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Storage box / Lattice box / Gitterbox

by Merkli Apr 22, 2018
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What is everyone printing these in? I figure that for strength ABS would be a good plan, but I always have trouble with designs that require breaking free on ABS.

In the Makes are some examples of different plastics.
I printed it with PLA and ABS on my Tiertime UP Box +.
try to print the sample with abs.
then you can see if it works.
good luck

I am trying to adapt a box to the measurements that I need but to the two tests that he has always done.

Height and width must be scaled together.
Otherwise, the lid is too long or too short.
if the lid is too short, increase the height by the missing distance

How quickly can the black box be printed?

this box takes a long time to print.

my printer with 0.2mm layer height:
lattice: 73.5h (358g)
Solid 38.2h (640g)
Engraved 50.9h (550g)
Mixed 57.9h (507g)

OH MY GOD!!!!!

I was trying to print this box for month´s. Broke about 6 then gave it up. Now I got an Anycubic i3 Mega. Printed the standard hinge box without any tweaked settings. Had the finished print sit there over night. Then this morning after 2 minutes of slight wiggling without any force the hinge broke free!!!

I think it was the temperature. I managed to get a perfect print with a lower temp.

I am very happy that you could solve the problem :)

If anyone is wondering how the different designs affect cost and time, I used the yellow box as an example for a Prusa MK3, 3 perimeters, 20% cubic infill @ $15 for 1kg PETG.
Engraved: $1.40 - 7 hours 40 minutes
Lattice: $1.10 - 9 hours 40 minutes
Mixed: $1.30 - 8 hours 28 minutes
Solid: $1.50 - 6 hours 40 minutes

Which hinge type did you use?

Standard type

Comments deleted.

Ok..so i've printed 3-4 boxes with the updated .4mm gap. I'm still having problems. In this pic, The purple box, i was able to barely break free without breaking it, but the gaps were very close together. The example hinge prints just great with a visible gap and breaks free super easily. So i printed the yellow box and i broke the box trying(after using razor blade to score all the gaps). So i used my software to cut out the box entirely and just print the hinge (located on top of the yellow box), so i didn't waste filament or 10hrs waiting. I slowed my printer down from 100mm\sec to 40mm\sec on inner\outer perimeters and i still can't break that hinge break. I really like these and want more, but i simply can't do it. I don't want to keep bugging you to update, just because my machine can't handle it. Can you send me the non-mesh file you use so i can edit them to work for me. I use 123Design and it's able to convert the mesh to solid, but there too many faces in the gaps and i can't tweak them, like i've done with other things.

The hinge sample and the hinge of the box are exactly the same, I modified a blue box to make a sample of it.
with which layer height was the model printed?
I work with the program cinema4d.
the original files are mesh files, I model with direct modeling.
But the box and the lid are separate objects.
I can give them both files to edit and then add together.
or you choose the distance of the hinge and I change it.

I'll take the editable files. i'd hate to keep bothering you for minute changes. Yellow,green and blue box. I don't do the other 2. Thanks.

This helped finally. I used just the LID ...and enlarged the gap. That did NOT work...then i enlarged the holes in the hinges...BAM...broke free easily. I cut off all of the box except the hinge, so the print was only an 1hr. Now i can print the hole box. Thanks.

good work.
I am glad that you can print the box now.
It would be interesting to know how many people can break the hinge easily or with difficulty.

Comments deleted.

I printed one of these for my wife to hold knitting stitch markers. I used the blue lattice one. The length and width was fine for this purpose. I was wondering if you could make one that's a bit shorter. Maybe 25-35mm in height.

Thanks for the great project.

Hello, I can make a box for you.
But the boxes like the blue box have a rule, the height must be the same as the length or width of the closed box.
if the height would be 35mm, the new width would be 35mm.
but the box like the yellow does not have this rule, it can have independent dimensions.
what do you prefer?
The blue box with smaller width or the yellow in your indicated dimensions?

I will try it with the blue box. I don't think the smaller width will be a problem. Stitch markers are not that big to begin with.

I will make the box this weekend.
Which hinge number and which design do you need?

Cool boxes. I like this hinges and close clips. Good job.

Thank you :)

Comments deleted.

Great little boxes. One request....Can you make the tolerance between the hinges bigger? right now its just too small. My first box (black) came out great, almost broke it trying to free the hinge, luckily it came loose. My second box (green) broke completely as the hinge was just too melted together. My printer is dialed in VERY nicely and have no other problems. My designs that's i've done, i've always used at least .6mm (nozzle width) between any gaps. Your sample hinge has a much larger gap that's much easier to break free, but still is tight enough to work. The actual box hinges have a narrower gap.

http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=1fv0bt&s=9#.W0Z3hLonapo as you can see, my printer is pretty well dialed in, no visible striations.

Hello, thanks for your feedback.
do you mean the hinge_sample2?
this has a distance of 0.4mm and the original has 0.3mm.
I made this sample as a test because other people also had this problem.
I will change the boxes this weekend and upload as a new box.

Ok great. I tried using 123Design to edit, after converting to mesh, but it still wasn't very editable. Thanks. Great boxes, again.

I have uploaded the new boxes as box 2 and for testing there are now also hinge samples for download

don't know how to comlpete the box both of them are now destroyed. How can I fold the cover ?

Would I be able to edit these files in Fusion 360? I want to design an insert and use these as ammo storage boxes. However, I would need to be able to write or engrave a name on the tops of the lids. Do you have files available for that?

The file is a Cinema4D file, I think Fusion 360 can not open it?
it's just a mesh with a symmetry and the lid and the box are separate.
In the attachment you can see the export options that I can do.
I can make two files, a lid and a box.
then you can put them together in fusion 360 after editing.
Do you want these files?

Indeed this can't be opened with Fusion.
But a FBX export of the two separated parts would be very cool ! So I could try to edit it with Blender, or recreate it easily with Fusion 360 to simplify multiple edits (this file would only be released if you'r ok with this !).
Do you think It could be possible to export them ?
Thank you :)

Which box should I export?
A release is fine, please make a remix release of the original project or write my name and the link to my project in the credits

The red one would be perfect !
No problem for the remix ! Thank you !

Thank you !
Just one thing, sorry :/ But the lid from the models seems to have export problems (see attachment) (tried with 2 softwares), but not the box.
I can still make measurements etc to recreate it, but I wanted you to know.

Thanks you for the export, it will help a lot for a custom box :)

if you just use stl files?
I have the file again exported for test

This one seems to work well ! Even the FBX one !
Thank you very much :)

please make folding box

I'm currently working on other projects, when I'm done, I'll try to make a foldable box

I am new about 3d printing and I have a question. I made 2 of these boxes. Their lids are sticked with body. What am I doing wrong?

It may be that the lid sticks after printing.
If you move it, sticked places break and the lid runs smoother.

I tried to move, but I broke them. I printed them in low quality. High quality prints may be help, I will try.

Really nice design!

Thank you :)

I love this box.. I'd love to have one larger that I could print on my MK2.. Exterior dimensions closer to 180 square.

Hi, I will do this box next week

finished, it is the black box

Well done on this design! It is rightly very popular.

Thank you :)

Love this. Printed well. Lid snaps shut nice and tight but opens again without breaking. Little surprised at how well it works given the inherent brittleness of PLA. Great design.

Thanks for your comment :)

Can the lid be removed and reattached without breaking? I would like it to be permanently attached if possible.

The lid is already permanently attached.
The hinge will break when the lid is removed

Great thanks

Very nice design !
I quickly printed two "Blue" for a quick need, but I think I will print more of the red version, because it could hold Magic the Gathering Card, I think, I will try.
Thank you for sharing this :)

Thanks for your comment.
I've adapted the red box to fit magic cards.
Inside dimension is 91mm height, 65mm width, 79 length. two slots.


MAGIC the gathering Deck Box
by Merkli

Oh, very nice !
I will scale it up a little bit, because I use card sleeves (66mm width ^^), but this will be perfect !
Thank you very much :)

Can these be used to store liquids?

I like your design, but model (at least "Small*") not manifold, and this cause problems in slicing.

Hello, please test this file and give it a feedback

It was a mistake in the mesh
Please test this file

Why you don't test it by yourself? :)

I printed it, the software did not report any errors. Which slicer do you use?

Repetier-Host + Slic3r.

Now it's look OK, but I think that this will be looking more smooth:

Thanks for your help, I will fix it.

That's how I will print it.
I think that it will look slightly nicer. :)
You can just add (or replace your Small*stl) this in your project, no credits needed. :)

Hey is your design file parametric? Like OpenSCAD or Fusion360? Seems like it would be awesome to make this design customizable!

Hello, it is not a parametric file. it's only a Mesh with symmetrie. It is a file from the cinema4d program.

Comments deleted.

Hi - these look great. Do you have the measurements? I would like to see if they fit gaming cards.

Hello, here are the internal dimensions:
Small lattice box: 55 mm high, 41 mm wide, 43 mm long
Big lattice box: 55 mm high, 43 mm wide, 102 mm long
Flat lattice box: 30.5 mm high, 38 mm wide, 102 mm long

Which internal dimensions do you need?
I can make a box for cards.

Could you make one for the Dungeons and Dragons set-building project I'm working on? I have these 50mmx50mmx9mm square tiles which I was hoping to make a printable box for. If the inner dimensions were 51 or 52 mm in both directions and some multiple of 9mm long it would be ideal. Outer dimensions; the longer the better so long as it were to not exceed 250mm in length.
Just though I'd ask! I'm not sure how much effort it would be on your end, but it doesn't hurt to ask. :)
I like this design for the way that the lid opens all the way to being flush with the side of the box!

They are great for gaming right? i was really impressed when I saw how neat it was.

Hello, I like to make a box for your project.
That's a good exercise for me.
I make the box for cards first and then yours.

:) - These are for the Fantasy Flight Games
Large cards would fit a box (internal dimension)
Height 76mm
Width - 96mm
Length - 200mm

Small cards:
Height - 80mm
Width - 100mm
Length - this can vary but would ideally be 65mm or longer

Thank you very much! I have been looking for boxes that would transport well, look tidy on the board game table and would not take up more room than needed - your lid is really tidy and minimal.

The look is amazing...but the 'tabs' on the front and back go sightly over the edges of my bed - it by about 9.5ml on each side. could it be made slightky shorter? The design is really interesting - different mechanics to the others you have done...i really like it.

So sorry dude, but I made a mistake with the size. It is still sticking out a few mil. To be safe - could you trim off 1cm each side? Half of the 'clip' is is stick out. Sorry again!

Its fits! Hooray :) It has a 14 hour print time. I will update you/upload pics once it is done. Thank you again!