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IR-Pi Cam Prusa i3 MK3/MK3s Camera mount Swivel Package

by Cornflakesninja Apr 22, 2018
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This has saved me a load of time thanks, Perhaps add a couple of tracks , a body and some arms and "Johnny 5 is alive!"

I have different camera lens. Is there possible to get version with 16mm camera hole?

New Options have been uploaded with some different sizes for the camera hole. Made one 16.2mm to give some tolerance and also a 17mm just to be safe.

I just printed this thing with longer arm (mk3s) but camera shakes quite a bit during printing, especially at quick short moves. So, i guess a stronger arm will be needed. Otherwise i love how you solved attaching whole thing to a spare motor hole. Excellent!

A New version of the longest arm with an added strut for extra strength and stability have been uploaded.

MK3-MK3s Extended_Strengthened_v4_fixed.stl

Thanks for update. That looks quite stronger. I use camera for monitoring, too, but i guess it's better for camera to be still. If nothing else i guess that lens would go óut of focus after a while...

Also noticed it shakes a little but i haven´t minded much since i only use mine for remote monitoring. But i guess it could be re-inforced a bit at the max length.

01_Cam_Arm_3cm_Longer_ForMK3_R3_and_MK3S is way too big, in Slic3r you have to scale it to '10'. Took a while to find out why it wasn't fitting :-)

Slightly off topic, but i have this camera, and while it works well, it gets really hot with the LED's active. Is this the same for everyone? Or do i just need to adjust the brightness?

Would you be able to split the designs please? I only want to print out certain parts, not all of them.

Split files have been uploaded


Oh you're a gem!! Thankyou :)

Please check my comments below about how you can split it in your slicer.

I use Cura and i can't find how i split it

Hey all

The design have been updated to include the suggested IR config holes, and also test printed in whatever material
i had loaded at the time :)

Made the holes 3mm so a 2.5mm screwdriver should work fine to adjust the small screws.
Also had to add a little fillet since it was so close to the edge and it wouldn't print or slice very well with such a thin edge, so i also updated the backplate to match the new front plates updated look.

Updated files & example pictures have been added. Enjoy and have fun

Thx for this nice thing, it fits my thoughts!
Is it possible to add two holes to adjust the brightness sensivity of the ir-modules using the small potentiometer on the two little boards?
Just for a little screwdriver e.g. 2.5mm.

Could you tell about the camera or post a link to the source

The Exact model. https://raspberrypi.dk/en/product/zerocam-nightvision/ but should be available from almost any local electronics store that have Raspberrys to sell, anywhere in the world..

I think its rpi waveshare camera

Thanks for the design, I like this one the best. I have a different webcam that I wanted to use for this, so all I need to print is the arm itself, not the rest of the parts. When I load the Fusion360 files, then export just the arm, it comes out huge (~1100x867x120mm). Not exactly sure how to export this to the proper size from Fusion360, any ideas?

Just Scale it to 10%, in the slic3r. By default STL files comes on 10 times bigger in fusion 360 when you do a remix.
It also says so in the info text.

Please note that if you load in the STL. In many slicers there is an option to Split the model into it´s parts.

in ex: Sli3er this is done by right clicking and selecting "Split"

All parts are then separate and you can print only one of them if you like.

Perfect, this is exactly what I needed, this worked perfect and I now have it sliced. Thank you so much. Also, great to know that about Fusion 360 for future reference, since I am mostly using that right now for my own designs, or at least learning how to use it proficiently.

Okay, I found a way to uniformly resize the file in Slic3r (sorry I'm pretty new to doing all this), so if I knew the correct dimensions for the part I could just resize it - anyone know what the correct dimensions for this part are?

Just scale it down with a factor of 10 times (Scale 10% instead of 100%) in the slicer and it is in the correct size.

This was an issue that i found with remixing STL files in fusion 360 was still a noob when i did this one. They come in 10 times as big.
I have since then learnt how to properly scale it down for new remixes but it will break too much in this design so ill keep it as is.