man! For such awesome project I would drive even more :) Thank you. Yes of course, I added Thingiverse link in the video description.
Sounds good, feel free to add my video in your remix description.

Thanks! I appreciate it! I have added your link as well. Thumbs up

Nice design! - got all the parts from Ikea etc. - one quesion - what grit/grain of sandpaper do you use? Not familiar with sanding primer / plastic.

Does anyone know if the glass vase is available in the U.S.?

Im not sure if this is the "original"...
There are a lot of Terminator arms out there. And this is one of them.

Is this 1:1 scale to movie prop or does the scale need to be applied to make it as accurate as possible.
thanks in advance

Im actually not sure if it is 100% screen accurate size.

The arm is slightly bigger than a "normal" human arm i guess. Because the Terminator is a big guy... ;)


what to use for the print, pla abs or petg ? thank you


depends on your preferences...

I have used PLA. ABS is easyer to sand but harder to print. Cant say much about PETG becuase i did not use it much.


Just wanted to make a suggestion based upon my experience printing this. Basically, the issue I've had a few times with these stl files, is that some components are more difficult to print than others, and I've had at least a couple of failed prints based on a single smaller component failing, and then causing a buildup of plastic. One prime candidate for this issue is the file hand_tubes.stl the smaller curved bars have messed up whilst printing this a couple of times, which has affected the quality of the rest of the print. After splitting the smaller tubes from the two lines of rods in the centre, both sides actually printed much better, allowing me to get all the tubes and rods printed successfully.
I have also had to do the same with arm_rods.stl, taking the taller rods and splitting them from the large base stanchions. I attach the split files just in case you wanted to add them for others. There isn't an Arm_Rods_Split_2, because I managed to get the stanchions off without a problem.

Other than that, it's one of the most logically laid out file sets I've had in a complex print. Looks great too. Fantastic job.

Thank you for your suggestions and the nice words. I have added your hand_tubes files and the splitted arm_rods version.

Have you finished the arm? If so. Would you like to share the make? I would be happy to see your result. :)

Hi. Im using S3D and Im still having issues with the hand_tubes (small cuved bars). I`ve already messed with several profiles, speeds and so on. But the result is always similar. Could you please share your key-settings used to print hand_tubes successfully? Thx a lot.

Hi, I am currently printing a few replacement bits. I've had to lie some of the longer tubes down (I think my printer's Z axis goes a bit off after 700-800 layers). I'm currently prepping the surface of the finished prints and getting ready to paint. Once I've finished it, I will definitely upload the build.

By the way, I am also planning on putting together a lighting circuit using an Arduino Nano or Uno so I'll be able to alter the colour using RGB LEDs.
I might also possibly add a DF Player and speaker so it can play Terminator sounds. Another option might be adding some 7 segment displays and creating a clock in the base. Then it could do a light show and play a sound on the hour maybe, depends if I can make a clock easily with the built in timer on an Arduino. I can always upload the diagrams if you're interested in any of that.


Holy f... You´re not playing... :D

To be honest im quite happy with the lamp itself without sound and consider the arm as a finished project...
My initial idea was to build in a motion sensor and let one (or more) finger move on detection. But i have dropped the idea because i was not quite sure how to pull it off.

But i would love to see your end result.

The IKEA lighting chain SÄRDAL you linked in the description is battery powered and its deferent than the one you used. I found the correct one in my country's IKEA https://www.ikea.gr/fotismos/diakosmitika-kai-iliaka-fota/sardal-girlanta-fwtismoy-led-me-12-lamptires-eswterikoy-xwroy-51627/20290046/

I could not find the one i used on the ikea homepage. The LEDs themself are the same. I guess the offer differs in the countys.

Hi! Could you check the hand file? I found a hole on the top of the center finger

Thanks! There were some wrong edges. I have fixed the file. Please redownload it and check again.

What slicer do you use? Cura had no problems with this error.

OK, I'll check again. I'm using the Prusa Control and Prusa3D Slic3r MK2

do you just glue most of it together

I am, but not using glue in the strictest sense, I'm making it in ABS so am using ABS "Glue", which is acetone and coloured or transparent ABS mixed.
If you're using PLA, then yeah, some superglue, some hot glue, and the fingers are held together with nails with a round head and 2mm diameter.

were is the rod that comes from the bace

I think that's the 160mm Rod with an 8.6mm diameter that the author mentions at the start in the parts listing. Probably just some metal rod from an iron mongers. It's not an stl model in the files provided. Will need to be reasonably sturdy I'd imagine, but I'm not that far along yet.

Sorry for the late reply. It is actually a tent pole out of fiberglas like the one in the link.
Yes the problem is that the stick need to hold the whole weight of the arm. But i think you can get away with a slightly narrow stick and some epoxy.

Great Job! I just recently printed the original file lol but I'll take these and modify to make the same thank you so much for the heads up on the glass tube I've been looking everywhere for the right size

You´re welcome :)

The file is called index_and_ring_finger... :)

Thats right, but I see only one finger in the file... or i need to print it twice?

You need to print it twice.

are there any assembly instructions?

No. Where do you need help?

Not sure yet. I was wondering before printing. How easy it to put together once printed

finger_pinky stl is defekt???

No, the file is working fine.

finger_pinky is defect?

Super Idee, die gerade von mir umgesetzt wird.
Allerdings habe ich einige Probleme und einen Hinweis.

Zum einen habe ich festgestellt, dass die LEDs bei meiner Base durchleuchten.
Ich habe die Teile der Base mit "Fillamentum Vertigo Grey" gedruckt.
Wenn man nicht lackiert, sollte man besser mehr Außenwände drucken als die Standard 2 in Cura.

Große Probleme habe ich mit der Datei "hand_tubes" die ich nicht gedruckt bekomme.
Ich habe schon die 4'er Gruppen separiert mit Meshmixer, aber auch das sowie einzelnes drucken hat nicht zum Erfolg geführt (siehe Bild)
Jemand eine Idee, wie ich die letzten Teile gedruckt bekomme.
Ich habe es weder auf dem Ender-2 noch auf dem JGAurora A5 hinbekommen.
Das Problem ist, dass die dünnen und hohen Einzelteile irgendwann anfangen zu wackeln und in Bewegung geraten.

Versuch mal die Geschwindigkeit runter zu drehen auf 30%. Vielleicht hilft es, wenn länger gekühlt wird.
Ansonsten kannst du auch versuchen, eine Tube einzeln zu drucken. Dadurch wird er nicht zwischen mehreren Objekten fahren und diese zum Schwingen bringen sondern in einer Spiralenbewegung nach oben drucken.
Notfalls kannst du sie auch liegend drucken mit Support. Musst es halt am Ende nur ordentlich schleifen...

Comments deleted.

Germany is not far away from denmark. ;)
Or maybe ebay.

Sure, but I don't know what size LED it is.
Do you have any info or maby a ebay link ?

Looks great well done how long did it take to print and how much filament did it use?thanks

I did not write down the time. Depends on your settings and resolution. I belive it was under 1kg.

ya, so this is pretty freaking amazing! Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for the kind words dear sir!

what were your setting for the anycublc ? Supports mainly and on what parts

Just the stanard settings. Nothing special. Mainly on the parts with overhangs. :)