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PSU replacing Frame brace for Original Prusa i3 MK2/S

by schnurma Apr 15, 2018
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Problem found?
Sincerly J.

Yes I think so. I am on the verge to release the new version.
I will come up with more details tomorrow.

Hey thank you for your hard work. I just want to double-check I am understanding correctly. Is the new version you released designed to work with the MK2? And the old version is designed to fit the MK2S?

I am wondering which version I should print now for my MK2.

I updated the "Thing Details"

I remixed ther MK3 Mount with a MK2 CAD. So the first version declared for MK2-S is rather suited for MK2. I changed it and edited the file names. The part ist currently on trial!
So if you print it pls give me a feedback how well the mount fits on your printer.

-> i3mk2_S_fb = use for MK2-S Printer, like original Version vom Mikola for the MK3 but changed holes
i3mk2_S_fb_cutout = use for MK2-S Printer, part has a cutout
i3mk2_fb (has to be tested) = use for MK2 Printer
i3mk2_fb_cutout (has to be tested) = use for MK2 Printer, part has a cutout

I’ve tested this part and it fits on my MK2. Thank you again!

Thank you for the update. I am still building the rest of my enclosure at the moment, but I will update you if this fits correctly when the time comes if no one else has tested before me.

Is it safe to download now?

I'm wondering the same thing. If not I'll have to make my own version, but this would obviously be a lot easier =D

I am working on it... lot of other stuff going on and I wasnt quite sure where to begin to investigate...

I am planning to release the now hopefully correct version on the weekend. Would be nice if there are some volunteers to testprint the new and slightly changed version.

Awesome, I'll gladly volunteer =D
Appreciate your work, no stress!
Maybe Prusa can help with the issue, since they reference your design in their enclosure article.

printed it before reading the comments . brace is too tall and holes wont line up on the square frame (MK2s).
waste of expensive carbon fiber filament .

Printed the one with the cut out, the holes on the frame line up. Good.

The brace is too tall and no way to screw it to the bottom screws AND to the frame. Not good.


I am sorry to hear that.
Strangely it fits on my printer and also on some other Mks2 Printers.
If you like you can add a photo.


My frame is square, but to fit the bracket I really have to apply force and bend the frame.
For some reason I can't attach the photos here, so I posted a make.

Would you recommend PLA or PETG for this?

You should use PETG because of the higher temperatures in the enclosure.

Know if this would fit the MK3? Thanks!

No it doesn't fit for the MK3 because of the other subframe (extruded aluminium profiles).
But there should be a version for that on thingiverse i think...

Mmmh I tested it now and with the repositioned mounting points for the mk2 the bores are not at the same height.
But strangely sneezle1980 fitted the frame brace on his mk3 https://www.thingiverse.com/make:481768 !

I would recommend the original frame brace from prusa : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2859884
If you want I can make a mk3 frame brace with the same cutout.

PSU replacing Frame brace for Original Prusa i3 MK3
PSU replacing Frame brace for Original Prusa i3 MK2/S

Would be nice to have one with a cutout for for the mk3

Awesome, this was very educational for me as a new user to 3D printing. Just got my MK3 2 weeks ago. thank you hope to see more video and designs from you.

I will print this as soon as I moved to my new location and had my enclosure finished, for sure. Thank you.

I don't have the time to make the following idea become a reality any time soon; I want to share it. Maybe someone catches up on that:

It would be nice to have this brace on both sides of the printer, as it would increase the Z-frame stability significantly, especially if one has a big spool sitting on top of it. However, this brace would have to have an enclosure for the electronics board included. Maybe it would be an excellent occasion to have the electronic box's door finally sit on the outside of the printer for easier access?!

Best wishes,

Ha awesome! I'll link your remix into the article if you don't mind :)

Hey, yes for sure nice idea! I hope it will fit to other mk2/s also that well :D

Is the license agreement I selected ok?

Yeah sure, it's fine.
You could select BSD or GNU GPL, but I don't think it makes too much of a difference here. I doubt someone would try to sell this Brace when the people that need it can just print it themselves :)