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StarWars Rebel Battle Cruiser

by 300zxcolin Apr 13, 2018
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I want print the part PART_1_CUT_1 but there is some issues with this one.
The is a bad mesh. You can correct it please (there is a picture in attached)
I have tried some 3D viewer and there is always the same issue.
What software do you use ? I ahve Soliworks and i can help you to improve your files if you want.


Hi and thanks for your work !

I want print your model but i have some issues with some files.
For exemple with the SIDE_GUN_TURRET (see attached file).
Can you check and coorige this file please ?

Hey man
I've repaired that file and the radar dish. Download the new files to pick them up. Hopefully all ok now.

Hi, all seems fine! Thanks!

@300zxcolin, this is simply amazing and I am currently working with the infamous PART5_CUT_2. I use netfabb 2019 and run the repairs and it says that it has them fixed but I am still getting split edges upon export. I have tried MANY different methods to fix these but to no avail. I am trying to print using GrabCAD and on a Stratasys printer. Any suggestions? Or do you have different version of PART_5CUT_2 that you could share?


I'll take another look at it and try to get the file size down a bit.
Find me on Facebook bigbangcollectables to communicate better. I don't get on here much these days.

Hey, i'm trying to section PART_5_CUT_2 so it will fit on my printer and it simply will not load in Meshmixer (or Cura for that matter). I'm trying on both OSX and Windows on pretty butch machines. it just won't load. looking at the file it's 175MB, which is ginormous. any chance this one file could be optimized or split on your end into two pieces for easier loading and printing? (thanks)

It is a difficult piece but I have successfully printed it and so has NoveDenied so I know it can be done.
I used Simplify 3D to slice it.
This is one of the problems with kitbashing, the merged files can become very complex and large. The problem is you don't know this till the end when your slicing up the model. I have run this part through everything I have to try and improve it with little success, I couldn't even load it onto the netfab cloud repair service. You can slice it smaller using Windows 3D builder (if you have windows 10) or Netfab basic which is free (I think it's called Netfabb studio these days.

What scale is? 1/350? I would do it in 1/500 do you think it's possible?

Hey man.
No idea on scale as there isn't a full size one to compare it with. You can scale it to any size you want but you will struggle with small details on an FDM printer. Give it a go and let me know how you get on ;-)

OK, thanks for your response, just to know, how large is your print? I think with this data will be enough

The ship is 830mm long.
210mm wide and 160mm tall

Thanks a lot !!! When finish the Hammerhead, next the battle Cruiser!!! Thanks a lot for your effort

Your welcome, and good luck!


I just wanted to put a link to my build of your ship so you can see what others are saying about the ship. Thanks again for such an awesome ship. Working on your smuggler ship now.

That's a really nice paint job you did there!

Thanks dude. That's a cool website.
Looking forward to seeing your YT freighter :-)

Hi Colin ! I'm actually in printing job to print this incredible design. All printing past good, BUT with part 4, i've big problem... i've tried in any positions of the part 4 on the printer bed, i've always problem with the wings. See picture ;) 4 trying, 20h of printing lost, and lot of pla ;) My cr-10 and me are very sad ! PLEASE, have you files with part 4 in 2 part: part 4-1 with part 4 without wings, and part 4-2 just with wings ??? I've printed all the over parts, and i'm blocked now... Thanks Colin and sorry for my poor english... ;)

Are you slicing with cura? I printed this ship too. I didn't have any problems with the wings but using cura's cr-10 slicing profile cause several pieces of detail to go missing. I made a custom fdm printer profile using the same settings and all the detail came back. There are a few things still off but it worked with some of my other models that were missing tiny details. The setting in the pics are different because I just created the cr-10 profile to show what I mean.

Hi NovaDenied ;) Sorry for my late answer, but a big thanks for your tips and pics of your setup ;)

I use Simplify 3D and haven't experienced any issues with details. My model printed out exactly as you see in the pictures.
I have heard of some issues with Cura on some models and I may download it just to see if it throws up any errors on future models.
I believe that some slicers have issues where there it perceives the wall thickness to be smaller than the extrusion width? Not sure.
Sorry I can't be more help.

I have added three files:-
Part 4 right wing
Part 4 left wing
Part 4 without wings.
Hopefully this will help you. Good luck.

THANKS FOR YOUR KINDNESS COLIN !!!!!!!!!!!! I'll send you pictures when i'll finished ;) Thanks again !

Do you think you can add holes with in the center of each hull section, about 30.25mm wide and add 30mm wide by 30mm long pins to give the hull some added support. Each hole 15mm deep and the pins 30mm long. I have been trying with 3d builder and part 5 is the only one i cannot do because 3d builder said it needs repair but it will not repair it.

No joy with that one I'm afraid. that part is a series of stl. files merged together. There's something on the mesh that isn't quite right and it wont repair to add holes etc. It prints fine so you'll just have to use your eye to line it up. There's plenty of surface area for your adhesive so strength isn't a problem unless your going to use it as a club :-)

I have managed to sort the others out, so that one piece shouldn't pose a real problem but the others will have that extra bit of support to make fell good. Thanks for the quick reply.

I like the look of those turrets... Tiger 1-ish if I might say. A fantastic model with an even better paint job! I love the stand as well.

Its beautiful! I'm gonna build one in red like the cruiser from the phantom menace. I love it!

Amazing! Very good job, congratulation!