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3D printed plane Yak55 free files

by ELECTRONOOBS Apr 15, 2018
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In the video and comments you talk about some minor changes to the ailerons servo slots, the motor mount being slight right and slight downward. Do you plan on making those changes?
I want to print it with 1 perimeter, but those corrections would be welcome.

hello . the tail is too heavy

Comments deleted.

did u fly that bird meanwhile or have any feedback?
I have massive probs with the COG ... I assume it is in the 1st 3rd of the wing but it is not.
I pushed a 2200mAh Lipo deep into the nose and added 25g of lead but it is not enough.
Next step is to move the servos from the back to the front of the fusselage. I plan to place them between the wings in the space under the canopy.
What is your expirience?

Comments deleted.

Did you design this in Blender, and if so do you have any tips for implementing a more cad-like environment in Blender.

Just finished the plane. I doubt that it will ever fly. Mine weighs in at 646 grams and that is without receiver servos or battery. I tried a 3200mAh battery as far forward as it would go and the CG was even with the back of the wing. By the time i find weight heavy enough to bring the CG where it should be it would be a better brick than a plane. But, It was a fun 85 hour project.

Th space shuttle is dubbed a flying brick as well. ;)

Maybe you should start with a way smaller battery like 1000mAh. I hope I'll be able to test mine next month as well. The wing area is quite big...

After all that time printing (84 hours) you can bet I will try very hard to get it in the air. With the center of gravity even with the back of the wings it will take quit a bit of weight to bring is forward to say 1/3 back from the leading edge. I hope you will give some thought to my idea for some alignment system for putting it together. I was thinking of creating tiny tubes on the inside of the wings and other joints which would receive short bits of BBQ skewers.f What ever the weight it is a fine looking plane and I will be looking for its successor.

What kind of motor/esc/prop combination are you using?

The biggest problem with the plane is it's weight destribution. I have not been able to find a motor which is heavy enough which will not torque the plane as soon as you give it throttle. The other problem is the gap between airlerons and wing, ruder and stabilizer and elevator and horizontal stabilizer. My son who is a designer is redesigning the ailerons, rudder and elevator so that they come to a point on the hinge surfaces which will eliminate most of the gap. I would not even attempt to fly the plane until I fix all the above problems. The motor/prop/esc combination will not solve any of the flight problems I have listed. I will be very interested to hear how your flight comes out.

I have just finished printing all 24 parts to the plane. In gluing the plane together I have the following suggestion. Include some sort of allignmant tab or whole for scewer so alignment during the gluing process can be more easily accomplished. I did not find enough slots for the hinges on the airleron portion of the wings. The size of the ailerons are slightly smaller than the thickness of the wing. Both of these problems are easily overcome and I will let you know how it flies when the weather settles down. I like the design of the nose and the crossed rails made it very easy to mount about any motor out there. I will send a picture of the completed plane when ready.

Great project and prints beautifully - I'm 75% of the way there!

I have all the parts except the battery for the motor. Can you suggest on?

Thank you for your answer.

The shorter flight time should not be too much of an issue as I have never flown anything of this scale so there may well be a fairly short first flight ;)

Good project and information. Thank you, I was wanting to make an rc car to paint and practice painting, switch bodies with other paintjobs, and found this. This looks easy to assemble with not too much assembly parts. I might make and fly one if the parts that arent 3d arent too much to get like the controller.

The elevator appears to have no hinge face to me anyone else have this problem, I'm using cura 3.3.1

True. That was an error of mine. Try now. I've uploaded the good part. Sorry! Thanks!

Thanks for that its on the printer now and looks good

If you find any damaged part, just tell me. Keep up!

This is the last part all the others are printed ok although I cant work out how the canopy catch should fit or work

Awesome project. Is there a part list? I know the motor u used and of course I find the matching ESC and other parts at e.g. hbbykng, but is more easy to know what u used. And my second question: Are the wings removable for easy transport and storing?

I plan on building this and adding a surveliance camera mount and FPV cam . Any ideas on this ?

hi there. First we should see if it flies because I haven't tested it yet!

Thanks 4 ur reply.

I think I used this motor for my tri-copter and some other planes. Thx.
Regarding the removable wing, maybe I'll come up with something here :-)


Feel free to do any changes! Keep up!

prints in tpu

Well I dun goofed

Haha nice, how did it turn out?