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TUSH2 - Sliding Positions

by spongybob1958 Apr 7, 2018
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Loving it. First thing I printed on the new addition to my collection, a Monoprice Voxel, so I can use regular size filament spools with it. Came out great but the spool holder arms broke immediately so I cobbled together a more sturdy version of the arms: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3698767.

Also, as recommended by others, I printed the rail at 98% and it's still a very tight fit.

Spool holder arms for TUSH2
by fuchsr

Works a treat! I printed the bottom rails at 99% scale just as a precaution after reading other comments and its snug.
Would defiantly recommend

Comments deleted.

I had used another very common version for my Lack Enclosure. It had a bit too much resistance. Your setup with the Bearings is great. Thanks! Now what to do with the other 3 spool holders? Great Job!

I did see a small difference of a fraction of a mm on one side. I readjusted the parts and uploaded new ones. Thanks.

Sorry but it is still not good, i have align screw holes you can seen between yellow and green part that there is still misalignment problems.

I'm not seeing that. I downloaded both files from Thingiverse to make sure I didn't use what wasn't on the site. I loaded them both into Slic3r and then rotated one piece 180 degrees along the y-axis and lined them up by the screw holes. See the picture attached. If you mirror or not put them face to face there is a little offset because the circles are not evenly spaced, but put together the way they should and the circles line up.

Hello, nice design but there is still problem i think, the rail cut are not aligned between inside and outside once screw installed

Signaturefish was correct that the side holes in the two side pieces were not aligned. I have corrected the Outside to align with the Inside piece. Thanks Signaturefish!

Well, I guess I know what's going on the overnight print tonight (two new outside pieces)! Glad to help, and thanks again for the design.

Thanks for posting that picture. I went back to the design--which is in Tinkercad and took the left and right objects and aligned them on top of each other. The holes line up perfectly. When I get a chance I'll take the files I provided here and put them on top in my slicer and see what they look like.

I've just finished printing one of these (I'll post a make in a bit), and it went well - on a Prusa i3 Mk3 in PLA, everything fit together nicely (though I had to deburr the holes in the sidepieces before the spoolholder arm would fit through them). I'm curious, though. I'm no mechanical design expert, but I was expecting the sidepiece holes (that the spoolholder arms pass through) to be straight through from one side to the other. The holes in this piece are clearly slightly offset, so that the arms pass through and assemble at an angle. Is there a design reason for that that I'm missing? Curiosity only, no insult or complaint intended - this is a great design.

I'm not quite understanding what is offset. When you post your print can you also post a diagram or a marked up photo of what you're seeing?

I also had fit issues with the rails, but it was due to poor print accuracy on my Cocoon Create 3D Touch (a.k.a. WanHao Duplicator i3 Plus - mk1) and likely my own inexperience. PLA, 200 degrees, 60 degree bed, raft enabled, Cura, 20% grid infill.

I trimmed burrs on the slides with a craft knife, trimmed excess off the rails, and sanded them a little. They now slide easily, if anything a bit loosely. I might not print with a raft when I print a second set.

Per others comments I scaled rails to 98%. In retrospect I think I should've left them at 100% so that once finished with a bit of sanding and burr trimming they'd slide without any wobble. But it's still darn good.

My printer didn't produce the best floors and screw holes, it needed some cleanup, but I'm sure it's nothing to do with the model.

Stock Ender 3, I had to scale the "slide rail" X axis down to 96% in S3D. I might of been able to get away with 97% or maybe even 98%, but it still locks and slides super easy. Since I already made 1, figured might as well keep it the same and printed a few more. Just sharing my experience.

Great design, so thank you.

Printed perfectly on my Ender 3 pro, no scaling needed. Everything slides into place as expected, and this is a wicked improvement on the original TUSH, which kept wobbling and falling over for me!

It's an M3x10. The bearing is 7mm wide.

hello, what screw and nut have you used? thanks.

Great Design. Printed everything at 100% and it all fit together like a glove. Works great!

Thanks! What printer are you using? Some commented that they had to adjust the size of the rails on different printers because of a tight fit.

Two printers actually....a Monoprice D6 for the rails and a Prusa MK3 for the other pieces. The rails are tight but after one pass they are perfect.

What bearing size do I need? What does 608 mean? That's not how they are sold in Gemany. Thanks.

Edit: Found your link down below.
Abbrev. Inner D. Outer D. Thickness Notes
608 8 mm 22 mm 7 mm A common roller skate bearing used extensively in RepRaps.

If you need an Amazon link, let me know, but for me it would be something stocked for the US.

Thanks, found them. Will print now. Very nice design!

Printed out all the parts, there's definitely some issues with the sizes of the rail and the spool holder arms, at least on my prints. Decreased the sizes and now they fit. Thanks for the great design!

Same issue for me. Ender 3 using Hatchbox PLA. I reduced the rails to 94% and got a good fit.

How much did you scale it down to? Im having the same issue

I print them just the way they are using a Prusa MK2S and the Prusa version of Slic3r using standard PLA.
If you have a different setup, you might want to tell others how much you had to decrease the size of what, to get it to work for you.
But, I'm glad you got it to work for you.

I am having the issue using Cura 3.4.1. The rails are slightly too wide. I am printing the arms right now so hopefully they will fit. If not will reduce by 1% until I find the magic number. I will report back here what I wound up with. But the ball bearings fit perfectly into both sides of the holder.

For the side holders I had to sand them a little bit to get them to fit into the part that hold the spools. For the rails I had to go down to 97% before they would work. Kept going down 1% until they would slide in.

One of the arms broke (the short arm that goes into the roller holder) from too much pressure on it. Reprinting them at 98%.

This is awesome! Any chance to get version for 625 bearing? I already have another TUSH remix with that bearings and I would love to replace it with yours :)

I'm glad you like it. Unfortunately the base version I took it from to remix is the only bearing size I have: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2047554.
I do see the difference is the inner diameter of the 625 goes to 5mm from 8mm and the outer diameter goes to 16mm from 22mm. See WIki bearings. http://reprap.org/wiki/Ball_bearing . You could probably scale everything to 70% and see how it works, but other things will be off.

TUSH - The Ultimate Spool Holder

I have tried printing the sliders and they always print like crap, the first layer is brutal. bed is leveled, z offset is set properly Have sliced in Sli3er abnd Cura 2.7 and its the same. I can turn around and print something else using the SAME settings and no problem

Is there something up with your STL? or your Model?

Other seem to have no problem printing them and I'm not having any problems either. What are you seeing as the problem? Does your first layer go down clean and even? The sliders are pretty basic rectangles with the size shrinking as it goes higher. What layer height are you printing at? You might want to increase it some.

I made a similar one a year ago using two 10mm rods (from a defunct bigger printer) as slider and axle for the bearings.
The frames holding the bearings are glued together to save on space - a bit of nuisance when spools differ in width as I have to slide all for optimum clearance, but the axle doubles as filament guide. Pictures will follow somewhere later.