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Adjustable Spool Holder for Original Prusa i3 MK3 ENCLOSURE

by cisardom Apr 18, 2018
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Me too, pieces were glued together. Impossible to move without breaking them.

Then I have splited the opbjects to be able to reprint only what I need :

Prusa filament spool HOLDER
by Tim2lux

It was too bonded so the piece broke instead of moved.

Nice design, but I prefer this other one published 9 days before this one:

A TUSH of color

To give this model justice: I printed it (without reading the comments) in prusament PLA (on Prusa i3 mk3, .2mm, 15% infill) and the parts came off really easily by just pushing up a bit.

Here is just the filament tube for those who just want the tube.

Design is great. But my 0.5kg Filament rolls with a inside width of about 30mm is too short.

Why not just re-spool the filament onto a larger spool?

The 2 pieces didn't stick for me. Printed at .2 with 20% fill.
My issue is that the rollers don't fit inside the spools.
I am going to sand out the inside of the spools so they fit.
Otherwise it works very well.

Just made as-is (before reading comments about sticking). It stuck together but a few whacks with the handle of a screwdriver convinced it to unstick. PLA 0.2mm layer Prusa i3 mk3. IfI do it again, I'd print the parts separated, with supports.

Doenst fit my amz3d branded filament roll :(

Since this is adjustable, you suppose to adjust the slider then it should fit most.

From now on, I'll always read the comments first before printing. Mine is also fused together. Luckily, the default position holds the spool I have now, but I will be looking for other alternatives soon.

HI !
Just printed it without separation and... impossible to separate, I broke it and I saw that both part were totally melted...
So now I'm back to print another one, will also look for a silent model...

Thanks for the design! I am printing it now.
What screws should I be using?

I am about to assemble my version of this, did you ever happen to figure out what screws to use?

I am waiting for MMU and will be modifying enclosure. This will likely affect placement of the holder, so haven't screwed my in yet.
For now I am just using double-sided sticky tape :)

Comments deleted.

Thanks Cisardom,

This is a very nice spool holder.
I made a bearing roller for this.

It goes more smooth and quiet. Hope you like it.

Bearing Roller for Adjustable Spool Holder


i printed the sliding part separate with support and it went out flawlessly. Sliding it onto the base worked like a charm.

self made i3 style printer, standard pla, 0.20mm, 13% infill, 215°C, 3 perimeter lines

how did you printed the parts seperatly? the stl file is one big model and the other files i don't have the program for to open

All the problems people are having is due to the slider sagging and adhering to the arm. Rather than going with a remix I simply separated the parts in Slic3r, moved them apart, and added supports under the slider. Works great and no worries of ending up with one immovable piece. Hatchbox PETG, .2mm 15% fill.

I just printed one. I used slic3r to split parts and rearrange them so they won't fuse together. As well I scale the wheels to 101% as I had problem to put axis inside of them. I printed it with leyer height 0.20mm from PETG, no supports. Works fine, but seems noisy when spinning filament spool on it.

Comments deleted.

I downloaded this file yesterday (1 May) and printed it without any changes and the sliding part has adhered to the base. Is the downloadable file in the comments section to combat this?

Had the same problem.

I haven't printed it yet but just use the split function in slic3r before printing it. Thats what I am going to do. Figured they would fuse together.

I was first confused when my 750g spool did not fit (and I first thought the sliding part was printed within due to a stopper at the end; luckily there is none and i could rotate the slidable part by 180 degrees, such that now my slim spools also fit. Still printing orther parts for my Lack-enclosure, but this one is really helpful (coming from the old 2 arms holders at the MK2S).

Same problem as others with the sliding part of the holder fusing to the fixed part during printing. No amount of gentle persuasion would free them, and both legs of the sliding part snapped off. Even with the dovetail out of the way there was no way to free the remaining pieces.
Printed with .15mm layer height and 15% infill, on a MK3 using Prusa Orange PETG, so same conditions as the author was using.

But thanks to the designer for including the STP file, it was an easy fix in Fusion 360.

Hi! Can You share your file with us please ? :D

The original has 0.25mm clear between the fixed part of the bracket and the sliding part. The issue is that your slicing controls have to be spot on for bridging, as the sliding part needs to bridge over the fixed part for 30mm, and can only droop 0.25 before it welds itself to the other part. This remixed version has a separation of 0.4mm, and sliced on Slic3r PE with 0.15mm layer height worked fine on my MK3. But it's all down to how well you can bridge.

Feels like someone just drew something up in a 3d program, and uploaded it without printing it. It is all fused together. Lot of sanding if you want the axles to go through the wheels. Looks nice, but does not work. Was it supposed to be printed at .1? I printed it at .2.

As you can see from the photos, it was printed to verify it first before uploading. The problem you have is caused by squashed first layer - your nozzle is too low when printing the first layer - instead of having the width of p.e. 0.4 mm it has much more ... that is why it is fused.
Or there can be a problem with your slicing setting as well. Linear advance modifies dimensions a bit...
However, I updated the model with chamfered edges;) So it should be fine now for everyone.

Dude I have a mk3 and like others have found. This fused together.

The space between the sliding parts is to smal.
They fused together in the print.

I opened the .stl in Win10 3D-builder , ungrouped and adjusted the size of the slider a litle bit.

Now it is ok.

Comments deleted.

This looks great but needs some tweaks. With only light pressure to see if it would come off the bed, I partially snapped one of the legs while checking if they could be freed from the MK2s. For something that might have a heavy roll of filament accidentally bumped into them, they have very little sideways strength. Note: I printed at the default of 20% infill and not 15% listed on this item (didn't see it until now).

While I could probably glue that, the part that is supposed to slide is fully fused to the piece it is to slide on. By twisting it very hard, I could get the back to snap and show grey lines where it separates but the rest of it will not budge.

I also had trouble assembling the rollers: the pins were too tight to fit inside the roller pieces. With a lot of squeezing (for some of them, some light hammering), I was able to get them together although I suspect they are supposed to be able to rotate independently.

Finally, I have concerns with the small filament opening and would recommend something like this to reduce chances of under extrusion: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2156762
The same author also has nice spool holder design (which requires 608 bearings) which someone remixed to enhance:

Thanks for the effort!

LACK Table Filament Guide
by RickV3D
LACK Table Adjustable Spool Holder - More stable Version
by rawwr

how is this one different?

Adjustable Spool Holder. The original is for very large spools that Prusa uses at their facility.