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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Assassins Creed Hidden Blade

by tbm0115 Aug 19, 2012
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So is there a working model of this yet made by anyone? I really appreciate you making this hidden blade and the mark 2 looks like a good take on the design, but from what I've read it seems like it has some issues for some reason.

How do I put this thing together?

So, I printed this one out. It had a lot of promise. Sad part is though, the parts do not sit snuggly inside the case, so it messes up rather quickly.

I'm currently working on making a working model using this .stl as a base, with the owners approval.

That's completely fine with me. I think I only put about 0.005"-0.010" clearance between most features in the updated models. If you want, I can try and upload more workable formats like DXF or OBJ

Hi guy, im not sure why no one has uploaded an actual print of this, but i'd like to, so if you could provide me some instructions or something which i can assemble when printed i will be grateful.

Hey man, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, an assembly file showing how the parts go together would be great. Thanks.

It's all done in Google Sketchup, so all I can provide is the actual project file. I just uploaded it onto the page to be downloaded.

Si tratta di un bel design ma mi riguarda con la durevolezza. Funziona. Rispetto completa

Dont worry about the haters that post all the stupid comments. They probably cant even design on pen and paper let alone CAD software.

I am a HUGE Assassins Creed fan. I like them all, but 2 and now Unity seem to be my favorite story lines. Keep up the good work. I will be printing this bad boy soon.

I'm trying to print the base plate and for some reason the printer adds a bunch of layers to the object and basically ruins the object do u know why this is happening

the stl files aren't set up quite right, I had to fix most of them in netfabb to get them to work properly.

Does this hidden blade work? Because I don't want to waste my time and plastic of it doesn't

By all means don't "waste" your time on this blade. Go right ahead and model your very own

Wtf dude, he just asked a question. That time of the month?

I'm currently in the process of first printing this out for a working 3d model. Then I plan on machining this complete with heat treated blade after I see where and if there are any friction or tolerance issues.

I don't think the current version has clearance for contact surfaces. I'm currently designing several different versions that should be more printer friendly. I'd love to see your work if you finish your project, sounds cool!

Hopefully this 3d printer works like it's supposed to. This my first printer project. Fingers crossed

How is it coming?

Slow since I don't have a makerbot. I had some issues figuring out the scaling. But I'm all set to start printing Monday

did anyone make this if so how do you put it together

how do you print these? I'm new to this.

Unfortunately I haven't uploaded the files in proper printing orientation, so you will need to upload each model individually into your preferred slicing engine. The model is designed to fit within the workspace of a MakerBot Replicator (1st Gen).

this is from the old version, don't know if the same will happen with the new one, but when I tried to print the base plate, it added these extra triangles across the middle about partway up that weren't visible in makerware, any idea what caused these, and/or if it's fixed in the new version?

Yeah, I recognized that issue with other models in Makerware and made a point to verify that each new model doesn't have the error. This occurs (for me at least) when the orientation of my faces in Sketchup are alternated. To fix this, I simply orient all faces for each object in the same direction.

There is a part missing. Can you please upload it

could you put up a video of how to assemble this

gud eyedeer (lol i do know how to spell im a grammer douche)

Comments deleted.

You should submit a design for a dual action hidden blade

Any Update to this? Did you ever redo the design? Very interested in making it but if your gonna re release it I'll wait.

You're missing a piece

Any instructions on assembly?

Not really, just because I'm still trying to redo the design to be more compact. I'm thinking I might move in a completely different direction on the mechanics too.

This looks amazing, my only question is how do you "load the pencil spring" into the base? Can't wait to see any updated designs.

Hey, nice work !
However, there are some issues in your design you should take consideration about (based on your Sketchup assembly) :

  • The rotary enter in the matter of the rotary base (at least at the big corners)
  • Ain't you afraid that the blade will be able to move in the "box" and also outside since your blade is only hold in position by the base plate and one "Spring Left (ou Right)" ? I mean, the gap between the blade and the "Error 404" part (the purple part in Sketchup) is huge !
  • how will your string bypass the "Rotary Pin" (I think it is a anti-backspin latch right?) and then go back in position ?

I hope I help you a little !
But, I love the Top plate design (my futur design might look like this thank to you) !

Is it possible to create directly from Sketchup, IGS files instead of STL files ?

Does this actually work?

Have you tried actually printing this out?

Yeah, I printed most of it and decided to stop. Now I'm waiting to get some time to redesign it and make it smaller. Perks of rapid prototyping :)

By chance, do you have the orgianl files? Like...CAD files or anything? I'd love to edit the files a bit to make the full size item on a smaller print bed!

The '.skp' file is the original file, I could try and convert it to a different file in mesh lab though if you'd like?

Oh really? Did not know you can revert files back like that. Sorry for the stupid question then! Kinda new to the whole .stl/.skp thing. Thanks!

No problem, let me know if the sketchup file doesn't work for you 'cause I can upload an '.stl' of everything assembled.

hey love the design! but are there any other softwares you can use other than replicator g to print the object out cause my laptop wouldn't accept replicator g as a printing software for 3d objects

Yeah you could try Slic3r. You could also go onto the Replicator G website under generators and there is a list of popular G-Code generators (http://replicat.org/generators)http://replicat.org/generators.... However, before delving into a new G-Code generator, try adding the '.stl' extension after the name of the file. If your computer automatically erases it after pressing enter, that means it accepted the new file type and try running it again in ReplicatorG. If after pressing enter it just, for example, says 'HB_Top_Plate.stl' as the name then you should probably try different software. Hope some of this helps :-D

Yep greatly. Thnx ;)

Hey, just uploaded the sketchup file with some labels to try and show how each part interacts with each other. Just hide each part as you wish to see the associated parts (each label should be pointed to a corner or face of the object).

Great work! I tried to make one kinda like this. I posted it as an "Extender" because there was a lot of controversy over weapons at the time.

Are you a member of the xiphoids forum on sinza exotic automatic? This design looks like one I saw on there a while back. Great job!

Sweet! Glad you like it! I thought about potential controversy and decided to mention that this is meant to be a model and not a weapon in the description lol. Besides that, no I'm not part of any forums. There was a YouTube video that was the basis for the design and my friend and I dreamed up some of the more intricate parts of the design. We're actually coming up with a new design that has easier assembly and can be screwed together without drilling through it (I'll post that as another thing though).

Can you list the dimensions of the largest part please?

lol I had the length at exactly 9" , but ReplicatorG wouldn't accept it. Now it is at 99% of 9".... sooooo 8.91" . Everything in the model is scaled down with the top and bottom pieces.

I've exploded the design and I'm really digging it. Did you do all this in sketchup?

Yeah, Sketchup 8.0 I believe... Don't remember if they came out with a new one. Glad you like the design. I'm still making small changes here and there for aesthetics and trying to think of ways to reduce parts though.

Is there anyway you can make a version with the springs attached or just a representation of what parts go where? I'm having a hard time visualizing how it works.

I'm a little swamped with work right now, but maybe by next week I can try and insert the sketchy physics springs (Idk how to get them to work, but they represent it well enough).