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CR-10 / Ender Hotend Cover For Stock Fans

by Luckyman Apr 26, 2018
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I have an all metal hot end. What speed is everyone printing this at? I am wanting to print it in PETG.

I test with black PLA (I havent got ABS or PETG), I'm beginning in 3Dprinting but the first flow with this object is very smooth, it's better. I'm looking for deformation of this object in PLA (5 hours printing in day). Thanks for the sharing

Resolution : 0,2
Infill : 5%

wow, 5% is too little! Try 50% or 60. As a rule of thumb, parts that just sit somewhere for decoration are printed 10%, useful but who cares 20% (you can always reprint), printer parts that do not lift weight 40% (cause you DONT want your printer to break) and parts that lift weight 50% or more. Now the blower is a very crucial part, so go for 50%

I agree with you but it's working and I haven't got big problem, except for the fan screws, I have vibrations. I'am waiting PETG filament in order to try your advice.

This duct is by far the simplest solution out there, it's functional and also looks good. However, I have some issues with it.

I printed this in PLA and it was fine, except the vents sit too close to the heat block so I eventually got some warping and the vent holes sagged. I'm sure this would be fine if printed in PETG for example.

Also, It doesn't mount secure enough IMO. 1 screw isn't enough for my piece of mind, especially with it sitting so close to the hot parts of the hot end.

If you could somehow make the vents sit like maybe half a millimeter further away from the heat block, and hollow out the part that sits right above the head block behind the fan, it would be much more temp resistant and work much better with PLA.

When I get the nerve up to start trying PETG, i'll probably remake this and see if I like it better with a higher temp plastic.

Hey @Luckyman. I've rocked this duct for many months until I got a v6 hotend. Since then, I have been trying many alternatives but I'm just out here chasing the dragon. The looks and bridging performance with stock components was flawless. Is there any chance you have experimented with a v6 hotend at all?

Ran a bridging test before and after installing this, however the difference is marginal in the results. What am I missing?

the standard fan is not very good. I installed a 5015 fan in this fang (using a printed adapter) and results were much better.

Cable and Bowden tubing managment would be a great upgrade along with bl attachment also the wire grove in the front could used an extra .5 to 1 mm

Awesome printed with creawesome took about 6 hours, worth it. Great looks nice flow, might need to snap off the screw ends of factory fan to make it snug fit for the blower.

I want to try it but with some moddifications.
Could you share the .f3d o .step file? will be nice :D

So the top of mine ripped off but otherwise the print was good how do I prevent it from happening again?

Can you add STEP files, or similar format? I would like to adapt this and Fusion does not like how many faces it has as a STL.

Printed this last night, did you guys take the captain's tape off? What size screws did you use?

I have created a BL Touch mount for this excellent blower.


BL Touch Mount for Luckyman CR10 / Ender Blower

This is a great design! Fits nice and snug and the top fan snaps perfectly into place. Just need to design a separate BL Touch mount for it.

Printed to put on ender 5 but didn't realize there's been design changes on the carriage plate for the X/Y axis on this system. Had to remove the "2.5" notch mount with a belt sander and file down ~3-4mm of the nozzle as they hit the bed if Z was at 0. So beware!

After that it seems to mount wonderfully. I've added a dial gauge clamp on the front of it for bed leveling so I'm still doing rough print prototyping. It seems to have just about solved all the stringing issues my ender had remain!! Thanks for the share!

I remixed this with a bltouch mount in meshmixer. You can find in my profile.

Printed good, and working well on Ender 3 Pro.

Hallo there,

will this great Duckt fit on the Ender5 as well ?

nice greets from Germany/Steinfurt

Comments deleted.

This looks fantastic! Can you add a mounting bracket for an abl?

I remixed this with a bltouch in meshmixer. You can find in my profile.


Love the design! Thank you.

Would it be possible to get the source file so I can add an EZABL mount to it?

Hi, will this work on the ender 3 pro?

Just printed this today to try and get it on my Pro. The sizing was good, but it seems like the stock screws on the Pro are too short to hold the fan into this print.

I would say its a really nice design but the openings are a bit too big for that stock part cooling fan.

Have to disagree Ive tested every fan for stock this pumps out the best using stock fan!

I'll try to print it for My Ender2. Thats such a perfekt design. I'm using octoprint and its own slicerplugin. I've set up 6% Infill and than in the g-code-viewer I can see, what a nice Masterpiece of 3D-Modell it is, the Infill is'nt in the airchannels. Unbelievable. I hope, that it fits in my Ender2.

Nice greetings from Sandman

Comments deleted.

Just printed this, fit great, but I had to file 0.2mm from the top slots to fit the top fan in. Apart from that, it's a great bit of kit. Printed in PLA with 5% infill, and it was just over a 4hr print. Most impressed. Cheers !!

Just printed this, wondering how to install? Would appreciate any help on how to mount this as I only see one screw slot (left side). The one at the back, I'm clueless as to how to screw that one. Thanks.

I slid mine over the top using the cut out, and secured it with the single screw hole in the front. Seems to work OK for me. HTH.

same to me work great , print 100 infil , too much , but very great , just file for the top fan

Great duct, works fine for stock fans. Please make a BL Touch mount to improve this duct perfectly.


Do I now need to lower my main fan speed what's a good setting that you found with this to still get good prints

What is the best orientation to print this? I've flipped it a dozen times and can't find a good side.


default orientation is perfect, very few overhangs that are all very small, most printers will handle this print well at default orientation.

Thank you I will give that a try....

Has anyone figured out a ezabl mount for this great duct? Thanx

Would be REALLY nice to get a BL Touch mount option.

The only thing holding me back from printing this one is no BLT option. I would love a BLtouch mount option also. Maybe something that incorporates the left side mounting screw and allows adjustment up and down. The petsfang BLT mount works great, so maybe something based off that?

I made a BLtouch version... but since there's no derivatives on this file, I can't remix it and put it on Thingiverse. Someone remixed it before, but the owner must have changed it since then. Oh well... if you're interested make sure you don't send me a message about it.

Will it be possible to design this with BLTouch in mind?

OK, so I've tried pretty much every fan mod that's on here for the creality/ender series (I have the Ender 3) and I've had issues with all of them. Either the fit isn't right or the airflow isn't as good as it needs to be. I've also had issues with certain fan mods actually catching on parts of the prints if it's blobbed up ever so slightly or some of the ooz sticks to them, filling my entire hotend with extrusion as they essentially act as giant cups for the extrusion to fill.

I've only tried a few prints with this one so far, and I only have it made in PLA, but so far it's hands down, second to none, the best option I've come across. Not just because it's performed so far, but the design, ease of use and the fact that it uses all stock parts. One thing I want to say though is if you're going to print this, make sure you compensate for the shrinkage of whatever material you print with by scaling it up a percent or two when slicing.That said, the only thing I had to do (since I forgot) was to cut out just over half a millimeter to get the top fan to click in place with an exactoknife. Everything else fit as if factory made. I can't recommend this enough from my initial impressions, and this isn't likely to ever be taken off unless I reprint it in PETG.

Edit: I've now done many prints, including printing at 230C for TPU and it's still working flawlessly. I have around 30-40 hours of printing with it now, and ~8 of those are printing TPU. The PLA is still holding up, so I don't think this will be a problem for anything that doesn't require an enclosure or is something super exotic where you need to be around 300C to print.

Will this fit the ender 3 by any chance thanks

Yep absolutely. Same printing head. (mine is on Ender 3)

Awesome print. I did mine on zero infill and it turned out perfect on my XYZ Davinci 1.0. Thanks a bunch

I love to see a version for the Tornado...this the best cooler out there for sure. Stock fan just blows massive amounts of air! I know people are all pestfang this or that...naw this the cooler!

I would like to begin by saying this is an excellent design and thank you for the hard work. I do have a question about clearance though. How are you dealing with clearance with the glass clips? I'm using a gcode leveling file and have had issues printing near the edge of the bed and would appreciate any insight as to how you are dealing with this. Once again though, it is a fantastic design! Thanks!

G1 X20 Y40 F1500 ;Avoid binder clips
This is what I use on my cr10s-s4.

Here's the rest after that above line of code.
G1 X20 Y40 F1500 ;Avoid binder clips
G1 Z0.2 F3000 ;Get ready to prime
M300 S1000 P500 ;Play a beep before nozzle prime
G92 E0 ;Reset extrusion distance
G1 X120 E20 F800 ;Prime nozzle
G1 Z2 F3000 ;Lift
G1 Z0.26 X150 F5000 ;Quick wipe
G92 E0 ;Reset extrusion distance again
M300 S200 P800 ;Play a beep before start print

Assuming this is a reaaly pretty good job, I wanna base some custom on it.
Unfortunately my CAD system (Solid Edge) won't be able to measure it (from STL files)

So can you pretty please share STEP file of this model ?

Comments deleted.

Im working on a version with a mount for an compacitive sensor. As it is a variety of your design I would like permission to share it offering you full credit to the original desig. Of course.

Any luck yet with an ezabl mount?

Cool. I am using an 18mm EZABL sensor on my Ender so unable to fit this duct which is printed and waiting to be fitted.

Comments deleted.

It works well, only the problem I have is loose cables.
So I made this:

which holds cables tight and no more broken cables....

CR-10 mod cable holder for HOTEND STOCK FAN
by rosch8

Thank you for making this. Finishes of the blower perfectly!

would it be possible to get a copy of the step files to make some changes to it?

do the stock screws work for the front fan or are longer ones needed? Just in looking at the stock mount, there are raised holes (guide posts) for the fan to slide onto before screwing in. this could be a v2.7 mod so stock screws can be used?. also have been unable to slide the back right hookpoint due to the hot end being in the way.. suggestions on getting this part on?

stock screw works fine, they are tight fittin in the hole but you can screw it. I'm using it.

Would love to see a version with a mount for a ABL inductive sensor.

I made an adapter for the hot end fan for it to work with a 5015 fan. Here it is: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2987599

Heatsink Fan Adapter For CR-10 / Ender Hotend Cover 5015 by Luckyman

How would I connect the 5015 fan to the board? Also how did you manage to get the wires through the mesh tube?

Just splice the wire from stock part cooling fan, Solder in some type of connector to (stock fan wires coming from machine) and (5015 fan wires) and plug together. Bam ;)

Is it possible for my to connect the fan by cutting off the connector, stripping the wires and connecting it? I don't have a soldering iron currently.

Yes, You can also use crimp connectors or electric tape, But wont be as good a soldering in some connectors.

CR-10 / Ender Hotend Cover For Stock Fans/ Adapter 40x40
by casa007

Hi!! i wanted to know if there was a file that I could use to modify/alter, a program that you can recommend. I tried to use fusion360 mesh to brep or convert in order to duplicate the body and alter it, but it wouldn't let me as there are to many facets. Kind of new to the 3D modification business. Any advise is welcome!

Fiddled around within Simplify 3D with some infill settings till 17cm layer height due to a big overhang. After that 0% infill. But I see really no point for doing this. 20% infill for the whole print gives + 10 to 12 grams of extra weight. Its printing now with 0.1 layer height with PLA on the Ender3. Also I want to make sure that the walls are not leaking airflow. So I spend 4 outline shells.

Also thanks a lot for sharing this nice design! Really appreciate it!

I would just like to give some feedback in order to help you improve this mod. So i was able to print this without any issues or major tweaking in the bridging menu so that was really great :)
The only issue that occurred is when i tried to install the blower on top of it, it didn't fit right in, and as per your advice to not break the fan, I just opted to grind a wee bit of plastic off on both sides of the slotted area. Other than that It was a cakewalk making me love the design more and really admire the effort put into this.

What an excellent design! This is one of the few (only?) fan designs which allows air to freely flow over the cooling block - most choke the airflow completely.
Small request: could you decrease the top beam/frame height slightly to match the side pillars' width? My OCD would like to see the same size 'frame' around the fan when viewed from the front :P
This could be done by adding a small slope above the front fan?
This should make it easier to print as well...

Also, would it be better to close the gap against the rightside (viewed from front) rear plate?
This would direct the hot air out sideways only & away from the pulleys/belt.

any way you cold post the .step or make one with a EZABL mount i love this cooling setup but want to run the th3d EZABL and tried to use the mesh but angles were to crazy to bring it ti a usable file that would be sweet

Hi again ;)

Do this work with a Noctua NF-A4x10 ?

Better part cooling

HI there, nice deisgn !

Will it work with a 100% stock Tevo Tornado ( i've just add a silicone socks ) ?


That's a good question! I believe the Tevo Tornado uses the same brackets, but I do not have one to prove that. I'd be interested to know if someone can confirm this.

Okay i've try, it can be mount on the Tornado bracket but the heat block is larger than the CR-10 one :/

Bummer :( Sorry that it didn't fit right for the Tevo, but thanks for testing that out and letting me know.

Thanks for that! Are you also planning a version for a Micro Swiss Hotend?

I have it on my S4 with Microswiss, but I did have to shave the sharp edge off of the bottom. I will make a configuration for Microswiss that wont require any trimming :)

Love this printed out for my ender 3 in ABS..works amazing man thanks for this design!!!!

You're very welcome :) I'm glad it's working well for you.

On 0%infill how many walls, and how many top/bottom layers? Thanks in advance.

BTW. I printing it now with 4 walls and 4 top/bottom layers. Will post pics when complete. Thanks again.

Sorry I didn't get around to answering your question. I usually go with 3 walls, but that's just my go to. I base my top and bottom layers on my layer height, and typically just stick close to however thick my walls are, so if my walls are 1.2mm thick and I'm printing at .2mm thick layers I'd probably set bottom and top layers to 6, but that's just my preference, and even that changes depending on what I'm printing. How'd yours turn out?

No worries. And it turned out fantastic!!!!!
My setting on walls and top/bottom were close to yours ;)
This thing is beautifully designed.

I'm showing a 10 hr print on the v2.6? is that right? 72.5 x 56.2 x 75.7 dimensions? just checking

I got mine down to 7hrs with with adjust a few things. Infill being the main thing. I'm trying 0.

That's totally possible. I've printed them faster and I've printed them slower, just depends on what settings I chose. You might give 0.3mm layer height a shot, and 5-10% infill just to ensure the bridging doesn't occur in impossible areas. Those dimensions look to be accurate.

thanks :) looking fwd to trying it

I have taken a shot at extending the ducts for use with a volcano hot-end. I have not printed it yet to be sure the length is correct. Have a look: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2887290

hi what program did you use to edit the design? I wanted to know if there was a file that I could use to modify/alter a program that you can recommend. I tried to use fusion360 mesh to brep or convert in order to duplicate the body and alter it, but it wouldn't let me as there are to many facets. Kind of new to the 3D modification business. Any advise is welcome!

Printed this with zero infill yesterday, and it worked ok! Had some issues with bad bridging in the front (right above where the hotend fan goes), which was kinda to be expected since I did't have a good fan modd on my printer, but that isn't visible when the hotend cover is in use, not did it seem to affect it's functionality.

Printed it in PLA, and it's been used on a 17 hour print without any issues, so I'm more than happy with it. :)

I might make a modified version with a larger slit for the fan cables at some point, since I have heat-shrink tubing on my cables, and that makes the cables slightly bulkier causing them to not quite fit in the slit.

All in all: good job, Luckyman!

Thanks for the good words, and I'm glad you like it :) I haven't tried using one made of PLA, but I just printed v2.6 in PLA and am about to try it out. I will look into increasing the size of the cable passage as well. I have also identified the area where the bridging doesn't quite cooperate but manages to work out, and I plan on changing the model a bit to force that area to bridge to something tangible when using 0% infill.

It looks great! I'll keep and eye for the version with ezabl+5015 if a version shows up one day! Thanks

Nice design, I posted a make in ColorFabb XT CF-20 printed on a Prusa MK3. It's currently in testing but is looking really good. You nailed it!

Is it possiblet merge the sensor adapter with this model?

I believe so. I do not have an EZABL, but I will look into this.

I can send you a 18mm sensor if you are in the US, would like this option myself :)

Any update on this? Just got my EZABL and want to try this design!

Nice design. It be nice to see some test prints or bridge test or something to show how well this design works...

I should have some prints posted this weekend.