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Articulating 3D Shark

by PuddenCups Apr 18, 2018
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When scaled up to 1000%, that gives you about 11cm on the long side, the last "tail" link is so tiny is snaps immediately. If you consider to print this model, go big! Make sure it looks solid in the slicer before printing.

Great design. Just printed it and it's amazing, the articulations work really well.
I printed it on a smaller scale, 150 mm long, which took me 3 hours on my CR-10.
I tried first with supports and no raft, and it failed. It worked fine once I added a raft to help the supports stick.

I got this to print once and it looks great. This thing does does print well without significant adhesion and support. Specifically, the tail is barely supported and does not connect until over 1/4 of the print is completed. Cura was able to support the tail and print it just fine. S3D failed 3 times (once with a raft) to support the tail with the same settings. I printed it at 1,000% and I suggest going larger than that.

I'm working on another project, this time I am doing a Mahi Mahi, or Dolphin Fish or what ever you want to call it. I was started working on it after this little project, but I stop because now I'm in college. And now I want to get back into making 3D projects. So very soon

I'm glad you put how long it was supposed to be, because when I loaded it into TinkerCAD to check the size it was TINY! Was this exported in inches instead of Millimeters? Some don't think it makes a difference but for a lot of machines it does (the MakerBots at my work place seems to be set to read MM instead of IN, which makes sense since all it has to do is read a whole number)

Note: only checked in TinkerCAD because I can't install stuff on my work computer so since TinkerCAD is browser base... but I have a feeling that the slicer for the MakerBot would have shown it to be tiny too.

What CAD program did you use to make it? I can't really think of a way to design a shark in Fusion 360.

you should make a mosasaurus next with a posable mouth

working on something, just don't have a 3d printer anymore

suggestion? these are chain links. that means you can rotate them and they will still print fine.

can you flex the model so all the "bits" lie flat on the print bed keeping the link tolerances. make the belly fins seperate parts.

this way the whole thing can be printed without support.

Yeah I made it with a chain link in the center of the shark. I don't think there is a way to print it without support, even if I make the belly fins a separate part, the shark is still going to need support filament no matter what. It really can't lay flat because there is no flat part, its all rounded, more natural. Another reason is the chain links, they need support material so they can print right so they move smoothly.

And I understand everybody has different 3D printers, some are not capable of doing things other printers do. And I never really put that into consideration, because my school gifted us with one of the really good ones.

If you think It is still possible, I would like to know how. Its just harder for me to understand in words, on a program that is so complex. I'm a visual learner.

I am 14 and wanting to learn 3d design. I am wondering how you made the articulation work and if i could try it my self would you please give me an example so i can try to replicate it myself?

And sorry for the late response

I'm not the best at explaining and teaching, I will try my hardest because you have interest in this sort of thing. So attached to this reply are pictures of my process of making the shark and implementing the articulation.

Before I made this I made myself comfortable with making Chain Links.

So the first thing i did was make a chain link or some type of linkage system. This will cause the model to articulate. REMEMBER TO OFF SET OR MAKE A BIG ENOUGH GAP so the chains can move smoothly. It doesn't have to be exactly like mine, everybody's might be different based on their design. If you need some design for the articulation look at other peoples work. The one I made was how I wanted it to be. Its all based on your Creativity

After I made the body of the shark, I needed to find a way to implement the chain link system into it. So I cut gaps into the shark. And then put a hole in each of the gap pieces, where the chain is going to be. This is the Hardest thing to do because this is where you have to mentally imagine how it will move when you put the chain links in. But don't over complicate it, keep it simple

When making the chain links, size matters each of my chains are 3/4" long (.75") and .7" in diameter. They are a nice size to make them move smoothly. My shark is 12" long its a big thing. If your chain links are too small they will be to weak or it won't move smoothly.


I hoped I explained it well enough for you GOOD LUCK on your project. And If you need any other help just asked.

Thank you so much! I will try it, and if it works, i will post as a remix of this