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Profile Simplify3D for cetus3D print / STL plate

by AntoLed Apr 28, 2018
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Greetings AntoLed,

I must say you're Cetus3D profile is extremely accurate using S3D V4.1.1 on my heavily modified Cetus3D MKII.

I've been improving the print stability/accuracy on my MKII for about 6 months now when I have time between paid projects. The methodology I have used throughout this project is improve the linear motion stability with bolt-on hardware mods while using only the most basic S3D software configuration...the Cetus3D profile that is now supported within S3D.

Having nearly completed the collection of hardware mods I'm now fine-tuning the S3D software to complement the hardware modifications.

Your .40Noz/.20LH/.40width PLA profile is brilliant. A 3mm height object printed at 120mm/sec measures 3.02mm(averaged), and the dbl extrusion wall thickness measures .83mm(averaged). The objects I'm testing with are plain shells... no top/bottom layers, no infill, no raft and no supports...one layer and two outline skirt/brim to prime the extruder.

I'll be printing objects with bottoms/tops, infill, overhangs, bridges etc soon using your profile.

If you're interested I could post pics and further results.

Oh, thank-you for sharing your profile!

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Hi Brent!
I am very happy to know that you have improved your prints thanks to the profile;
print at 120mm / s? awesome !!

Have you made structural hw changes? it would be nice if you publish your changes in your profile thinghiverse.

I'm very happy if you want to publish new s3d profile updates or photos or more!
It helps a lot of new users who are beginners! ;)

thanks Brent!


Hi Antonino

More like bolt-on mods, so no drilling or changing the stock printer parts. A z-axis stiffener for the standard and extended, which ties into the x-axis providing alignment and stability. Four y-axis bolt-on mods providing accuracy from 0-180mm positions, and 3 additional mods isolating the extruder and fan from the nozzle/heatblock. A fan mount and duct system to also cool the extruder motor which is in design stage.

Printing over 90mm/s was my focus in the beginning, but realized I could enhance the stability even further. I've printed as quick as 150mm/s using basic S3D settings without tweaks. In the next while I'll start tweaking the S3D software.

Your PLA profile at 50mm/s is sweet ...beautiful prints... sharp edges, having to use a square to identify if a layer is not aligned.

I'll post some pics shortly!


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Would it be possible to update this profile to work with the new Simplify 3d 4.1.1 update?
Since the update to 4.1 this profile no longer allows good bed adhesion. Prints are failing now. I think under extrusion is now an issue.
I keep having to slice with version 4.0.

Unfortunately I do not have the version 4.1.1 of S3d and from a little I have the cetus offline; the profile does not work? What's different about 4.1.1? have you set the flow on about 24?

Flow is set to 23.

The profile works, its just not nearly as perfect as when its used on version 4.0. They changed the way rafts work and changed some other things: https://www.simplify3d.com/software/release-notes/version-4-1-0/. I've had several prints just detach from the build plate with the newer versions of s3d. Never happens with the 4.0 s3d.

Wondering if you have same problem when printing a cube! On each corner I have this left material that sticks out and done lot of combinations with retraction to get it fixed, but no luck. With the cetus software getting great results, but there software is to much basic. Thanks for sharing your profile. See image!

Hello; I insert a photo of the "extruder" card;

Those "blobs" are usually created during the start of the layer; after a retraction.

Try to look closely when printing and try to tell when it creates the "blob", certainly it is at the start of the layer.

This is a defect of S3D unfortunately; however you can try to change settings:

-The temperature of the material is right? too high can increase the problem.

-UP "coasting distance"

-UP "Extra restart distance"

-Controls that before starting the new layer performs retraction.

-You can send me the gcode file of the cube I try to check

I found the same out its based on each retract when a loop starts. I attached the g-code (have a cetus mk3 extended). Have tried to encode the g-code from cetus software but no luck, its encrypted :(

Thank you so much for this profile, it's helped me produce some amazing miniature prints, I've modified it for 0.2mm and it's amazing.

I'm very happy that you like the profile!
why do not you share your profile with other users? with nozzle 0.2 some users find more problems.
Thanks for support!

I had the same idea! :D

I wanted to make sure I had some great pictures to go along with the 0.2mm profile. I still need to print something picture worthy in 0.6mm but it definitely works well also.


Simplfy3d Profile for Cetus3d Mk2 - 0.2mm and 0.6mm

Many people use cetus3d group on facebook; share on that platform, reach many users!

Thanks for the profile, works very well for me.
Would you consider making two more profiles, for the 0.2 and 0.6 nozzles? I have no idea what parameters to change myself.

Simplfy3d Profile for Cetus3d Mk2 - 0.2mm and 0.6mm

I used it without any modification, exactly as you explained.
Superior printing quality! Way better than the Up studio.
My benchy thanks you.

thank you so much ! I'm really happy!

Remember that you may need to adjust the extrusion value;

Print a cube with a single wall and check the size with the gauge; it must be equal to the nozzle diameter; in simplify leaves the original nozzle diameter to do the test! so you will have a perfectly calibrated print!

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