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Massive Iron Giant and Hogarth

by ChaosCoreTech Mar 28, 2018
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Well on my way to completing this but I'm stuck. I can't figure out how to insert the head fin into the head. Did you break it up into two parts?

I had the same problem so I made this video. Here is how you install the head fin. https://youtu.be/0QurATs6FSw You have to print it with the walls not too thick so it can be a bit flexible. After that you have to bend it and force it in.

Fantastic, excellent, brilliant, inspiring, heart warming, generous, friendly, ok I can't think of anymore superlatives at the minute but you deserve them all. I usually don't watch the videos with projects because it's all about the person themselves and how good they are. Your video was down to earth and refreshingly open and honest. I have been looking for a project myself for some time and this really hits the spot but I think I might change it, (I'll keep it to myself for now). Please accept my thanks and gratitude for not only putting in the work but after highlighting your skills and obvious talent you have remained grounded and open, it's a shame the designers on here didn't follow your ethos. I have no doubt you will be rewarded for this. If I get around to taking this where I want to go I'll drop you a line and let you know what my plan is, in the meantime,

Thank You

Hi there, it's just awesome! Could you tell me how tall becomes the assembled Giant?

Watch the video and all will be revealed.

Wich is the bigger part? I like to print it in full scale. I have Ender 3, is it possible?

Yes it's possible, watch the video and have a look at the printer he's using, it's smaller than an Ender 3 :)

For anyone wondering how much filament this took, he mentions in his video it took

6 rolls - Fillamentum Metallic Gray
1 roll - Fillamentum Iron Gray
1 roll - Fillamentum Vertigo Gray

and the eyes were done in Hatchbox Transparent PLA. About 400 hours of total print time.

First off I love this amazing piece of art from my childhood. Thank you for creating it for everyone to get to enjoy. I have started the undertaking of printing this and i have ran an issue, maybe? The right and left collar bones seem to be different sizes. Is that on purpose or is Cura trying to make me feel crazy?

Where are the files fore the giant?

Amazing work sir, i´ll need to print this beauty! :D

i would love to see this made posable, i would love to have this in my room or living room.

Wanted to tell you I love you work. I'm thinking of printing your Iron giant for myself. One question. Is it able to be should up or just kneeling down.
Thanks a bunch,

Can the joints move?

Comments deleted.

Hey, so I have a MakerBot Replicator Z18. Would it be possible to post the entire build in one file so I can print it in Iron Giant SIZE!

Where are the files for the Iron Giant?

Could someone help me on how the headfin goes into the head? I cant seem to figure it out and i dont want to break anything. Im obly printing the head and neck but at 200% Do i just force it in or is there a more elegant solution

Here is how you install the head fin. https://youtu.be/0QurATs6FSw

Yes you force it in. Have you done it yet? I will be posting a video in the next week showing how to do it.

You mentioned that you would rework this to be able to print smaller, can you please fid the time to do this?
I want to do the movie justice as you did, and maybe print it at half the size or maybe a third, that would be absolutely awesome

I want to scale this up using a gMax 1.5 XT+. What is the largest single part? Thank you.

Any chance you can make a second version of the head with a dent in it?

Good idea. If i were you id do that yourself in zbrush or fusion 360, itd take you max 20 mins including google/research time.

I have all the back chest pieces all printed and glued together, but I don't see the front chest pieces into smaller pieces, has anyone successfully printed the front chest pieces on a di3? or has anyone split the front chest pieces that can share the files?

Duuude please share some pics of your crack at this id love to get some realistic inspiration

Am I missing an assembly guide somewhere?

I have started to print out several of the pieces and have learned its pretty self explanatory. For example.. the neck pieces ( discs ) are all numbered so you can place them in order. Each has a rectangular hole in them. One of the pieces in the PINS folder fits nicely into these pieces and locks them all in order. The elbow I printed is the same..... a place for a rectangular pin from the pins folder that only allows it to go on in one position. The head fin was a challenge but with some pressure it popped into the place that you could clearly see it should nest. I think Garrett thought it all out in advance in the design and is too busy to spend the time making a detailed assembly instruction for us. So far its been fun and not to difficult. Good Luck with your build.

Man please share some pics of yours. That would be awesome

Do you have an answer ?

Not as yet....no.

The Iron Giant was a great movie. Thank you for creating it in real life.

For those who have a large printer - I have the Tevo Tornado - 300 x 300 x 400, I can print this model at 130%. It can be printed larger if the chest pieces are oriented vertically. It will put the supports on the face side of the print though. The was Garrett has orientated the parts for printing is to minimize the need for clean-up.

What an amazing model you have created :) Also - the way you have packaged the files into the different types of colours, it's very much appreciated. @ChelsC423 - I love your work too - you both are very talented.

If I have time, I will attempt to create a instructional video on the assembly.

Thank you both so much for the great work you do.

Yes..... Yes you can. Please post on the progress of your print!

hi, how do you assemble the neck??

It’s in ready player one

Is that the only pose we can use him with?

I’ve begun the print! But I can’t figure out how to fit the fin into the head??

Really struggled with that myself. It basically needs a bit of force (the way I did it anyway), put one end of the fin through the top of the head, and then push it towards the right spot - then you have to force the other end of the fin through the other end of the opening. I can't remember which way round (whether front end or rear end first), but I believe it was the front end of the fin. I don't know how to explain it any better than that I'm afraid, but it does fit.

It's actually a genius design.

Yes its a great design. You can see a video of how to do it here. https://youtu.be/0QurATs6FSw

I just wanted to say again, that you have done right by my childhood on this one. Fantastic job!!

That is amazing!!! I've watched the video of it being made....HOLY CRAP! Keep up the fantastic work.

ERMAHGERD!!! I saw this on all the MRRF videos. You're absolutely amazing. You've inspired me to work harder with Fusion 360 and Z Brush. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Please model bay Max with armour in red please please please!!!

don't think so, since the right foot is modeled in that pose, wish it was articulated though, started printing but thinking of changing some things to make him articulated

did you do this? Id LOVE to see the result

"32 comments 0 made"

Sounds about right. I absolutely loved The Iron Giant, as well as Ready Player One, so the movie is going to be awesome. Thanks for making this model, and hopefully somebody posts a make.

My printer is going to be busy!

instruction to how build it?

Thanks you master!

Any chance you could model a mini Parzival next for those of us less interested in Hogarth? lol

Comments deleted.

Gambody files are generally overpriced and rubbish, this is pretty common knowledge. I'd print this one instead - and it looks better.

a little harsh but yeah I get where you're coming from

Comments deleted.

You're right it is very harsh. And completely uncalled for. Everyone already wins because he releases ALL his AMAZING models for free all the time. All of them. He spends his valuable time and effort to nicely release them to ungrateful, inconsiderate people like you. What a shame THAT is. Every single piece is nicely labeled, so if you can't figure out how to put it together.... That sounds like a you problem. Sadly he was going to spend his time making a video for help with assembly. How about a thank you for all the amazing models he puts up for FREE on a regular basis.

this is also a bit harsh, I wasn't trying to start an argument, just politely pointing it out ;D

She is just protecting her partner. I have deleted my comments as I don't need to offend anyone.

Oh yes, none of that was directed at you

I love this model but is there any chance you can upload it as a single piece for those of us that don't want to print it quite so massive and have SLA printers

Great job.
Any idea how many spools of each filament you went through?

Wow! Wow! Wow! ...
I am speechless


Great... But where is the Superman chest plate?

Seems like the only thing missing to this amazing design

When I saw it, I was really moved! Congratulations, it's perfect...
I found your project immediately after seeing Ready Player One, seeing it on screen again was an exciting dive into childhood

HI Garrett , Love the Iron Giant. Awesome job, one of the best I've seen

this is absolutely amazing! i don't think i have the patience to print it, but damn i want to. did just get a third printer, so maybe... Again, AMAZING work.

One of my favourite models I've seen this year, Awesome work buddy! the fondant is perfect for the scenery!

Im 5 pieces into printing this model and just realized Im going to have no idea how to put this together. Could you upload a diagram of how to piece this together?

WOW this is sooooooooooo EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!it wold be perfect if you can make Scar throws Mufasa off cliff,sadest moment of disney and most imotional moment

hi what infill and what i use grid or honeycomb

Amazing! Been working on my own iron giant, but so far I've only posted my first version of the head. I'm relatively new to 3D design... Keep up the good work.

Does the entire model articulates?
Another awesome work man!

What's the final dimensions on this? Got a size on the biggest piece (aka bed size required to print at 100%)? Do you know roughly how much of each filament you used?

You are a genius!! I love this movie but i dont find a decently gigant robot until now :) (sorry for my baad english)

"Sos lo mejor que existe! Adoro esa película, pero en ningún lado encontraba un robot que valiera la pena, hasta ahora!! :D"

Thank you thank you thank you! I was just watching you do this on youtube the other day and I'm amazed at the ease in which you command fusion 360! I was hoping you would post the files soon. I can't wait to get started! again... Thank you so much your super talented and look forward to your next project.

Love the Iron Giant. Awesome job, one of the best I've seen. Thanks for sharing.

This is totally awesome!

omg... I was only watching a youtubers vlog last night and he caught up with you and your partner at a convention where you had a stall, the iron man was the main thing and it looked amazing... 100% respect to you , and also to your partner who does the painting

That is a marvelous piece of work. I am so glad that you decided to post it. Thank you!

How many rolls of each colour filament did this take?

what's the biggest part to see what scale in need to use if needed?

Awesome work dude!