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Free 3D printable RC Shark 1/8 scale (Shark.Aero)

by SharkAero Apr 16, 2018
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i need a build guide for 3D printable RC Shark thanks bobby

my cura wont print g- code files

may I ask if somebody know about some guide of installing RC component?For example how to install motor? Because mounting of screw's is different? :)

Hello. I loved this model. I'm having trouble printing the motor mount square. Wish cura profile must I use for print it ?

Thank you for your soon answer.

HI, I looked at the stl file and gcode. wih the stl i don't have the right structure.... and with Gcode is the question WHAT SORT OF NOZZLE DIAMETER????
otherwise i use the uktimaker firmware .. any recomendations?

The gcode is for a .4mm nozzle, but made for a prusa style printer with direct drive. If you use an a bowden extruder setup, slice the files with Cura and in Mesh Fixes, set Merged Meshes Overlap to 0. That will allow Cura to generate the correct structure with the STL files.

Hello when I want print the wing I do not arrive has prints the inside of the wing have you a solution

Use Cura slicer, import our settings and then tune the settings if you need.

What slicer do you use?

Which receiver and transmitter can I use? Which board do you recommend?

Any that you wish. I fly mine with the Taranis Qx7 and an X4R receiver.

Could you please upload a solid model to scale and print as a desk decoration?

The scale static model 1/30 will be available but we do not know when. The priority is work for production.

You can load all the parts to any 3d modeling software and export is as a single body.

The fuselage .stl files do not work with Simplify3D. A lot of non-manifold segments..too bad I really wanted to print this one

Solidworks generates STL files with errors, probably due to the thin walls of internal reinforcements and the combination of body and surface in one file. Cura works with these files without any problems, most other slicers show the model incorrectly. Use Cura, it's a good slicer and it is free.

Good news, you still can, cuz Cura is free and it slices this plane just fine. I've printed 3 and they come out beautifully. There's even included gcodes pre-sliced which you may try. There's always a way with a little willingness to try.

Comments deleted.

I'd recommend using the provided gcode files, but most of the parts are 1 perimeter thick (.4mm) and print at .2mm layer height.

My settings print well except for the top of the fuse area. Near the sides. Holes there.

I use S3D not Cura unfortunately and I own 2 customized Prusa MK2s printers which require very specific first layer settings due to my setup. I previewed the gcodes that you provide for Cura and compared them to my S3D generated gcodes and there is definitely a difference in the model preview.

"I previewed the gcodes that you provide for Cura..."
The gcodes are not for Cura, they are to go directly to the printer's SD card or OctoPrint. Did you try printing one?

Hi. What are the print settings for those not using Cura? Wall thickness, layer height, etc. Solid top/bottom layers? Thanks for the great design! Looking forward to building and flying it. Not to mention that I want to scale it up a bit.

The gcodes that I attached are generated by S3D I never said they were for Cura. I've been 3D printing for a few years So I amknow my way around. I will try using the Cura gcodes. I just run certain settings because I use am aftermarket nozzle and print bed surface. So I would like to use my settings for that if possible.

"The gcodes that I attached..."
You didn't attach gcodes, you attached pictures.
"...I never said they were for Cura."
But you did, "I previewed the gcodes that you provide for Cura..."
"...I amknow my way around."
That's all good, but irrelevant. No need to get defensive, I'm not attacking you, I just wanted to understand why you thought the gcode files from the download wouldn't work. I have a custom printer, bed, nozzle, frame too, and they worked for fine for me.

If you're really bent on slicing them yourself, then load up the Cura profiles into Cura, look at the settings, and translate them over to S3D, it's that easy.

I really don't think you need to go through that trouble, however, and will find that the gcode files will print just fine even on your MK2 Zaribo/Haribo or Anet A8 printers.

Mainly wanted to scale up.

I'm not the designer, just thought I would help answer a question. What's so special about your first layer settings that the Gcode files won't work?

I love this plane, Thank you so much for this design, i already printed most of the parts.

I have 2 questions:

  1. Second part of the fuselage, when i open it in Cura, its out of proportion, how can i fix it?
  2. Some parts in fuselage came out a bit strange, what can be fixed in settings?


I printed the version with no landing gear and was wondering how to mark for the cg since i don't have the holes in the wings for the gear legs to go off of

Measuring from the back of the wing (because it has a straight edge) nearest the fuselage, approx 110 - 115 mm (use more forward for maiden flight).

works well on ender 3 printer, will post a make in a few weeks. many thanks for this free download.

Hi! Thanks for making this plane! I was able to use the provided gcode and print the plane on my Anet A8 (i updated the gcode manually for the temps and fan speed). Can you recommend a CA glue that can be purchased in the USA? (preferably on US amazon.com ) Thing, Medium, Thick?

We use Soudal Cyanofix 84A and it is approximately medium density, but the question is more about a quality of the glue. A medium CA glue of a branding company is suitable. We also used a medium CA glue from HobbyKing.com (China OEM), but it does not hold well. Aileron dropped when wings touched the ground during a landing etc. Unfortunately, I do not know which brands are available in the US, use a medium CA glue of a good brand.

word. thanks for the quick response!

if anyone would chime in on whats good CA brands in the US, i'd love to hear from you. otherwise ill be experimenting!

Great job, I want to print using Nylon , I had bad experience with PLA , too britte.
Anyway can can you explain me why there are two G codes for the same part ?
fuselage 1 v5.0 g1 and fuselage 1 Z hop v5,0 g1
fuselage 2 v5.0 g1 and fuselage 2 Z hop v5,0 g1

One has normal travel, the other has Z hop enabled to help the print nozzle avoid printed parts. Z hop adds a little to the print time but makes sure you don't knock parts off the plate. I only had to use it on one part.

Good luck with Nylon. I think it will be too heavy, but I'll look forward to seeing how it turns out for you.

hello mate great design, where is the rest of the stl please i cant find it ?

You should try looking in the zip file :)

Hi mate, i have checked both zip files it is not STL files im sorry to bother you but when i drag the file in cura it says invalid file, i must be missing or dont know something ? please help

Download the file on the page and unzip it.
Inside you will find a folder called "files."
Inside "files" you will find 2 more zip files. Unzip the Shark.Aero_RC_Shark_v5.0.zip
Inside that you have a folder named "STL files" which contains folders for the parts of the planes.
Inside each of those folders you will find the STL files to drag into Cura.

Or, you can just use the G-codes, if you have a prusa style printer, and skip slicing the STL's in Cura.

finally a good and free plane! thanks man!

I am not able to reach the site for downloading the files. Is there an issue with it?

Hello, thank you for sharing, can you give me a wing of the original file, I want to learn drawing.

Original source files will not be available, only STL.

Awesome work :) thank you for sharing.

Yeah same issue it doesn't like S3D, can you post what settings are required for Cura please?

Thank you.

Uploaded Cura_settings_v5.0.zip.

Lovely plane! Attempted to slice it but Simplify3d cant seem to do it properly. Some issue creating bridging where it doesn't exist

Yes, it is true - especially fuselage_2 part, we have the problem to generate a correct STL. We use SolidWorks and Rhinoceros, and no program is able to generate this part without errors. Use Cura, or our codes. We will continue and try to bring new versions.