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Seven the Articulated Dragon

by 7Fish May 12, 2018
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What kind of fabric did you all use for the wings?

Hi 7Fish, how did you place the eyes in the head?

Comments deleted.

i had Glue eye but there is clip type eye remix for it. i could NOT figure out how put snap fit for eyes. unfortunately.

Thank you for getting back to me. I did the same

7Fish, your works are amazing really! Thank you very much! I love BJD dolls, and It's really hard to find a decent free 3D model. I am currently alternating a bit an anime girl of yours in Zbrush (making a face more to my liking) and this will be the first thing I will have printed out.
Sorry that I am not writing on the topic here, but if you are still looking for new ideas as you mentioned on the page with medusa, could I ask you for another doll, please? I think it would be wonderful to have a little more anatomical cute doll ^____^ I mean, not in anime style, but with an anatomically proportioned head, long slim legs, anatomically proportioned hands and feet and so on...so, something more stylish than a Barbie. Thanks!

Hello, Can you define more specific for the doll you wants? i understand it's Realistic one, but the ideas on medusa was i expect only monster girl no matter how she is creepy only matter is "IS it can be articulated" . your ask for doll is too rough idea to me, it will be better if you link image of the girl you want be Articulated doll on message to me

it's not granted that i will make doll you want, after all i even didn't have test printed and continue develop this dragon of improved versions i am sorry but your ideas will be appreciated.

I am sorry.

Thanks for the answer. I meant a girl like this, for example: https://can-touch.ru/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/346601_original.png
or https://pp.userapi.com/c624630/v624630446/154a5/kaDqNGQeZjE.jpg
or https://pp.userapi.com/c627716/v627716745/d1fe/l35ruakmowI.jpg , etc
I just added some pictures of dolls that I liked on the internet:)
Yes, I understand of course, that you are not obligated to do anything, I am just asking in case you are interested :)

is there a chance i could get a copy of the wings split into 4 pieces? i wanted to make it bigger and the wing template wont fit on my printer

How do you fix the eyes in the head? with glue? Or has this slice in the eye a special intention?

Do you have a copy of this with no supports built in. I would like to print this using resin and in different colors but the supports cause uneeded waste and cleanup.

I have a question about the Fore_Arm_Lower file. I can't seem to get the Foot to connect in to the lower fore arm. After comparing the 3D model to the photo above, it seems that the model has a flat base where in the photo, the arm is curved around the ball joint so that it can properly articulate with the foot. Is the wrong file uploaded? Is this supposed to be support that I break off? It seems to be solid and not a support. Anyways, the rest of my dragon is coming along great! and I'm so excited to finish it! Thank you!

I am an idiot.... It does have supports.... I just snapped it off! Thanks anyways!

Comments deleted.

Thank you 7fish this is a masterpiece level work of art. For those who cant seem to make it work 1. PLA does not like to flex. ABS or PETG is really the best option. 2. turn your extrusion multiplier down your machine is over extruding ! I am printing with WHITE ABS at 260c and 100c for the bed and mine pops together effortlessly.

note on comment :

it undergoing develop major changes

1) Scale up to 150%
2) Change Major Ball joint which is did not suppposed to break up in straight bed orientations ( no need to tilt 45')
3) Separated Belly Plates and body and horns to support multicolored work but not with mind for duel extruder, it is fully separated parts with attach points
4) Change Wing limbs which is import improved limb structure from dragon seven point five the experimental articultated dragon and change wing finger limbs to more improved ones
5) will stay or change joints for legs
6) Change Scale patterns

in progreess while on free times which i did not have much.

i was think about post this dev as remix first, but i think i had been post same dragon over over again and this is still remain have flaws.
i am sorry for makers who build this dragon it will have major change but i think it need to be done than post almost same one new.

Sorry sirs, i am still in no service but please add if i missing flaws.

this is amzozne i love dragons and so das my frend im so sveing this in my files i give you foal creadit

Comments deleted.

I had difficulty with this print using my Prusa i3 MKS printer with connecting the ball joints like many others. I'm using PLA and did most of the print at .15mm but some pieces I did at .05mm. I did 20% fill on body, neck and leg pieces and 100% fill on the rest (wanted to keep the neck lighter to hold itself up better).

After printing and connecting several pieces and breaking a few joints, I went and grabbed some WD-40, sprayed the ball joint a little and the female socket a little. Rubbing it around good before inserting and it was so much easier. Less force was need to apply and I haven't broken a joint since. Just had to deal with the WD-40 smell for a little and dry the excess. No damage or adverse reaction to PLA from WD-40.

I had to export the Wing Template (I choose the original one) to a PDF format to printed in paper.
I add the file in case someone else need it :)

Really nice design. Could I know which tool you have used for doing the design? :)

great design, i'm printing this model at 2x scaling and it print perfectly, the joints are strong without the 45 degree mod, one little problem was the neck was too weak to stand upright on its own, luckily there is a hole in every joints so i can insert a thick wire to support the neck from the inside so it can stand upright
thanks for sharing this

your parts are a nightmare for all my printers, a cr10s, cr10s pro and an anycubic i3 mega have big difficult to print at your size the junctions (only lower) that appears fused and coarse , can you specify the right parameters please? retraction, speed, quality, temperature and so on, anyway incredible model! :), i tried many parameters, lower temperature (200° for pla), retraction for every layer but nothing

7Fish, your model is simply amazing. I checked out Seven point Five but this is the model that I decided to build. Thank you so much for all of the effort you have put into this model, we all appreciate it! I posted a build of this, thank you again for all of your hard work. I can't wait to build more of the models that you create!

I'm missing something. My Neck 01 has a ball looking up and my head has a ball looking down. Is there a connection piece somewhere in the files or is one of my pieces wrong? Looking at my files these are the correct parts so I'm a bit lost. Any help is appreciated.

I had trouble connecting the ball joints but i found out that cura have this setting: Horizontal expansion. In my case -0.03 worked perfectly. Now i connected everything without being too tight or too lose. I hope this solves all your issues . I still wonder how should I connect the eyes. Is there a part between them ?

How do I secure the eyes in the eye sockets? I'm having trouble getting them to stay in. Great model, by the way!

I am not sure if anyone replied to you as it has been months since you asked. I personally took a pair of V-cutters and clipped a rectangle from a raft from another print. I was going to cut a square from a bed leveling test print. if someone else has a better way to attach eyes besides gluing them down, please let me know.

I'm still in the process of printing all of the pieces but this model is spectacular!! I started with the tail pieces figuring they'd be the most difficult to assemble and they went together perfectly. Since I use a public printer I only do one piece at a time and always use a raft just to make sure everything stays in place and each print has been perfect. I did the head because it looked about the most complicated and the supports are brilliantly done and all broke off without a problem. The people at the makerspace are amazed at not only the detail but the idea of numbering parts using supports. This is amazingly well done.

Hello and thanks a lot for the job

Do you think it would be possible to have wings with the limbs in a all-in-one file to print? When I tried to assemble, it's not really clean and beautiful... I'm trying to combine all in Fusion but I'm a noob :-(

Thanks a lot for your help

Thanks for a great design!
Can you upload stl's in higher resolution?

I'm having a lot of trouble connecting the ball joints, I printed out Neck 1 to 3 and tried to connect the ball joint of neck 1 into the socket of neck 2 but either the ball joint would break or if I do get it in after using a lot of force it can't articulate at all and it'll break if I try to move it. Anything I can do to get them to connect?


There is one way to reinforce ball joint but you might didn’t like it..
Look at my other works Articulated dragoness and Lung oriental dragon parts. And medium ball joint girl’s the tail. You can find it that parts are aligned 40-45’ to bed with additional custom support
It was proved helped to ball joint strength but many of makers seemed didn’t like it.
There is will be trouble with print number tags as custom horn supports which you have to remove with application or get over it.

Try one or three print segments this way. I hope it helped.


Thank you for the suggestion! I'll try that now

Edit: Thanks 7Fish! Printing them at a 45° angle actually worked! It made it so much easier to snap in the joints, it is more work to remove the support material but otherwise, it does increase the ball joint strength enough for me to snap them in.
I think I'll try to string the dragon with some BJD strings like you suggested too, I've never done any stringing before so are there any tips you can give for stringing the dragon?

How to make the parts closer?
Now,it is very loose,can't stand.
Please help!

is your extruder multiplier calibrated? Try to increase extrusion rate a bit.

Superbe travail bravoooo

Les ailes sont realisées en quelle matiére?

Can you please explain how to put the neck parts together (the ball joints and neck sockets)? I cannot see how they go together exactly. Thanks!

I made this mistake as well since I printed Neck 01-03, put them together, then printed the rest of the neck. I then printed the head, and realized I had assembled the whole neck in the wrong direction (I faced the ball joints towards the head like you did). I ended up having to reprint all the neck pieces after I printed the head and assembled them in the right direction (Neck 01 female end towards the ball on the head)

Neck1 fits in the head, neck 2 in neck 1 and so on.

Hey 7fish thanks for the dragon, I love the design but so far im not succeeding in printing the head. Ive tried with the supports you made and it fails in the middle every time. So i tried head with my printers own generated supports and that fails too. Its really weird, do you have any suggestions? Its in the middle, the supports work fine but the head itself not at all

try fixing the model, then try a print of it as downloaded.
you can use the mesh fixer tools here in thingiverse.

LifeHack for PLA (or other fraggle plastics)
you may use hot water / owen with 40-50 degrees celsius to soften the joint. easy join, solid and stable result

Hot water sounds like a genius idea. I'm printing everything before trying to connect all the parts(wanting to paint it before connecting for much easier painting) and I didn't like the idea of using heat gun(I have a glue that works well for PLA just in case of breaking a ball) but hot water... so simple and genius, this is what I will try next time! Thanks!

Comments deleted.

This is a Fantastic Dragon!!! I have only printed the head, jaw and neck section on my Ender3 so far. I seem to be missing a connecting file. I can not connect the head and neck. Both sections have a male buld. Also the splines on the back of the neck are facing a different direction than the ones pictured hereThingiverse.(see photo) Did i miss something? Anyone else having this issue? Thanks in advance.

It looks as if you joined the neck wrong. My neck has all tips pointing down (if the head is on the top) Neck01 need to be placed in the head and then go on from there

Lol ya I see it now. Guess I was too excited about cool dragon and great prints. I put the neck together first. Probably not the last time I do that. Time to salvage what I can and reprint the rest. Thanks for quick responce. And thanks to 7Fish for sharing.

is there any help "how to assemble the wings" i cannot find or so? So many parts for this, but i have no idea how to assemble.
Thank's in advance

First, preapre wing membrace with cutting templeate if you want install membrace. the wing membrace will sandwiched bewteen wing limb parts, so parts has splited and had male and female parts as well.

At wing finger limbs, you can notice three subtype of wing limb as first, mid and end with different length each, it's all supposed to attached into wing membrace then attach to 'wing limb hub' at last.

i am sorry that i can not much helpful.

Thanks for your reply. Is limbs a for the limbs row nearest to the body or is this d? When i look at your cad screen shot of the wings

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question to builders: i was happened to build Articulated another dragon with almost same looks and basic structures but most of joints and method for assemble was a bit changed because this dragon has loose and weak joint so i have to strength it somehow.

Shall i change and replaced this dragon model and parts into new one with it has already fifteen makes as shared?

or just i have to create new model page?

i honestly have no idea. and no idea for head of this new one too.


I'm currently printing your design. I would prefer a new model instead of modify that one. By this thing you could mention that you have a new version.
By the way: Outstanding work. In my case the small claw ball joints fit the best, all other ball joints need a little rework, but not that much work. And of course i had to reprint some parts, because i damaged them during the mounting.

Thank you for your opinion!

i think, shall i create new model page then insert recommend to try on new one instead this one in this model page

currently i am stuck on trying to building the wing, so it will take awhile before i share the works

Still, i have no idea for head yet..and other limb except wings shall easy enough... i guess

Thank you!

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Comments deleted.

¡Awesome!¡Awesome!¡Awesome!¡Awesome!¡Awesome!... stop... breed... I want to print one ¡¡JUST NOW!!

I can not connect the hinges (((((((

aperture of extruder 0,4mm
100% model
Resolution 0,19mm

I'm going to grind all the hinges. May God give me patience. And I'm going to apply the acetone bath, do you think?

Awsome, Must have been a lot of Work.
Can't wait to try building one

what are the names of the parts you need to print?

Hi 7Fish, I was wondering if it would be ok to create a little video about this guy. I plan on making one and would very much like to share it on YouTube. Thanks.


i didn't mind if you did. as i emphasis word that This dragon was difficult to build with some design error, Smaller size and Tolerance stuff. so it will greatly helpful for others who try to build this dragon and i could not much supports for any of my model works anymore due to my soon to be my job. feel free edit and fix model if it need to.

i am sorry, i can not help;

Thank you.

How much plastic does this take? I have some awesome purple left but dont want to run out before im done with the parts :)

are you supposed to glue the eyes in or something? I dont understand how they fit in there.

Has anyone tried printing in nylon? I realize nylon is tricky to print with, and generally requires an all metal hot end, but I wonder if the flexibility, low friction coefficient, and resistance to breaking, might make assembling this easier. Understand I have no experience with printing in nylon, but I have used it a great deal in other applications, and have researched nylon filament extensively for use on other projects. When reading the challenges others have had, I thought that this might be a project that could benefit from the properties of nylon.

hi, I am printing your dragon, and I wonder if I can sell it and give you 50% of the benefits... just an idea


No need to return benefits and free to sell your works because this dragon build is stupidly dificult hard to build and as so few reach finished build with intact joints.

i guess it's need some scale up to ensure safe build but not sure.

just make sure share photo of your building if you completed please.

Thank you.

I think, if you want people to be allowed to sell them, you'd need to adjust the CopyRight notice, currently it says "non commercial", which legally prohibits people from selling

i would love to print this all out but im not sure if something is wrong i printed all the neck pieces some at 100% and some at 150% to test and none of them will connect to eachother the ones at 100% do not fit together at all the ball is to big for the hole. so thats why i tried increasing the size to 150% hoping it would be a little easier and nope still to big how did you get these to go together

As far as I've experienced the ball will be a little big. It takes a little work but the ball should compress enough to pop through the hole if you gently work them together. Once it pops through it should be fairly snug and won't come back out.

what did you print in? im usint pla and i set one neck piece on top the other and put my full weight on it. all it did was hurt my hand lol ill try to reprint when i get home. i even tried heating it up a little bit but that just crushed the ball. they print fine lookin all clean and sharp scales look good on it. im just not sure how the ball and hole work cuz it doesnt give at all and i havent come close to breaking a ball off bastards are strong. maybe infill to high? i was printing solid 100% could that be the issue??

I'm printing in PLA. I'd say drop the infill. I'm printing at the default 20% or 25% in Cura and haven't had any problems connecting the joints. I'm by no means an expert, I only started messing with 3d printing last week, but I'd say that's definitely worth a shot.

obviously im no expert either haha i been using simplify3d for the program cura never wants to connet and print right with my printer. i been printing about a year ish. i need to update my makes on profile and take pics but ill give it a go and lower the infill

Have you calibrated your machine recently?

i dont think its my printer everything else i print works great.

Would it be possible to get the wing template as a .svg file to be used in a cricut or silhouette cameo machine?

Body01 doesn't have any of the pre-built supports, was that file accidentally swapped for the no-support version or is it supposed to be that way?

the wing template cut 1 is broken. when you go to slice it the model wont slice correctly.

Thank you for point out error, it's was sevral border left opend so i had replace it to correct.

Awesome thank you! I'm loving the model so far! I'm printing it at 110% scale :)

I'm finding printing the neck pieces to be very troublesome with the area that touches the build plate. I see you added sections which act as custom supports, but the edge of the circular sections that meet the build plate are a retraction nightmare.


i checked neck 01 in Slic3r and i find out that First layer expanding width caused that trouble and edited into 100% but leave hole in the parts which i guess it's parts are too small with the scale.

i am sorry for late commnets.

I have printed most of the model but the "upper thigh" part of the back legs are not mirrored. I thought there would be two different files for each leg piece since they must be mirrored across the dragon just like arms and legs normally are. I see other people don't have this problem so I am assuming I missed something. Could you give me some tips, thanks.

I see now that you had it in the instructions to mirror it over the x-axis, so nevermind.

bravo pour ton boulot je suis fan continue

Great Model, really looking forward to finish the print! But i'm having some issues with the supports, could you upload all the parts without them? I've printed the whole Tail, Body, Neck and Head and I'm having trouble with Body 01 and 06. I have trouble removing the supports. The software i'm using can put in supports that i can break off easily. I've also looked at the Wing limbs and they look like they're going to give me trouble with supports as well.


The Parts without supports now add on the file list. if you find out mistake or error of parts then please point out to i fix it as i can. also, please be careful that without supports mean is no part number tag so it could confused between parts.

Thank you.

Thank you for the quick response! The parts look good so far, there's just one missing. Body 01 is not included in the parts without supports.

I'm trying to print this and I have two questions for you.
For my ABS it's impossible to print head, so can you add head version without your supports? This will help a lot not only for me. And also Im wondering how to install eyes. I used small flat support piece that was left from printing head but it makes looks weird.
Thanks for that amazing model!


i add 'Head without Supports' as you asked and As for install the Eyes, it was supposed to aligne eyes as the image i linked. using Tweezer arm insert into slot and rotate them for supposed directions. as eyes orinted toward 45' by front it shall be interlocked which eyes locked in moment, then use glues to be bonded inside of the head.

i guess this dragon was too hard to build for me and if i build another articulated dragon ever again then i will try it a bit easier than current this one..

I am sorry.

2 things.

Firstly, the top spikes on all the body files are barely attached when sliced and i have not been successful in printing them.

Second, how do I attach the eyes?

como le coloco los ojos en a cabeza?
no caben de ninguna manera debo arrancarle la lineas que estan adentro de la cabeza?

I'm in the process of building this via ABS printing, smoothing, painting and assembly (only front legs and wings currently remaining), but so far encountered several issues, much of this could be partially due to the ABS smoothing distorting pieces or even partial shrinking from the print, but don't think that can explain everything:
-Even though the ball/sockets are supposed to be the same size, several of the smaller neck/tail ball pieces seem to be wider than the sockets. Solved this by actually crimping it closed until it breaks, then 'fixing' with ABS slurry, waiting for it to dry and finally sticking the pieces together. Some parts (both fixed as stated and pieces that managed to snap together) still broke afterwards while trying to fit other parts and eventually I just gave up and glued those pieces together, meaning no more flexibility.
-Tolerance for the leg pieces fitting is also much too little - I even got an unpainted, unsmoothed test upper thigh part to crack the connecting torso part (not the ball/socket, the actual outer piece)
-Connectors between foot and heel seem to be incorrect as both parts (as assembled in the pictures, specifically back leg) have overlapping 'high rises' that would break if one tries to force them together. Even if they didn't break immediately, such a connection would cause significant wear and tear until one or more sides eventually break off
-I printed the articulated foot pieces at first, but couldn't even fit the wire through the pieces before any smoothing, so just went with the solid foot piece instead


i am not sure how i support abuot this heavy troubles that you encounter. it seemd like i have to re adjust all joints from 0.05mm Tolerances to 0.1mm but 0.1 was too loosed to me and for my printers. also i guess if neck and tail segemnts oriented to 30~50 degrees that can helped the ball from base of the ball had been splited and dameged.

i am sorry to i can not help much about it. sorry that i designed the model too difficult to build...;

I've gotten most of it figured out now or at least managed to glue some parts together in a good enough pose that cannot be changed. Now only the wings remain and this is very confusing for me.
According to the reference pictures, and model parts, the wings have 4 limbs, but both of the wing template files only end in 3 points for the limbs.
Do the limbs start from the 'top' of the wings (where they are widest) and go down (A->B->C->D) or from bottom up?


it's orders are Limb A the Widest outer limb to Limb D the Shorterst inner limb. Also the wing itself was yet hard to assemble and shall have to be glued.

Amazing model! Quick question: how are the claw/fingers attached? What is the yellow tube shown in the preview pictures?


the yellow tube in preview pircture is mean as Fishing wire and fingers assemble order. the forefoot and claw limbs attached with ball jointed first but in order to prevent from pop out aparts, it's need to reinforce with common BJD wirings.

or use fore foot Solid instead..


Wing_Template_Cut_1.STL and Wing_Template_Cut_2.STL seam to be the same model.

Thank you for point out mistakes!

it's now fixed.


Yet another amazing model! Thank you for sharing it!

You've really outdone yourself. This is absolutely beautiful, and I can't wait to print this up!