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Spongebob's House Plant Pot

by reno77 Apr 23, 2018
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Great model, I'm printing it now. I would suggest alternate specs for printing, however. I printed at a .2mm layer height and 15% infill (rectilinear). It's turning out beautifully (still got a couple hours to go). I also scaled to to 250% in my slicer and the model scaled perfectly. I did print custom generated supports under the 2 windows and the smokestack... since I scalled it up, I figured they would turn out better with supports. Thanks for the model!

This is being sold on Facebook in north bay, Ontario. Is that you?

Hi Xianthar, that Facebook user is not me. Thanks so much for protecting Thingiverse users. Do you have the link to the Facebook page?

Thanks for the help,

Why is this an open bottom design?

Hi sibaar,

The bottom has a hole to help with draining the plant thats why you need a mesh to cover it so the soil doesn't go through.

Hope this answers your question,

Great Pot Luc!

Do you by chance have a scaled up version to make a bigger pot?

My Slicer gives me pretty good results scaling down but not that good scaling up.

Hi JBDaws,

Thanks so much for the compliment! Sorry I was gone for so long. If you would like me to scale it I can do that personally and send it over. Let me know and at what scale factor. If you enjoy this model you should also go and check out my version of the Krusty Krab (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3692080)!

Let me know,

Krusty Krab Piggy Bank
by reno77

Trying to figure out why you made the hole so big and only use half of the pineapples space, HUGE waste of filament...

Hi theskywalk3r. I heard a lot of the same concerns from others so I have created a second version, v2, of the house that has a drainage hole that's half the size of the original and has a larger hole for the plant. I also ran the difference between my original design and my second version and found that you only save 0.88 meters of filament which is not that much, and you only shave 2 minutes off the print. The reason why I left the pot part shallow was because aloe vera plants actually enjoy spreading their roots wide not deep and need great drainage otherwise they will struggle. Here's the article I based my design off of if you would like to check it out: http://www.aloeplant.info/pots-for-aloe-vera/. However, I do understand your concerns so that is why I made a version 2 that is possibly better for printers.

I hope this answers your questions,

Do windows and chimney realy dont need supports? And a great idea would to make them as seperate parts with a plug, so that multiple color combinations would be posible.

Hi valtsorniks, yes this model does not require any supports, when I printed I ran without supports. However if you wish to use supports the quality of some details might turn out better. I didn't use supports to limit the amount of filament used and shorten the amount of time needed. I agree that creating separate parts is a good idea and I will try to work something out but, I am currently working on a new addition to the Spongebob Series It should be finished soon. Hope you enjoy!


Hey valtsorniks I am happy to present that I have made a version of Spongebob's House with parts that can be printed separately! For this model I made a 0.1 mm tolerance between the pieces and their sockets but I don't know how accurate your printer might be, let me know if there are problems. To complete the model you need to print the windows twice because they are the same file and you need two and fix the pieces with some sort of adhesive like super glue of a hot glue gun. Anyway here are the files! Let me know how it works out!

Thanks for the suggestion,

Hi reno77, thank you very much for creating this model. I've already printed and painted the spongebob's house and the squidwards house. These are very nice planters and I love them. I wonder if it could be possible that you add a version that can be printed separately but with the body with a full bottom (not half of it) and with the hole on it. I really appreciate your effort. Thanks!

Hi andresguibarra! I am so glad to hear that you enjoy the model, it really motivates me to create more! I am really impressed by the way yours turned out. It looks very professional! I would love to help you create a third version, however, I am slightly confused as to what you would like to see. If you could clarify that would be very appreciated!

Happy printing,

Hi reno77, I mean that the hole could be closer to the bottom. It would have a larger hole for the plant, similar to this remix https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3477223

SpongeBob's House Planter Remix

Hi andresguibarra, thanks for the clarification and I have made the edits and the file is below, marked v3! Hope you enjoy and let me know if there's anything else.

Happy to help,