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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Spring Thunder - Shell Ejecting Foam Dart Blaster (WIP)

by GDop26 Apr 1, 2018
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Any plans on selling any more hardware kits or am I gonna have to figure all this out myself.

Anyway to get the dimensions or stuff to make or buy the hardware for this?

Hello, I'm from China and I like this model very much, but my English is not very good. Excuse me, can you share the "shell latch R8 v1" on the left for me, I can't find it, or you tell me to use this on both sides? My mailbox is 102757522@qq.com.thankyou

The Left latch is the right latch mirrored. They are the same but mirrors of each other.

thankyou it/s good idea,谢谢您的提醒,这真是个好主意,我没有想到

how many of the Prail_long_V2 do you need from front to back?

You need 6 of those for a total of 24" of railing.

plunger rod, plunger tube, rear butt files? no hardware kits available or im assuming they would be in there. thanks

Plunger rod and tube are machined parts, the rear back plate has just been added. It seems to have been missing from the files for a while.

Hardware kits are sold out at the moment, you can sign up for restock by finding one in the "sold/sales" link on the Etsy page.

Can you get away with a 1" clear pvc pipe for the loading chamber, it has a ID of 1.083? or what sort of rigging would you have to do to make that possible?

The link for the hardware kit is invalid... Is there another place where it can be purchased???

canyou remake this for european sizes ?????
metric thread and metric pvc pipes??

can't find the plunger rod or the plunger tube. I have checked all previous versions with no luck.

they are included in the hardware kit

I could not find the file of the backplate of the blaster, is it not available anymore or where is it?

Is the Shell Aligner the same thing as the Shell Carrier? Also, where is the back plate?

came here to ask the same question :")

(do i print back plate from version 4?)

Are the files for the orange muzzle avaliable? also im helping working on a new type of shell, kinda a secret. In doing so i noticed a lip on the barrel connector that was preventing the darts from firing. i have removed the lip in fusion 360 will reprint. i do have an older file set, no model 4. is this lip still in the new models? i left enough of it for the barrel to but up against, but cut out the part that blocks the end of the shell. i belive that with ejector port a not allowing the lip at the back of the shell through that this should not cause any problems. test printing tonight

do you have the files for the different shells because I can only find the buckshot version

Yeah, there's a link to the shell in the description.

How big has the 3D printer volume to be for the Spring Thunder?

A 4.5" for each side would be large enough to print this blaster. The monoprice select mini would be large enough for the job.

I have a parts kit and I assembled it and the plunger rod won't catch. When I opened it up i found that the plunger was rounded and the catch no longer worked. How should I fix this and has this happened to anyone experienced this?

Hey, this is very odd and I haven't had anyone complain about this before. Which part is rounded? Can you send me a picture on Etsy?

i have had my blaster for about 2 months now, and the plunger rod is failing. it looks like the delrin cant handle the stress of catching on the metal catch. you assembled my blaster for me.

im seeinf if i can have one made out of metal on a lathe

It might be a good idea to have the rail as a seperate thing listing

Do you plan on releasing the Picatinny - Shell Mounts, Barrel shroud and the tactical mustache files? Or are they already out there and I just can't find them?

Yessir, I'm just super lazy and haven't gotten around to taking proper photos of each. If can give me an email via PM, I'd be happy to forward you the STLs.

Do you have files for a muzzle brake like drac had? also, where can i get files for the rail?

Comments deleted.

Will you be releasing a video on how to put this beautiful beast together I usually understand assembles better when I see how the parts are being put together.

I wasn't planning on it, but I can see the value in having one made. Especially if it means I can show the right way to do everything, as there're a lot of nuances in putting it together that can't be shown on paper.

i have some questions for you GDop26:

  1. what lengths of PVC do you need to cut for the build?
  2. i am from the Netherlands we have 25mm PVC pipes which has a inner diameter of 22.2mm will this work for the build or should i order 1" PVC pipe from the US?
  3. do you have the drawings of the metal parts, so i could attempt to make them myself?

I do not have drawings available for the project yet, and I do not plan on releasing them for quite a while. Your best bet to produce one internationally is to get a hardware kit.

A 1" low pressure PVC is required for this build, specifically the ID must be 1.185" with an OD of 1.315" or a thin walled 1" PVC pipe. The ID is a critical dimension for this blaster to work.

Would you be able to upload the profile cutter files?
I have access to a few different cnc machines, and it would be good if i were able to cut everything on my own.

Also, thank you so much for making the entire project open source.

Two requests.

  1. Could you add the 'Duplex' shell with the 1/2 dart and the Rival. I don't seem to find it in the current zip file.
  2. Could you orient the STLs the recommended orientation for printing?

Hi Spongeman

  1. It's not here yet, I will be splitting the shells from this file once I add the 5 primary shells to its own file
    • Rival Buckshot
    • Dart Slug (universal)
    • Boomco Flechette
    • MEGA Dart Slug
    • Double Dart/Quad Half Length Birdshot

Then the stranger shells, including the shell you're looking for, the Kitchen Sink

  • Kitchen Sink (Rival & Half Length)
  • Dummy Round (Non firing training round)
  • maybe more
  1. Printing reference Guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13rQi4q9t1lrbBGKhVe-gZjbMLXLjaXnRP5shH6wMh1k/edit?usp=sharing

When will the machined part be out? to buy in a kit. Because I can make all the other parts

I've got a couple available right now. But the assembly guide is still in the beta testing stage: https://www.etsy.com/listing/613482316/spring-thunder-hardware-kit-beta-run?ref=shop_home_active_3

really liked the concept of idea... is possible to change the barrel and the shell to shoot airsoft bbs?

Tried it once, couldn't get it to work. Maybe I'll try again.

When will the machined part kits be availabe

The first blaster has been built from a hardware kit, and I'm waiting to hear back once he makes his video review of the kit and how the blaster functions (if it does at all). But there was also a lot of vital information missing from the assembly and 3D printing guides, so I'll need to fix that before proceeding. I'll probably just do another limited hardware kit release to a few willing guinea pigs once that's out there. So if you want to participate in round 2, let me know and I'll make a hardware kit listing specifically for you. I'll be inviting Walcom to the party also.

Luckily it looks beautiful, here's the page by ValourLionheart: https://www.reddit.com/r/Nerf/comments/8v17q9/valours_spring_thunder_shotgun/

When going though the assembly guide and the files here some are different and some are even missing, is this supposed to be?

any plans to add the stock and/or shell holder files to this?

AWESOME! So I am assuming there will be a kit with the machines parts and no 3d printed parts? That would be awesome

Yessir. And in addition, there were be different levels with fewer parts fully machined to offer the hardware at lower price points for people with more shop power tools and the will to experience both more pain and fun.

Can't wait for a hardware kit, will 100% be printing this

It's coming, I'm working to make sure the instructions are properly documented before making the public release. Thanks for the support and tuning in.

Also can you put a list of parts in the assembly guide

I'll get to it this weekend. Life's busier now that I have a full time job and all.

Cool love the guide. Are the assembly kits available yet?

I'm doing the first hardware kit with a friend/guinea pig since the 3D printing portion is actually more complicated that I'd thought before. This is because there are a few parts that need to be an exact dimension with +/- 0.005" of tolerance, which can get complicated when trying to calibrate printers. So we're going to see how hard this whole kit thing is and then write some procedures for troubleshooting and finagling the blaster into existence.

Comments deleted.

Blargablarg I've got a billion things to do on my CVS long to do list. Here's the WIP assembly guide, feel free to make any suggestions:

Also I forgot to upload the shell files, I knew I shouldn't have released these files prematurely. It was a mistake!!!!!! Also I do have an Etsy page if you really want to get your hands on one. The thingiverse files are really mostly for people who want to buy the full hardware kits.

Also I work 9-5 weekdays now, so like I no longer have a life anymore.

So I guess my question is what metal parts and other 3d printer parts do we need?

These are all of the 3D printed parts needed. In addition to this you'll need a machined hardware kit which will retail for about $100 and I am working on the assembly & calibration guide that you'll need to refer to for that.

Alternatively I may be selling the base stock kit which contains only the unmachined materials for $40, but that's hardly worth it unless you have a fully equipped shop and also 20 hours of life to spend. This complete fabrication guide will come much later as it is much more in depth. And the reason for the stock kit vs buying from the local hardware store or even from McMaster is that I calculated the minimum cost of parts (assuming you have no parts ready beforehand) to about $120, since you can't just buy 7" of 1.430" ID Aluminum tubing or exactly cut to length 6-32 threaded rods, or just 8 aluminum rivet nuts or exactly 6" of Delrin rod.

So our best bet is to wait for you to release the fabrication guide

yeah I think at this moment that is the best..as much as we all want to build one I think that be the best...just my 2 cents...

I'll wait for a guide to get a better understanding as not being able to to see how it all goes together it hard to tell how easy or hard( I dont care about hard I have a full shop) get the hardware or as you said just buy it from you..

I noticed there is no file for the shells yet, or perhaps I missed it. Will that too be coming in three days-ish?


Oops I forgot to include those. I'll put those up today.

Any updates? I'm itching to print this bad boi

I dont think so at first he said 29th for file and guide release but now says thats all on hold till he can figure out how to substain the project in the long run...I dont see what that has to do with releasing the files but hey not my project. I also dont think the creator understand how much exposure this gun would get and his project if he just release those....I doubt he have any problem keeping this project going..specially with a say a dedicated patreon page for it.
Dont get me wrong Im by no means putting the creator down, he did amazing work I just think he needs to think more about releasing the stl and guide then the financial part later as it wont be a issue..many would donate or sub for a patreon and tons would buy a full gun..all this need is exposure and he get that by doing what is mentioned above.
I really hope he does release the file on the 29th but as he said he not going to...pretty sad to be honest as I was really looking forward to doing this project and film the whole thing for my youtube channel.

I think what I'll do is hold off on the complete fabrication guide (for making it completely from scratch using the $40 basic hardware kit). Instead I'll make the much simpler assembly & calibration guide for those who just want the $100 machined hardware kits.

The complete fabrication guide will be a ways out, because it requires a lot of jigs and extra tooling to get it right. In the meantime I'll just upload the current production model 3.

Sweet thanks for releasing this! I personally dont think this be a easy project but Im for sure up for it! Ive spent more time then 15 hrs on drinking beer lol. A quick question Im kinda confused on..so you wont be releasing a guide on how to put this together? Even basic measurements of pvc and length /hardware list..would help or pictures of build...Im just wondering why release the file but with no way to use them? Once again please dont get me wrong Im just trying to understand as I want to do everything I can to build one or maybe even 2 of these! Id even be willing to pay like 10 bucks for a pdf guide.
I have a pretty good little shop so Im sure I have everything I need to build it. Heck Id even be willing to help you make a video guide for your clients. Anyways once again thanks so much for all your work and releasing the files!

Yeah I kind of released the files as a meme joke, because people kept asking for them and some even said they wouldn't mind if I released them before they were ready. So that's what I did. Seems silly in hindsight now.

The assembly guide is on its way out and I'm working with a friend now to test the waters for putting this whole thing together 2nd hand. The big reason I don't want to release a fab guide is because of the amount of work I'd have to put in vs the amount of value I'd get out of it. But I have plans for releasing varying levels of hardware kits, each with different price points as well as levels of incompleteness. This way people like you who are better equipped, can save some cash in exchange for your work.

I suppose my plan is to release more and more lower completion kits, until we eventually end up with a completely detailed fabrication guide, with spec sheets, tolerances and all that jazz.

Hey do you have a patreon or a Kickstarter of any sort going on? I would love to send some cash your way if it helps you with your project. I love what your doing, it's pretty much the only true tube fed shotty for nerf that I've ever seen.

I'd love to see this with some accessory rails and maybe a fancy butt stock of some sort. Maybe even some shell storage compartments?
Great job on the mechanism though, keep up the great work!

There are some accessories and mounts available, but this will greatly increase as production begins. Stay tuned!

Wow! This is cool! May I ask what printer did you use to print this (cause I think my is a little too small lol) can’t wait on the update towards the end of May!

The blaster is designed to fit inside a MP Mini V1 and V2 which has a bed size of 4.5" x 4.5" x 4.5".

Cool I got a MP mini too!

Ive watch a lot of 3D printed nerf stuff, and while super cool I never had the interest to go ahead and take a stab at it. but this hahah with the 3 shot shells! Yep I'll be making this 100% Can't wait til the update! Thanks for all the work you done on this!

What is the internals you use. Spring, plunger, bolt sled etc

All these details will be released by the 29th of May.

I took a look at your site for preordering and I was wondering if you are going to release the rest of the files at a later date? I'm new to the 3D printing game, so when you say machine and calibrate what are you referring to?

Yes all files necessary to building the blaster at home will be released on by the 29th of May, including new STLs. Machining and calibration refers to the metal parts involved on the blaster that need to be cut down to the proper dimensions and with the right cuts. Calibration is involved in order for the blaster to function properly.

Thank you for clarifying sir.

i need an assambly guide


I saw that you posted this shouldn't be printed in anticipation for the mailing list.

Are you anticipating major changes or could i go ahead and get parts printed?

So the parts posted is actually the one featured in the video by Lord Drac. The model isn't changing much functionally, but I'd suggest you wait until the actual fabrication guide is out.

Here're some of the major changes since the original post

  • New grip is more rigid, easier to put together and now interchangeable with different grip shapes and types.
  • Feeding system is more reliable which reduces the changes of jamming. In fact the current build I've got in my room hasn't double fed a single time in the week I've been playing with it. It's actually kind of miraculous. It also seems more wear resistant so you won't need to maintain and repair parts as often.

I might also finally go and make the change that I've been scared to do so far that'll greatly reduce the learning curve for the blaster's operation, which also reducing jamming again. There're still a lot of possibilities for this thing, so ...

tl;dr Wait until the fabrication guide comes out before building any more of the blaster.

The good news is that if you're bored, the shells won't be changing. I refuse to make any changes to this part, so you'll be risk free printing as many shells as your heart desires.

Do you need any extra springs? if yes are they available from the following blasters: deploy, retalliator, praxis, longshot?
and am i able to give this as a gift to a friend?

Mega dart shell request... If the stock darts are too long for the standard shell length I can cut the darts down to fit. Also it looks like you have rods going through the body of the blaster. Would collar tubes between segments with the rods.going through the collars strengthen the alignment? Not an engineer.

cant wait to print this do you have a time frame in mind to when all the updates might be finished ?

Miday is the current estimate I believe

Not sure yet. Finals are around the corner and I'm moving out of state in a month, so things are unsure.

school is hard - good luck.

if i were to begin printing NAOW, what components do you think won't be changed?

Here's what's undergoing extreme change. Everything else is mostly fine, so far.

  • Ejection port
  • Handle grip (not the pump grip/foregrip)
  • Barrel coupler (the component that the barrel and magazine tube connects to)
  • Shell carrier (the thing that lifts the shell)

Thanks for the interest, hardware instructions will likely be up mid-May.

How long did it take to print the printed parts? (on your printer, with your settings)

70 hours. I'm trying out my new 0.8mm nozzle that may cut this down to 30-40 hours.

This thing is amazing, will definitely buy a hardware kit one you get around to doing so. I remember seeing Heath's xzeus shotgun and thought it was amazing. Now i'll actually be able to make one.

Dude this is amazing, I saw someone made a shell ejecting one for the sledgefire shells, and I really wanted to get one. Now, I'm pretty sure I might be able to (Not for sledge shells but none the less). Again this is incredible, thank you so much for sharing your designs!

Seriously this thing is incredible

Thanks man, I appreciate the love.

What hardware is needed?

Good old metals and plastics. I'll link to the google docs writeup when it's more thoroughly written.

how long do you think that will take because i'm really looking forward to making one and that's the only thing holding me up.

this gun i really cool cant wait to make one.

Yeah sorry about the hold up. I'm aiming for the end of May or until I sell 10 or so blasters. Whichever comes first.