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PSU replacing Frame brace for Original Prusa i3 MK3

by mikolaszuza Apr 13, 2018
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Will this work with the MK3S if the two slides to mount the PSU are moved to the outer side to the top? Thank you.

Hi, does it work with Prusa 2.5s, too?

Anyone find a solution for the MK3S?

Prusa i3 MK3s Frame brace instead of black PSU
by Mrena

Hello, would it fit in an ANET A8 also?
Thanks !

We need another one for the other side with a support for the eintsy board !

Do you maybe have an updated one for the MK3S? The PSU is now mounted differently

Prusa i3 MK3s Frame brace instead of black PSU
by Mrena

I also would like to know this

I have the same question.

I printed one in both PETG and PLA. I printed one in PETG first and it seemed a bit too flexy. So I opted to go with a PLA one. i print mostly in PLA and the inside of my enclosure has not even breached 30C yet.

Is PETG a bad choice for this since it is somewhat flexible? I was wanting something a bit more durable than the PLA.

I am wondering the same thing!

If the purpose is to fit the PSU outside of an enclosure and reinforce the frame with this part, why PLA?? PLA will soften way early! :??

PLA starts to soften at around 60C, your enclosure shouldn't be anywhere near this hot inside.

Well in a long print with the bed at 100C which ambient temp do you think the enclosure reaches?

In our tests when printing ABS with the bed at 110C the temp. in an enclosure usually settled at around 40-45C. High enough for PLA to stop cracking and warping, but not high enough to soften PLA.
It would be unhealthy for the printer to operate in higher temperatures than that, you would have to move the electronics outside of the enclosure.

Who knows if this will fit the bear upgrade?

This is nice, but one change would make it so much nicer. I'd like to see it have a method of quickly re-mounting the power supply on the MK3 without having to remove this brace. Since the brace is already providing the support, it does not need to be as firmly mounted as the original build.

What print settings would you recommend? Like perimeters, infill style and density?

Would ABS be too flexible? I guess PETG is too flexible.

What is the size of the nut that fits in the vertical piece? I'm assuming I'm using the screw that originally attached the PSU to the frame, correct?

I just bought a bag of 100 of these, If anyone in the states needs some I have 98 left!

I have this same question. I do not have a nut that fits the original screw in any of my extras.

I had to buy two m4 nuts to complete this build, they were a bit difficult to get into the piece. I'd recommend using the m4 screw to pull/tighten the nut into the piece before trying to mount it to the printer (similar to the steps used during the kit construction).

Apparently there are two exterior sizes of M4 nuts 0.4x0.7 and 0.4x.0.8 The latter is too big, and what I had on hand. What i did is position the nut, put the element of a hot soldering iron through the nut, and pressed till seated.

Hi, thanks for sharing! I just finished assembling my Prusa Mk3 kit, this is literally the second thing I printed. It came out perfect using Prusa PLA that came with the kit.Bed temp 55, extruder 215.
Now I can move my printer into its enclosure and out of my dusty shop.

Would not recommend using PLA inside the enclosure. When it get's too hot it will soften and possibly bend. I had this happen with a part of the printer I printed.

Hello! Thanks for share this model. I've a question related with the printer details. Could you share the number of perimeters used, the infill details or another slicer recommended configuration details? Thanks!

What material did you print this with?

A Prusa PLA that isn't yet available for buying.

Extrafill Vertigo Grey looks really very similar to this. It's Prusament Galaxy Black - Prusa's own in-house manufactured filament, but currently still in testing and not available for purchase at this time (06-07-2018)

Dang! I love the look. Reminds me of the Hatchbox Carbon I've been using. Unfortunately they don't seem to sell it anywhere anymore. Would love to get my hands on this stuff!

It's amazing. It looks exactly the same as the metal frame. It has these tiny particles in it that gives it a metallic look, but it isn't abrasive for the nozzle.
I'd give it one or two months and it should be available :)

Does this model works on the MK2 ?

It should, but I'm not sure. I can try it on Monday ;)

Love to know if it work on a mk2 :)

Hi Nokrac, doesn't fit on the mk2s the lower mouting point is completely different and the screw holes are moved.
I made a remix from mikolaszuzas design -> https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2862896

PSU replacing Frame brace for Original Prusa i3 MK2/S

Cool schnurma, I just bough mi lack ikea tables.

Thanks for the remix version.

th..that's the official prusa set in the background, this thing is legit!

We'll be releasing an article in a few hours, guess what's it going to be about? :)

the infamous lack enclosure perhaps?

Ding ding ding ding we have a winner!

Look forward to it.