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by muzz64 Apr 28, 2018
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Thing Apps Enabled

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One of springs has brocken very soon. It make sense to make them thicker, probably.

Yes thicker would be stronger but the trade off is that it's firmer so not as springy. Using more shells and/or infill will help. Filament quality also makes a difference. Not all PLA is the same. Lower quality tends to be more brittle.

I'm printing right now, one thing that I noticed is the support is causing to many retractions and takes forever to print. It will be nice of you if you could upload a no support version

Happy to email you a no support version however this will not print without support... the designed in support supports the head so it sits well above the spring base once finished printing. If you use automated support it will most likely apply support within the internal spring and make it solid... which isn't exactly the outcome intended with this.

If you want a no support version message me your email address.

Thank you, don't need it. I already print in PLA and it broke the spring fast. I have to test it other materials first.

So I set it for 2% infill isntead of 20% by accident... and it still mostly came out right! The best part is that when I press on it now, it ALMOST sounds like it's oinking. Thanks for another great design, muzz!

very cool! and pretty tough. my lil' girl loves playing with it and its taken a beating. thanks!

Bummer, this looked like a fun print, but Zortraz Z-Suite won't render the built-in supports, and I'm afraid to let it generate it's own supports. And there's no setting for the equivalent of 'print thin walls'.

You can try scaling it up a bit and also rotating it in your slicer 15 - 30 degrees which may help the software see the supports... hope it works out!

I am trying to slice with Cura 3.3.1. The included support structure is not there after slicing. What setting do I need to fix to make this slice correctly so I can print it?

This is a Cura issue that others have had... read through the comments for ideas. Alternatively scale it up a bit (10% maybe?) and it may help make Cura see the supports.

Thanks. I found the fix. I had to make "print thin walls" visible so I could check the box. Disabled by default.

Seriously in awe of your creative streak(y bacon)!

Pleased you like this design...pig out by printing lots!

This is yet another fun idea and well designed.
There seems to be a small problem in the support, both Slic3r and Blender detect this as non-manifold and it causes bit of the first layers of the support to be omitted during printing. No big deal, but it would be nice if it could be fixed.

Thanks for spotting that... I checked the original but then was asked to update (thicken) the support as some slicing apps were having issues with it. This was the thicker version. Anyway, fixed now... thanks again!

Is this gap supposed to be here? https://gyazo.com/27d4c7ff12ac4236c0039de30176fa0d

Edit.. Seems it is..

I assume you are referring to the line / gap shown running straight through the model in the image at that link. Assuming so then yes. That is pace between the model itself and the designed in support. That gap is set at 0.30mm and will help the designed in support break away relatively easily post printing (on an accurate well set up machine with a precisely sliced file). If there was no gap the designed in support would become part of the model and near impossible to break / cut free. This gap is similar to what allows Raft to peel away from a model after printing. That has a 'raft to model' spacing applied to create a weak point which will allow the parts to separate.

I hope this makes sense and helps...

Another fantastic design! Where do you get all those ideas?
Note: You accidentally put the word "use" twice in the "support" image: "... DO NOT USE use any automated support...". I know you are perfectionist, you might want to fix it :)

Thanks for letting me know... all fixed now!

And thanks again for your positive feedback...

Older Cura still doesn't show the support lines. On the newer versions, you only need to check the "Print thin lines" box to bypass the problem, though.

Thanks for sharing this tip... I'm sure it will help a lot of members with this and other prints

Great design, as usual!
It looks that the embedded supports are too thin for the standard .4mm nozzle in Cura and they are not being generated in GCode.
Is it possible to thicken them perhaps?

There's a setting in Cura that is hidden by default called "Print Thin Walls". Enabling it fixed the lack of supports for me.

Simplify3D needs "Allow Single Extrusion walls" enabled to print support. Under Advanced Tab, "Thin Wall Behaviour" section first drop down box.
Printing this now, looks ace, yet another muzz64 hit it seems. Can't wait for more.

Wish I'd read this before lol.. reprinting after finding this myself to be the problem, I was just about to post it.
Might be an idea to include in instructions for idiots like me please :o)

Thanks for your comment.... much appreciated.

And thanks also for sharing the slicing tip for others to benefit from...

No Probs.. :-)

..and my print just finished... its ace... the grunt noise.. how cool is that.
So did you plan the whole thing around getting it to sound right? or for look and function (as well as it does) and hoped it made a noise against the little bobble by the spring?
Did you have to fiddle with the bobble position to perfect he right sound?
I am as intrigued as I am impressed ...so "Spoilers".... whatz next in the endz in Z line?

Thanks for your feedback... pleased you like the sound. To answer your question I decided to make a pig because it's something different that I hadn't made before and there aren't many on Thingiverse... then decided how I wanted it to move... because I like making moving things... and having decided to make a head / face there was the possibility of it making a suitable sound as well. All of this was worked out in my head prior to starting... then you just design to your idea... and I'm pleased with the result. Yes the little outsets were always in mind to ensure some friction between the spring and outer surface.

All the best

Same here with the Cetus3d/Up! default software. It's printing a few random bits of the base support but nowhere near enough for it to make a layer.

I will update the file within 24 hours with slightly thicker support sections for people who may face this issue...

Not only your are creative, your approach is very professional as well.
Much admired, really.

Thanks... test printing a new support version overnight so hopefully it will be okay for almost all slicing apps... assuming it's all okay it will be uploaded by this time tomorrow.

What version Cura are you using ? I am using 3.2 and it worked out great for me :)

I use 15.04.6 and also tried in 3.2.1 - same result. Not a big deal, though, The supports by Cura should do the job.

I am printing my mom this right now!

Pleased you like it!