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Excaliburr Puzzle

by Jebidiah_Crumps Apr 20, 2018
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Hi there,

I would like to make this out of wood. Is there any way to tell the exact dimensions of each piece from the plans you posted originally? If not, would anyone be willing to measure out the dimensions of all of the pieces? I would really appreciate it :)

I would use the box as a reference, it's 84 x 84 x84 mm, the small holes are 36 x 36 mm and the big holes are 60 x 60 mm.
And then make all the 6 pieces out of 12 x 12 mm blocks (In this design there is a slip between pieces of 0.4 mm this might be to loose for wood).

You can open the step file in your cad program of choice and measure everything in there or you can go to(https://www.puzzlemaster.ca/browse/wood/european/8583-excaliburr) and download the solution guide which has all the pieces broken up into unit cubes that you can derive the exact unit from the dimensions listed on the site of the puzzle good luck

I finally solve it but not sure if it was the correct way, I had to twist all the piece togheter to help uno get out... but now the question is.... how I can put the piece inside? The first assemble was done witout the top piece of the box...

The solution guide to the puzzle is being able to get it apart and put it back together to actually solve it, But even with the solution guide I never managed to get it together

What's a generally good scale to print this?

50% worked good for me. All pieces slides nice

First do not glue in the sword until the very end.For anyone having trouble with assembly. Use Cantalicio's layer guide. When assembling the first layer do not have the Outer cube base connected to the Sword block. Only assemble starting with the Sword Block and the 2 first layer pieces. At the end once all 4 layers are in you can slide it into the Outer cube base. Thanks for the file shadow_burn68.

Great modeling and great Burr puzzle! 2 minute assembly thanks to Cantalicio's pictures. Wife has been trying to solve it for almost an hour and she solves everything I've given her in 20 minutes max. Thank you very much!

One hour to assemble twelve hours to print and infinite hours to take apart; lots of fun!

i printed it at 50% scale. Trying to see if I can sandpaper it enough so that I can move the pieces easily.

Very nice drawings :) Got mine assembled. Can anyone confirm its solvable from this configuration ? ;)

Anhtuan, I made an amendment in the foth layer. The green piece must turn 180 degrees. New pics, I hope they help. This time I've confirmed it works

thank you so much, this was really helpful

We didn't use the solution guide, but I assembled mine using Cantalicio's images from July 27, 2018. After a few days of passing it around the office, one of my coworkers was able to solve it, so this appears to be the correct assembly.

I just confirmed this setup works with the solution from Puzzlemaster. Thank you for your help on this!

Comments deleted.

Have all the problems that were mentioned in the comments below been fixed? I'm about to print everything and I'm just making sure I won't have to reprint anything. Thanks.

So after printing everything, I have almost everything assembled except for the last block (Dark Green one in the solution guide and Tan one in the image posted on thingiverse). I have spend about 5 hours attempting every possible orientation of all the blocks to insert the final piece but still cannot. I contacted the seller (puzzlemasters i believe) of the product they said they can't even solve it using the solution guide either. This makes me quite suspicious of the designer but I'm still going to keep trying until I get a response from the designer himself. If I get it assembled I'll make a youtube video with an explanation.

I was able to assemble it and solve it. The confusing part is where to add in the dark green piece (same color as the case in the pdf solution). It comes into play much much sooner. I'm unsure if I'll post a video solution. look closely at where the green piece goes (left corner) and you will realize it is there for quite a bit of the solution but it is unclear in the poor guide.

I was wondering if you made a video on how to assemble this puzzle, I don't know nothing about puzzles like this but my girlfriend loves them. Do you have to put it together in order that the solution guide shows?

Any updates as to how to put it together? Both the image provided and the solutions guide are garbage at best in terms of being helpful. Can't tell what half the pieces are from the diagrams provided.

Comments deleted.

Why don't you post an image of your printed version fully assembled?

Color coded to what pray tell? Like really, I asked if there was any update because clearly there were some issues when you uploaded and then you're going to give me shit about asking for something a little more clearly marked. The diagrams show one side of the puzzle at all times meaning there are parts where you basically have to guess which part it is. No where is it stated which part is which color or anything so yea "color coded". Thanks for being rude though.

Match the part to the ones in the solution guide it's not my guide nor my puzzle I just remade the parts from the solution guide it's not my responsibility to hold your hand through the entire process and while it did have some issues with the exploded diagram they have been fixed since

I'm well aware that it's not your puzzle or your guide, nor was I asking you to "hold my hand" I was simply asking if there was a clearer guide as the ones provided are really not that helpful. But go ahead and keep being condescending for absolutely no reason at all. God forbid I try to reach out for help from the community, I printed this for my Father for Father's Day and was just trying to get it built, but you're right I'm clearly the imbecile in this situation.

I don't understand why the creator got so defensive. I would like to know if he was even able to assemble the puzzle correctly (gluing the base and top together before inserting the sword and blocks).

That's the trick, the solution guide from the original puzzle is for removing the pieces (since it comes assembled when you buy it). Best way to print and solve this puzzle would be to use the image provided on this Thing and assemble it all before gluing the top and sword top on. Then solve it normally.

It will likely be easier to solve in the proper order rather than reversing it because you start with limited options rather than it being totally open.

Hi, i have Problems with the Solution from Puzzlemaster. Do anyone have a better solution for me?

Comments deleted.

Hi Shadow-Burn66

I have printed all the pieces but have difficulties with the picture. Can you put more detailled instructinos how to assemble it or send photos ?
My findings is that the stack looks to top down(but might be wrong)
Especially Part4 (the dark gray one) will never let the sword bottom rise past it independant on its orientation

I am am puzzled!

Can you help ?

So, now I'm printing this puzzle in 08-May-2018. Are the third Image correct to assemble the puzzle? Thanks. I've not finished the print but nice work. It looks amazing.

The black piece on the second row is flipped around so ill fix that and re upload it

Hi man, Sorry but I can not understand what piece It's flipped. I could assemble it following your picture and the pdf file. But when I saw the video of Chris Ramsey trying to solve his puzzle. His pieces move in another directions. It's weird. Could it be the dark Brown Piece? The black one is on the bottom and It looks good to me.

One piece might be upside down but im not sure which one apparently is just try to fit it together before you glue the top of the square onto the base of the cube the solution guide is linked here in the comments so feel free to look at that for assembly as well

I think that some pieces are inverted or flipped. I expend two hours trying to assembly it in the correct way. When I finish I will upload a solution. Some parts in the guide don't see clearly so maybe We have a problem there.

I'm so excited!
Thanks twerkcat for pointing out the upside down black piece.
I'm so excited because I found another upside down piece! In the 3rd image, the second row of blocks from the bottom, this black piece is also upside down. This is evident in Chris Ramsay's video at 5:11

The puzzle is absolutely beautiful, thanks for making this, Shadow_Burn68

Ah its not upside down its just rotated 180 degrees the wrong way that's why i didn't catch it will fix

Thank you for the kind words and spotting that piece ill give it a look and change the exploded view picture right now before i forget again

Upon Looking at the video and the puzzle and the solution guide I think the only piece upside down was the top one

Hey, I think windes 42 is right. I tried it both ways, and I could only go through the first 10 steps with the piece flipped. Its so hard to know when it is right though......

Hey, I was just wondering. You said you found the solution guide, would it be possible to share that with us? haha

Yes I will try to add it to this comment if that doesnt work you can request the solution from https://www.puzzlemaster.ca/browse/wood/european/8583-excaliburr

yayyyyy ive done it... totally no help xD. the guide is hard to follow but i got there eventually. although to start i did need to flip the grey/black piece on the second row as mentioned by windex42 because you can only go so far without doing that. anyway thankyou and i hope you enjoy the puzzle or annoy some friends with it (what i plan to do hahah).

Hey! Just out of curiosity, in the third image (the assembly instruction one). Is the black piece at the top of the cube (right below the green piece), in the correct orientation? For me to fit the piece properly, it needs to be flipped vertically and horizontally from the orientation shown. I just want to make sure I put it together correctly otherwise the puzzle will be impossible! Thanks :)

It is upside down in the picture I didn't catch that thank you I will fix and reuplosd that picture later