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Working 12 hole Soprano Ocarina

by Karuuv Apr 1, 2018
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Works perfect first try. Thank you!

I'm glad! Thanks for giving this one a try :)

Other than the last two sounds, it works great.
One question, the model is rather small. Does it work if I scale up for like 150%? or it is designed to be small that the sound is high?

I either accidentally moved off from this page before hitting "Post Reply" or Thingiverse is being a bit slow to update - if this is reply number two, sorry!

Scaling it up would deepen the pitch, as you suspected :)
This model is really picky - I still sometimes get a print where the highest note doesn't work - one brand of PLA I have has never given me a full range.

Did you try cleaning out the airway already? There's often a really teensy glob of plastic in there that's usually responsible for losing at least one note.

I have a question, you mention that i should clean the windway with a safety pin. What do you mean by safety pin, is it something used in ocarinas, or maybe in 3d printing? Sorry but english ain't my main language. (Also, printing this model in ABS with a CoreXY printer)

Attached a picture of safety pins - but anything small enough to fit into the windway that's sturdy should work :)

Ocarina fully printed, can play up to high A right out from the printer. After cleaning it, I can play full major scale. Thanks for the model, amazing

Oooh, thats a safety pin, hahaha thank you and sorry for the trouble. Gonna give a feedback on how the print turns out soon.

No trouble at all :-) I hope your print turns out well!
I am a little worried about ABS because I always had warping issues, but I also never really gave ABS too much of a chance so it might of just been me. I had never tried printing an Ocarina in ABS either so I might be worrying for nothing

(Though another user was able to print in ABS)

turned out great. My printer is fully closed in chamber, it gets pretty hot in there, no issues with warping since first print in it.

Whoo! Glad it worked!

This one printed well, but I couldn't get it to make any noise. I suspect my settings had some issue, because there were supports in several vital places. I tried printing it at 200% scale, and... my fingers don't ever cover the holes. LOL

This one is really tricky - I have a second printer now, and it underextrudes slightly, which causes it to be completely unable to print these. This one is really finicky. Sorry it hasn't worked out for you :(

Really nice. Printed standing on end and found that it needs a lot of support. Support broke off really easily. Sounds great! Now to learn to play it! v17. can play a simple tune but see where it is capable for much more. All of children and grandchildren are sure to love the ones I will make for them.

Glad you were able to print it on end! I hope your family enjoys them :)

Printed the v17 in latest cura. PLA 0.15 layer height it looks awesome but the higher notes don't work really well... The highest note without any holes covered doesn't work. Do you happen to have more settings that you used in your slicer? eager to experiment to get it to work better :p

I use MatterControl as the slicer.

0.2 Layer Height
3 Perimeters
1.8mm Top Solid
1.6mm Bottom Solid

10% infill, Lines style.
Starting angle is 45º, pretty sure I changed that ages ago for a specific print and forgot about it. This one probably doesn't matter.
Infill overlap is .06mm.

Infill speed: 60mm/s
Top Solid Infill: 45mm/s
Inside Perimeter: 50mm/s
Outside Perimeter: 40mm/s
Non-Print Travel 150mm/s

Brim of 3-6 loops for adhesion of some of the thinner supports.

Printing temperature 205º
55º-60º bed temperature.

I hope this helps!

On Cura 3.3.1, the option to generate support, touching buildplate, creates 2 or 3 supports inside the ocarina that go through some of the holes at the bottom, is this ok?

Yes, they're just a little hard to pull out afterwards, but they don't affect the print as far as I can tell :)

You're welcome, I hope it prints well for you :)

v17? OK :D I will also try this one (might try in PLA)

Let me know if the high notes are improved at all for you on that one :) Good luck!

Didn't even know there is a challenge on Pinshape again. Of course i did like it there. Will print this one within the next days for sure! The wood ones are still WiP as i glued and sanded but not stained them yet. As always, thanks alot for your designs!

I hope it turns out good for you :) V17 has given me the best results so far but I've only printed that one twice.
Thank you for the like, I do appreciate it!

I'm really look forward to it, your prints are so consistently gorgeous!

I try on ABS but it do not look well. I cannot play the last note. I think I will try another print. (This print not going well I try fix by Acetone)

Sorry it didn't come out well :( This one's going to be a pain in the butt I think since it's so small.

Edit: Hey, I'm guessing you did but just in case: did you remember to clean out the windway with a safety pin or something else? Strings in there stop the high note and sometimes the one below it.

YAY! I love that you painted it too :) It looks really nice!

I think it because my filament quality. I try to clean the hole and tune it over 2 hours and try to print 3 times but no luck. This might my ABS plastic problems because it always miss shape. I think I will try another tonight.

Just started my print, Its 5.5 hours.
PLA. 100 micron, 40mm/s top speed.
Im on the edge of my seat, looking forward to playing this when its done.

Huh, I never thought to print one at higher quality. Well I feel a little silly.
Good luck! I hope all the notes work for you too, I'm crazy nervous knowing that other people are printing it now too.

I'll try an abs print and say how it goes.

Good luck! I'm hoping the only change would be that it's verrry slightly higher in pitch.